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  1. buzzlightyear

    Don't you love customers forget you priced up a job

    Gets a call form a customer asking can you give a price for some put out side lighting, whats the address and your name .so the customer tells me ,ok will give you a time and a date to have a look, wait a minute been their before pricing up a cctv systems,gave him a price ,he said at the time...
  2. A

    IET study books. Help where to source decently priced.

    hi guys just about to start an electrical course and I need various IET books. 18th ed regs, on site guide ect. could anyone advise where to look for decent price? regards
  3. J

    reasonable priced ground lights

    had a look at collingwood- but there 130quid online UK Electrical Supplies - https://www.ukelectricalsupplies.com/collingwood-gl038a-f-ww-straight-to-mains-warm-white-led-ground-light-6w.htm something closer to this but dimmerable: Mini Recessed Walk-Over LED Light IP65 - White -...
  4. polo1

    Wireless light switch

    I know there are various available, but I'm looking for a recommendation for a reasonably priced one, simple 1 gang to switch a kitchen light. I'd priced for moving a switch (needed due to a door being rehung to the opposite hand) but now find the proposed cable route is a no go. My mistake, so...
  5. A

    I always get the stupid tight customers

    Priced a job Wednesday night existing fan in bathroom wasn't working properly. Said she needed a new fan. priced for an manrose 100t inline fan and new ducting etc and to install a new spot in bathroom £170. She allready had it done for £85!!!! Today!!! Materials are the best part of £70-80 and...
  6. C

    Chint boards

    Has anybody used a chint 3 ph board? For the size I need it comes in about £50 cheaper than a Hager. I've used the single phase ones years ago and they were gash!! This is the first job for a new customer so I don't want to be fitting rubbish and I'm a bit of a brand snob but if the chint is any...
  7. S

    Working for nothing

    Priced an extension 10 spots with led lamps About 12 sockets, cooker,utility and wc spotlights and fan/isolator all new circuits what you would expect, new fuseboard new heating supply. Didn't get the job someone else priced £600 labour £800 materials. I said to the guy when they draw the £600...
  8. Heisenberg

    Dodgy copies of BGB selling on Amazon UK

    Just to warn people... I recently left a bag on a train that contained amongst other things, my copy of the BGB. Obviously extremely ****ed off to lose such a valuable book, I was somewhat please to find that I could get a replacement from Amazon for only £32. Book arrived in 3 days, from NEW...
  9. H

    Dimplex panels

    Hi Any one installed any dimplex panels yet my wholesaler is pushing them. Seem good on paper. Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  10. P

    Pricing - by size

    I have been asked to price the periodic testing of local council properties, such as libraries, schools etc. The only information I have been given is the size of the buildings, for example 145 sq/mtr. I have got to submit a price for testing each sq.mtr so if I charged £1 per mtr the full cost...
  11. kevyn

    Job Quote

    Hi all I have just priced up a job and wanted to get sum feedback from you guys to see what you think. Work to be done: Change original consumer unit and encorporate seperate wylex boards for shower and ring ct into 17th ed board. issue test certificate for con/unit change (approx 8 cts)...
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