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  1. S

    Vphase VX1 problem

    Hi all. I'm sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forum, I'm just in need of help. Moved into a house about 6 months ago. We have solar panels with the box etc under the stairs, but the previous owner has also had a Vphase VX1 voltage optimiser installed (I'm guessing as part of the...
  2. S

    Domestic Electrics problem....

    Hi all. New to the forum and I have absolutely no knowledge of electrics... At the end of my garden I have a workshop and garage. I'm currently 'doing up the garage'. The garage has it's own consumer unit which does the garage and the workshop. There were lots of wires trailing off behind the...
  3. T

    USB charging port problem

    I've got an issue with my usb charging port in camper. It lit up and when the phone is connected it shows itself as charging but it's not. It's not the lead, it's not the port either as we have tried another. What could it be? Its worked perfectly for 2 months until we charged Kindle on it...
  4. W

    Have I got a big problem!?

    Hi, i'm currently working on a project where 10 flats are being built on one side of an old silk mill. We are having a new cable put in and the origin upgraded etc. This type of work has to be done by NERS registered electricians so an outside company recommended by the DNO came yesterday and...
  5. I

    problem increase amps cooling tower

    we have a little problem at the fan cooling tower system,a story is; after complate instaled and start up we setting 18.5 amps in blade angel 20' at 2 month ago and than stop running for 2 month, while start again after two month stop the amps increase till 28.1 amps. the motor to fan conneted...
  6. C

    Power to tail light problem

    One of my tail lights remains on permanently. When l switch it on it turns off. The other tail light works as it should. Can someone please help?
  7. A

    Major domestic electrical problem

    Hi - looking for some expert help please. I recently had the following problem. Water heater digital timer burnt out, fridge/freezer, extractor fan and cooker hood all blown and will not restart (fuses all checked). It's the second time the water timer has burnt out in a matter of weeks - and...
  8. G

    Autoswitch problem

    About 10 tears ago I fitted two additional driving lights to my 2004 R1200gs motorbike powered via an Autoswitch (AS6B) using the indicator cancel to trigger the relay. For years they worked fine but have recently started cutting out. The pattern is a little odd, with the ignition on but engine...
  9. S

    Central heating problem.

    Hi Folks, Any advice/assistance would be much appreciated on this painful problem! My Honeywell programmer is jumping from "Off" to "Auto" automatically, randomly and seriously annoyingly! I have replaced the programmer but no joy. Any thoughts? Stoffel
  10. T

    Water heater problem

    Afternoon everyone, May I pick your brains? I have a water heater only a couple of years old, she keeps tripping the fuse. I have fitted a new 1200w heater element, new thermostat, new 25amp fuse unit and new wiring. Yet she still keeps blowing the fuse when the overnight low rate power comes...
  11. D

    Optima alarm system problem

    I have an Optima alarm which went off yesterday without any known reason when I have tried to reset it nothing at all is working. The internal battery hasn’t been replaced for a number of years, could it be that this needs replacing and if so, is that all? Thanks
  12. Pete999

    Can anyone help me with sort of plumbing problem, please.

    I had a new bathroom fitted about 4 years ago, very nice and there weren't any electrical woks, now that's out of the way, down to my dilemma, the curved glass shower screen has a seal on the bottom, which unfortunately has, due to constant use, decided to fall apart. Now before you all start, I...
  13. D

    Altered ring main, now a DIFFERENT circuit is not working?

