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  1. A

    Zs values when there is additional RCD protection

    Hi everyone, Consider we have an RCD+MCB protection for a circuit. if we follow the tables for Zs values of a 10A, MCB, type C, the maximum value shall be 1.75 Ohm, this happens when 100A current flows ( as per MCB breaking curve). When the RCD disconnects the circuit in much less current, why...
  2. N

    Why would spike lights trip an MCB as if a dead short is present ?

    Just finished installing 20 x spike lights in a customers front garden. 2.5mm SWA ran from existing junction box feeding existing fence lights. All pulling no where near 1A in total. When all connected and wiring tested, went to switch on MCB and it popped. Rendering the MCB useless as if L-N...
  3. R

    Confusing EICR, 'Satisfactory' assessment but C1 present

    As a newbie to this forum, I'm hoping that someone can help me understand a particular aspect of the EICR that was done on behalf of the previous owners of my current house. At the time (which I admit was some while ago) I was slightly confused by it but in all the chaos of buying the house, I...

    Nice early Christmas present, 2391_52 passed today

    Nice early Christmas present, passed my 2391-52 today :)  Then it's the 18th next after the New year. Anyone know of any good trading providers in the North West? Cheers H
  5. C

    Domestic Voltage Present on Earth Line

    Hello. Im an enthusiastic diy'er and whilst finishing off a job that a local sparky came to do, i came across this 'fault' that i find a bit worrying. My house is split up into to two section with separate consumer boards fed from henly blocks. When i was rerouting the earth cables for an...
  6. Gavin John Hyde

    Work in an attic with bats present

    Got a job lined up where the inline extractors for bathroom and ensuite were done by a numpty... left the hose sitting in the loft stuck into the old water tank! Customer has had me round to check it out as it was tripping out, turns out the guy didnt terminate the wires properly and had a loose...
  7. T

    MFT shows 235V, Drummond tester says dead, no live present

    Attended call out at shop. Freezers, chillers and tills were down. Using MFT on V. measurement got 235V plugged into socket. Tested inside socket at terminals with drummond tester, nothing 0 V. Switched MFT to Loop and the neutral was missing. Just a bit puzzled why the MFT shows V. and Drummond...
  8. P

    Voltage present when fuse has blown with no continuity.

    Can anyone help with the below, there's probably a simple explanation but it's driving me mad. Why I would be still measuring 24v DC at a 24v motor terminals after the fuse had completly blown? And there being no continuity across the fuse at all? This was also the case on the terminals of a...
  9. Andrew Harland

    110V present with light switch off

    Hi all, I went to a property to replace a dining room light which was not operating. The dining room had two switches which both switched 1 light on/off. I tested for voltage at the light and noted when switched on that 230v AC was present. When off 110V AC was present. Any ideas? Thanks in...
  10. Soulsurfer

    Faults central at present !

    Been out on a handful of callouts last few days and had some beauties, such as a socket spurred for t.v. and associated sky box, dvd player etc.. spurred from another in a unit which had stopped working and showed up as no neutral ! this was apparently working last week and just stopped working...
  11. Rosco

    I don’t have to wrap a single Christmas present after this.

    It’s the wife’s birthday today, so this morning my daughters (3 and 14 months) and I wrapped her presents but we couldn’t find any sellotape..... I’m now banned from any Christmas wrapping. :p:D
  12. D

    woah! Danger present with BG outdoor light switch

    Thought i'd share this one that happened to me today.... Was wiring up a customer gazebo with BG weatherproof fittings (light switch, sockets, JB and mains board). Anyway, all went fine and was on to testing the circuits.... circuits all tested fine. The lighting cables were terminated into...
  13. T

    32volts present at light fitting when it's switched off!

    i have a light fitting that 32volts across it when it is switched off. I have changed the switch, the rose, I've done insulation resistance on the cable to the switch, which is fine. Not sure where the voltage is coming from and why only 32volts. I assuming that it must be cable insulation...
  14. GMES

    Bought myself an early xmas present

    Merry Xmas to me, Thought I would treat myself the weekend just gone so got myself a Samsung 55" Ultra Hd Hdr smart tv and I have to say it is a great improvement on my last one. Planet earth was very impressive on it on Sunday. Anyone else buying themselves a present.
  15. Jamchiv01

    My Christmas Present

    Evening all, I got asked what I want for Christmas this year by my mum, so I thought long and hard about what I wanted, and it's got to be a new tester ;) I got a quote from my local supplier for a new Kewtech KT65DL and it was £670 INC VAT so I will put a load of money towards it. Has anyone...
  16. E

    VOL O-L on Megger 1720

    Hi all - when testing ring final continuity in a small shop the other day my Megger 1720 wouldn't carry out the test and displayed "VOL O-L" on the L and N legs (CPC was OK). I believe this message is due voltage present on the cables....MCB was off. When switching the board off at the main...
  17. P

    Rented property, TT system, No RCD.

    Over 2 years ago a friend rented a house, After a brief look, the dangers were apparent. At the mains a TT system with small bonding cables, and no RCD just a Henley block fitted where the is a shadow mark the size of an old voltage operated trip, then rewireable fuses. Round the house every...
  18. L

    Voltage between Cpc and neutral

    Hi If anyone can help,I am carrying out an EICR on part of large hospital and have found voltage that varies between 100 and 200v between live and neutral on one single phase submain cu. It is present when main switch is off so is on load side. Apparently they get voltage around 0v to 60v...
  19. M

    Back to school project on pricing.

    This will be interesting. Property 4 bed domestic within the M25. Your task to day is to give the forum a price for the following recent requested works. All earthing and bonding Complies To supply and fit with high end spec. 1] Replace old rewire CU with new 12 way split RCD DB spec MK...
  20. P

    Voltage drop

    Hi all If an outdoor circuit comprises 2.5mm SWA running to adaptable box where it then splits into 2 x 1.5mm SWA cables for lighting, socket etc. how is the VD calculated? I presume the VD for the 2.5mm run is calculated up to the adpatable box and added to the 1.5mm VD for each additional...
  21. H

    RCD Discrimination, TT systems and Ze

    Just installed a 5 way consumer unit in a garage/workshop. It's fed from a garage unit in the house. I've started testing and on the garage 5 way the RCD test is OK but the RCD unit in the house trips at the same time (apart from one random event). I'm not happy about this and a bit puzzled as I...
  22. D

    Periodic inspection report help needed

    Hi I have recently come across a property with questions I need an answer for and I hope the more experienced sparks can help. The property has an old consumer unit with no rcd protection and 3036 fuses. The boiler is wired in 2.5 t and e on a 5 amp breaker! The downstairs lighting is run in...
  23. T

    Diagrams etc

    When carrying out a CU swap and you get to the check list of inspections and 9 or 10 times out of 10 there is no paperwork for the installation. Do you Tick, Lim, Cross ? :confused: Thanks
  24. L

    Vauxhall combo wanted - straight swap for alfa romeo 166 3ltr v6

    :)Hi everyone.:) I use the forums a bit so thought it would be the ideal place and audience to put this to. Finaly after a bit of deliberation, I am setting up as self employed, waiting on NIC inspection at present. So I am in the running for a small van. I am looking for a transit connect, or...
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