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  1. bigspark17

    Help needed with commercial kitchen food order printer

    problem is this printer has the plug on the end As seen in pic. Has anyone been able to extend this cable using cat5e or use an adaptor of some kind. I have aspare cat5e nearby i can use, otherwise running a wire will be a nightmare in a newly refurbished property. Ps the other end of the lead...
  2. Gavin John Hyde


    Bought one the nice fancy Brother label printers... Only £114 from toolstation. Anybody got any tips for getting the most out of it. tricks for speeding up fuse board and consumer unit labels would be welcome. Completely different to my previous one. having a play at the moment but quite...
  3. J

    Brother P-Touch label printer cartridges.

    Good morning ladies and gents. For those who use a Brother labeller, do you use genuine cartridges or compatibles? And where do you get them? Cheers.
  4. P

    Megger Pat 4D/3 Barcode printer

    Hi everyone I have a megger pat tester and want to print barcodes but the printer for the above is both rare and expensive. I have tried a couple of thermal printers one is a serial by epson TM-T88111 and does print but just prints a block of question Mark's ? The would seem to be caused...
  5. J

    Printer in-rush current

    I recently tested 10 laser printers, all the same model of a well-known brand. I always do a load test and two of the 10 exceeded the wattage shown on the specification plate as they started up. I didn't fail them as I could see no sign of any problem such as overheating and they were both in...
  6. Doyley

    Turning things on stops 3D printer

    Hi all, So in my mancave I have a lot of things running from extension leads. I'm looking for a better solution to this and made a different post. In the meantime I have a frustrating issue. I have a 3D printer and often prints can take many hours. Sometimes if something is printing and I...
  7. D

    Heads up. Brother label printer. Half price.

    At screwfix. Good price if anyone is in need of one. Only until midnight. Brother PTE-300VP Hand-Held Label Printing Machine - https://www.screwfix.com/p/brother-pte-300vp-hand-held-label-printing-machine/3279g
  8. the pict

    Label printer ideas please

    Time to get a label printer is there a favourite among the trade P
  9. N

    Printer not switching on unless fuse is flipped

    Good evening all. Despite of being utterly ignorant on the subject, I have an issue which tickled my curiosity and would like some assistance to understand. I have a printer (although I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter what appliance it is) that, sometimes, doesn't switch on. After numerous...
  10. DaveHsussex

    Wanted - Printer or IRDA Adaptor for Robin 1630

    Anyone have a Thermal Printer or IRDA Adapter for a Robin 1630 in their loft? £Sensible 07456617999 David
  11. GMES

    Bank Holiday

    So who's working on Monday, I have managed to get a rare day off but knowing me I will end up going to the office as I need to print and go through a load of designs for an upcoming job, This will be after a trip to buy an A3 printer. It is probably sad but it is the best chance of getting...
  12. A

    Labeller recommendation?

    I'm looking to purchase a labeller for labeling Consumer units, patch panels etc.. anyone reccomend a particular model? thanks
  13. Tiny Spark

    Speeding up testing of a large site....

    Hey all, Ime looking for some ideas from people who have done large PAT jobs for some speed up advice. For those who dont know i recently changed jobs. Ime now part of a team of 6 and one of our responsibilities is the PAT. Now its a large site and we are talking many thousands of items here...
  14. Toby Kuhnert

    FOR SALE Seaward Test 'n' tag printer in mint condition, with all connecting leads

    Hi I have a Seaward Test 'n' Tag printer for sale in mint condition (as new). It's never been taken out on site, it is not longer needed (I've only had it month and a half). As I'm sure you're aware, these retail for anywhere between £250-£350 new. It comes with a cartridge, that has been used...
  15. a12jpm

    Help needed wireless printing via iphone

    Do most of my invoicing and certs via my iphone and was wondering would it be possible to print direct from my iphone to a wireless printer that is not connected to a network. Don't want to carry the laptop with me in the van Does the printer need to be connected to a network or is there...
  16. A

    Megger powersuite problem?

    hi does anyone know how to adjust the margins for printing certificates in this program onto a4 landscape paper. basically when im printing say a nic test cert there seems to be a centimetre of missing info on the right of the page, eg the rcd test x5 column has been chopped off the end...
  17. L

    Main switch BS numbers

    Hi Chaps anybody knowledgeable on BS numbers for main switches on domestic CUs? L
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