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  1. G

    Affordable Charging Stations

    Hello, My name is Guillermo and I work for Ecoluz Consultores, a Spanish engineering company specialised in the segment of energy efficiency. We’re currently researching about the best and most affordable EV charging stations. We are looking for something like PowerCore Stations: high-quality...
  2. B

    UK Price guide ... ?? Am I pricing too high

    Hey guys ... I've been pricing a couple of jobs lately .. and keep getting a generic "well have a think over the weekend" reply Please send me your thoughts and pricing for this particular job ... Garden Room first fix only 5 double Sockets (1 external) 6 down lights 4 soffit lights 1...
  3. Sparky00

    Is this a decent price for a kitchen rewire?

    Hi all, The ceiling is all open and an extension is being built and in total, the kitchen is going to be about 16m². Fuse board is nearby and the following is to be first and second fixed: 1x new cooker circuit - £80 2x heat/smoke- £140 8x sockets- £320 8x downlights- £400 3x switches- £120 1x...
  4. B

    Price per metre for 100mm tray

    I have to price a job, first large scale job and looking for a rough price per metre you would charge to install, didn't know if there was a standard/average price please I know for sockets and lighting but this is new to price Thanks in advance
  5. buzzlightyear

    get another price

    just got a quote for this coming year for PL& indemnity for the price of £397.00 is this cheep or what . and what are your lads paying for it .
  6. O


    Hi, I have a 2 bed ex council house. Old E7 heater in hall, lounge, D.room and panel heaters in bedrooms, fan in bathroom. Solid ground floor with T&G on first floor. Meter under stairs on G.floor. I need complete rewire, 5 new heaters and something for the bathroom. New fuse box. Could anyone...
  7. P

    Installation of 7 integrated down lights price ?

    Hey guys, First post here. I recently installed a LED bathroom light + wireless switch for my sibling friend for 150 euro, I supplied the materials. Now she wants me to install 4+3 down lights (7 in total) in her kitchen. What do you guys think in relations to pricing ? Does 300-350 sound...
  8. T

    Best Rcbo board at reasonable price

    Hi all! As the title suggests,I’m looking for your recommendations on the best rcbo boards available at a reasonable price. Doing my best to move away from dual rcd boards, but a lot of customers just wont pay the money for Rcbo’s. Any recommendations very welcome.
  9. D

    EIC price?

    Hello, Was just wondering how much shall I charge for EIC. Double rcd board 18 circuits. Some other sparky did 1st fix and 70% of 2nd fix then he disappeared. Also there is some remedial works to be done: Gas bonding, fussd switch to be installed. How much shall I charge for all above...
  10. T

    Price work rates

    My employer recently wanted me to work to a price rate rather than an hourly rate what do you guys think to these prices £35 a test and £30 to replace a consumer unit i think theyre absoloute mugs
  11. L

    What is a reasonable price to pay?

    Hi, I studied and completed my 2330 Level 2 and 3 a good part of 10 years ago and have been in and out of different industries since. The past 2 years I have been working on sites, with commercial, industrial and domestic companies to get my skills & knowledge back. I have decided to take my...
  12. T

    UK Anyone from the north east interested in giving a price?

    We’re looking to be creating office space soon which will require a rewire, but I’m just absolutely swamped. Anyone from the north east interested in giving us a price for the works?
  13. EricMark

    LED bulbs and price.

    Fitted new 8 bulb fitting using SES (E14) bulbs, wanted as bright as I could get, Homebargains had two candle bulbs at 470 lumen both same make, 6W at £2.29 and 5W at £1.29 why? Seems wrong way around.
  14. S

    Domestic Boiler controls price work in and around London areas

    Looking for anyone interested in taking on some boiler control installations combi/ S/Y plan heating circuits Between £200-£300 a day all in around north/east/west London Price work Must drive And have small experience in central heating controls/ Boilers and testing Feel free to call or...
  15. buzzlightyear

    Commercial offered some work ,come on down the price is write

    so hear it goes ,customer ring up ,we are looking for a new spark can you pop in and have a chat . so they sit me down ,the spark left us and we require a new spark. but we have another spark. but he can only do a couple of days per week ,but he is not reliable . a contract is it ,so the...
  16. T

    Domestic Price of Hager RCBO's

    Does anyone know what a good competitive price I should be paying for the above?
  17. Michaelp

    Low price cable tracer

    Looking to buy 2 more cable tracers, i currently have the fluke intellitone 200 and the CZ 1000 . Need 2 more so i wanted to see what you using on the job with a better price than these two above. Beside the tracing, one other important option is to have a live protection and a continuity tone...
  18. G

    Tendering... Pricing...London...

    Hi All, Im looking to make the step from subcontracting for electrical firms to setting up my own company and pricing directly for the main contractor/client... I have carried out smaller jobs/House rewires and found pricing fairly straight forward and easy... 9 times out of 10 making the job...
  19. H

    MFT for sale special price?

    I’m looking to purchase a MFT, that can do all the required tests. Hopefully I can save a small fortune and strike a good deal prior to shelling out a wedge. To that end... (waffle over) Is there anyone on here with such an instrument for sale?
  20. D

    Domestic Difficult and Unreasonable Builder Questioning Price

    Hi, I have recently started work and finished first fix on a loft conversion for a builder. During first fix, the builder who has hired me for the job, specified various additions and removals from the original quote which I had to include at the time of first fix, which resulted in the job...