    I’ve just altered a ring main by taking 1 leg out of the board and taking it to a spur (then taking a leg back), to add a socket in. After doing so I’ve turned the board back on and everything is working as it should, other than cooker circuit (A radial feeding the cooker/hob, extractor fan and...
  14. H

    Need help with diagnosing this problem

    Ok so i have no idea if this is a forum that helps with common electrical appliances so if it isn't please accept my apologies! Well my girlfriend has this paper shredder and I am at a lost. The switch has an off and a reverse and a foward position now when I switch to the reverse or foward the...
  15. D

    Light switch problem one on one off ?? Help pls tia

    Not an electrician ! Have changed most lights in the house no problem changed hallway light recently but now when we switch it on bathroom and kids bedroom lights go off if they are on halway bit confusing as to why if anyone could help me thx downstairs hall has double switch for upstairs spots...
  16. T

    Rolec 1 way 16amp touring outlet problem

    Hi forum, has anybody on here had an issue with the rolec 1 way 16amp touring outlet isolator? The isolator does not operate when the 16amp plug is inserted as the plug does not appear to push the interlock far enough back to release the isolator. Out of six units 3 do not work. Any feed back...
  17. G

    Strange problem with PIR/motion sensor switch

    Hi, I have an odd problem with a motion sensor switch in a bathroom. The sensor detects motion and switches the light on, but then doesn't switch the light off. However, when I switch the fuse off and then on again at the fusebox, it resets the motion sensor, which works fine, but only once -...
  18. rolyberkin

    Wheel Horse Lawn Mower Starting Problem

    Let me start by saying I am carp at auto electrics but here goes. My in laws have an old wheel horse tractor which will not crank, I have tested all of the switches ignition, safety switches etc and they all seem okay. I have a Sealey PP1 and if I energise the 3 pole solenoid with this it...
  19. Matthewd29

    It has always worked fine.. what's the problem?

    Was asked to an EICR a building today, old church converted into workshop. This was 1 of 6 boards, this is how i found it. Was told it hasn't had a cover in 20 years and the last electrician passed it so what's the issue? Some people are unbelievable. To make matters worse it's at head height...
  20. L

    Domestic Mysterious problem in ceiling lights

    I have noticed that sometimes there is a delay between flicking the switch for the overhead light in two bedrooms and the light coming on. The bulbs are ok and this doesn’t happen all the time but when it does it is as though the bulb is struggling to come on. An additional concern is that both...
  21. M

    Problem with mains outside light, any help please?

    Hello! I've put up a mains outside light, Been working fine for about 2 weeks, Now it's not working! When I turn it on and off at the mains, the bulb flashes once like a camera, and doesn't light up. I've checked all wiring connections in the light and the plug, Everything is connected. Left it...
  22. M

    Problem with Light Reflective Films (LRF)

    Dear I would like to ask if any of you had some problem with Light Reflective Films (LRF) from Canadian Solar solar panel. The problem I had is the undesired reflection from the busbar at a certain module angle. If someone has experience with it, could you give me some advice to...
  23. J

    Domestic 2 Gang Double Switch Problem

    I have a 2 gang dimmer switch which work both lights in the room ok (a main and a side light) The other switch has never worked properly only switching the main light on, but won’t switch off the light when dimmer is on, it just gives the full power to it. In the switch there are 3 wires, a...
  24. J

    TVG Electrolock Problem Ford Transit Connect

    I have just purchased a 2017 Ford Transit Connect with TVG security locks. The locks work intermittently and I would like to disconnect them and just use the original central locking system. I have read a similar thread here which is now closed. TVG will not communicate with me on this...
  25. R

    Dishwasher Problem. What do you think?

    Hi everyone Commercial dishwasher stopped working. Water heats up but when the temperature reaches the right temperature the wash start button doesn't start the wash cycle. Checked everything out. Buttons, motors they all fine. Drain pump works but the behaviour is whacky. Normally you press...
  26. A

    Neutral wiring problem

    Hi on my electric shower pull chord/isolator there's two lives and only one neutral. In the loft on the contactor the neutral wire isn't connected to it. The light is staying on on the pull chord. This can't be right, I'm presuming the neutral wire should be connected at both ends from the...
  27. F

    Problem with ceiling rose

    hi all, Please excuse the potential basic question. I took down a ceiling rose with 2 wires in and a third for the switch live, I’ve now put it back up and have wired it as per instructions having identified the switch live with a multimeter. However the switch now no longer works and is on...
  28. M

    Sensor problem on led floods

    Hi new onn here Has anyone had problems with sensors. exterior ones .on led floodlights. I've had a few now sticking onn after a couple of months Only switching 50 watt or smaller floods . Usual story with supplier . Only me. Thanks
  29. S

    Scantronic panel problem

    Hi, my panel is a scantronic 9448+ ,when the system alarms only the internal panel buzzer sounds. If I do a bell test ( 4 enter then code ) the outside sounder , sounds and the strobe flashes. Thanks.
  30. A

    Acorn 180 stairlift - Problem.

