1. T

    Pricing a large block of flats

    Any one on here have experience of pricing or working on large blocks of flats? I have a block of 30 to price for an need some advice! Thanks
  2. T

    Pricing software

    Do anyone of you use any pricing software? Just been sent plans for 28 flats over 4 floors with 2 levels of parking, pricing the flats is fine but its more the communal area and the unknown time for galvanised conduit for car park lighting!
  3. T

    Pricing a restaurant

    Hi Could someone please give me some advice on how to price commercial type work. I have worked on commercial properties when I worked for a company so doing the work is fine. I have only worked domestic since I started out myself and it took me a while to get the pricing of that ok. I am...
  4. Floody

    Pricing just off a drawing.

    Hi Folks, this is a first for me but wondering if you could share some info. A local builder uses me to wire a few extensions now and again and he has another for me in July and needs a price. Thing is...he needs to submit the whole cost before winning the job, usually he gets me in after hes...
  5. M

    Pricing an extension

    Hi guys new to this forums. Recently went self employed and out on my own after working for someone for 7 years, Currently working as a subcontractor and starting to get jobs in to price, Can any one advise what the best way is to price? Ie points or day rate if points is £50 supply & fit...
  6. G

    Commercial New to the electrician forum....

    Hi All!! New to this electricians forum.. I have used it in the past to point me in the right direction thanks chaps!! I am self employed gold and black card holder in central London looking to expand and start up my own company!! Any else in the same boat?? Whats everyone else doing?? :cool:
  7. T

    Pricing larger new build

    Morning all Need some advice on pricing a 6 bedroom house with a swimming pool. Im use to pricing your average 3 bedroom new build but this is another step for me. The house is 37m x 24m Ground floor: Play room, family room, dining room, gallery/entrance, kitchen, pantry, study, sitting...
  8. Archy Styrigg

    Extension pricing for a sofa surfee

    Ball park figures ... How much do you reckon for a single storey extension off the back of your house, approx 5 by 5 metres, South Manc, all in?
  9. T

    New to pricing and need help

    Evening all Been working as an electrician for 11 years now (27yo now) and have started pricing more work for my company. Pricing up a three story block of 15 flat. Nine of them are two bedroom with small kitchen living room area and a bathroom with the other six being the same but with one...
  10. S

    Help pricing for upcoming job

    Hi Guys, Just getting going in the electrical business and want some advice on pricing for a job I’m going to do. Going to do the following:- Fit spur off of ring. So chasing out wall channel and backing box. Replacing 2 light switches for shinier ones. Replacing 5 socket faceplates...
  11. R

    Pricing Kitchen rewire and consumer unit upgrade with bonding and Cert

    Good evening people. I'm about to price up a kitchen we wire for a friend I've done work for mates before and know how it goes. Anyway, was hoping to get some guidance as I'm an improved and steadily taking on larger jobs myself. Job: Kitchen rewire. 3 sockets 3 single sockets chased in 4...
  12. 2

    Cable calculations for pricing

    Ok guys it's back to school for me.... Since leaving college I have prided myself into thinking what a great electrician I am, only now that I am starting to take on my own projects from scratch it has become apparent that I am a little rusty on the theory side! Turning up as a subby, no...
  13. S

    Need help pricing a job

    Hi all New to pricing and just wondered what the majority would charge then I got a ball park figure Doing a chip shop refit. Just the front. Not the kitchen 6x high level sockets for breakfast bar run in metal conduit and surface boxes 9m run 5x high level sockets for display TV screens...
  14. T

    How long is a piece of string (silly pricing question)

    Afternoon all, I realise that this is very likely a silly question but I'm only looking for a very pricing guide from a professional. I moved recently and as a result no longer have a garage. I'm building a workshop which I eventually want to get connected to proper mains electricity rather than...
  15. Moaz

    Pricing up jobs? Best way?

    Guys, how do most of you price up work? If you're self employed? Do you go per point? Or see how long it will take you? What do you average per day? What do you tend to charge for your points? Roughly?
  16. littlespark

    Scotland's minimum pricing for alcohol

    After the nationwide sugar tax attacks my taste for full fat coke in a red can, the SNP have gone one better and finally brought in their diabolical minimum price for alcohol. I don't know the details, because i'm not really interested, but I think its 50p per unit of alcohol. Reading off some...
  17. Fitzy

    Newbie pricing help please.

    I've been asked to add a couple of new sockets to ring final and was unsure on how to price the job. Per hour plus materials or a set price based on the individual jobs. Per hour I thought about £25 plus materials or £40-£50 plus materials per individual job. I'm not after what any of you...
  18. S

    Help with pricing please

    I'll start by saying thank you for any help given.. much appreciated I've been a spark for 12 years now doing domestic and new builds but have recently decided to go it alone.. so far I've been able to price my jobs on a day rate but now I'm in the process of getting a small contract with a...
  19. C

    Commercial Pricing Advice

    Hi All, I’ve recently priced for a couple of small to medium commercial jobs. I’ve found it quite time consuming, can anyone give any advice on pricing efficiently or recommend any estimating software? Thanks
  20. N

    Pricing for jobs advice required

    Hi all . I am new to the Electrical world and wondering how do you price for jobs. I would appreciate any advice on where to start with this. Do you start with a minimum standing charge or just price for estimated time and materials. Distance? Thanks Neil

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