    Good morning I'm Italian I have a problem with this stairlift, it has completely shut down and I managed to bring it manually to the charging point only that now does not go down anymore, probably it should be programmed know the procedure? The electronic board has no switch is the T565 model...
  31. K

    3 Phase Supply Voltage Problem (Russia)

    Hi, my wife and I are over in Russia where we have an almost completed house. We have a 220V 3 phase supply. Recently we have experienced some electrical problems, mainly related to low power - dim lights, etc. I measured the voltages we are receiving at our house, which are - Phase 1 : 182V...
  32. G

    Commercial S/phase submersible pump starting problem.

    Hi, I have a s/phase submersible pump, remote float sw control, (capacitor run 20uF, capacitor start 100uF,) app 20years of age, 2in bore drawing around 6A when running on load. It has developed a problem on start up which i believe i have diagnosed and indicates that the capacitor start up...
  33. M

    Domestic Haverland Heater problem

    Hi. I'm not an electrician. I have two Haverland electric panel heaters (RC8DRY 1000w) that are not used very often as they are in a holiday home in Spain. They are a few years old and have worked perfectly until recently when they both developed the exact same problem at the same time. Too...
  34. Ali-C-123

    Flashing LED MR16s problem

    Hi there folks. Advice needed. Asked to look at an issue with some MR16 LED lamps. Cut a long story short there is 13 x 5w LED MR16s on a radial circuit of length approx 30m long. Lamps placed relatively equidistant along the circuit. Constant Voltage driver being used (mean well) at 15v to...
  35. J

    Appliance wiring problem...

    Just wondering if anyone can help. I'm just moving a TV from one room to another. Upon looking for the plug at the back of the TV to unplug, I saw the power cable from the TV was wired into a white manual switch, which in turn was then wired into a 13A fused switch (see pics attached). I got a...
  36. M

    Double oven and hob problem

    My mum is wanting to have 2 ovens (2.9kw) and an induction hob (2.8kw) total 8.6kw I believe all 3 are coming with 13a plugs fitted. What would the best way to connect these up? Existing wiring which is 6mm t+e approx 6m under floorboards. I was thinking like the dual outlet for cookers do they...
  37. Andy C

    Intriguing problem. Shower and Cooker tripping CB not RCD

    Opinions on this fault please, I have never come across this before. Split RCD board with a shower (40 amp) and Cooker (32 amp) both on 6 mm T&E. Both are tripping the CB, apparently whilst switched off? RCD tested fine. Shower is a 9.5kw, so feasibly the 40a might be a bit close to max, fed...
  38. B

    Accenta 6 replacement RKP problem

    Just replaced one of 2 RKPs within Accenta 6 system with ADE Gen4 keypad without trouble. Both lights are on, all buttons produce a beep and the existing code both sets and unsets the system. Twin button SOS feature also works. However cannot get into the program functions using either the...
  39. S

    Dimmable lighting problem

    hello, In a customers bathroom there is a lighting circuit with a tail coming off it going into a mirror with a light and the customer wants the lights on a dimmable switch which the ceiling lights are compatible but the mirror is not, is there any way around this without the obvious of...
  40. S

    Problem Building my own electric skateboard

    Hello, I bought a motor for the skateboard and a ESC to control the speed , so i found this (80A) and bought it . someone told me that the motor and the ESC do not fit together and it won't work for me , is it correct ? and if so what cheap ESC do you recommend? thank you :)
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