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  1. Doomed

    problem landlord

    Im trying to keep up with paper work from my hospital bed just using my mobile, but I could do with a few pointers to do with a problem landlords inspection. Did the work via an estate agent (we do all thier work) but this particular landlord has kicked off and called us disreputable and trying...
  2. S

    Rcd problem

    Hi guys. needs a little advice. got some garden lights on external sockets all coming back into to the house and terminates on a rcd spur.A light went faulty tripping a fuse on the main board.Looks like a faulty rcd spur.Question is. .I use the rcd test switch as an on off switch for the garden...
  3. B

    GFCI Problem

    I have had 3 outlets in our kitchen go out a few months ago and I am just now getting around to trying to fix the issue. I believe it may be an issue with the GFCI on that circuit. I have pulled the GFCI out and found the hot wire and made sure it was on the correct side of the line. The...
  4. S

    UK How do we solve the long meter tail problem?

    Just seen a you tube video by Artisan, he mentions there is a 15 meter run that goes in the fabric of the building from the meter/100amp cut out to the consumer unit. it started a debate as to whether to code it a c2 or c3. The question that I have is how would you fix/solve the problem? the...
  5. R

    Shower Problem

    Has anyone had this experience or could offer advice please? I have a 9.5Kw shower, it is fed from the DB in 10mm T&E, a run of approximately 4mtrs to a pull switch then around 3mtrs to the shower. It is protected by a 40amp MCB (I know its close but has never tripped) on the RCD side of a split...
  6. T

    Socket problem - DIY question

    Hi, hoping for some help please. I’m not an electrician - just an occasional DIYer. Replacing an under-counter fridge and the socket has a problem. Tested it with a Kewtech 107 tester. Neutral light flashing amber in bottom left of triangle. Took socket apart (faceplate is a bad fit for...
  7. bigspark17

    Sun bed uv tubes problem

    A customer has decided to Replace there sunbed tubes (48) with new tubes, the problem is that they are starting to blow/not work. Wondering weather the new bulbs are compatible with the old ballasts. Reading up there are electronic and electromagnetic ballasts and i believe there are 48...
  8. Dan Carroll

    20s gland into wiska reducer problem

    Help please. Firstly the kit I'm using. Wiska 607 box. 25mm knockouts. 4mm 3 core swa. 20s gland Wiska 25-20mm reducer Secondly the issue. The 20s gland is to short to show thread through the reducer, this means I can't fit either a banjo and locknut or an earthing nut. The Wiska earthing...
  9. S

    DIY 16mm2 IP65 Junction box problem

    DIY poster : Hello, I am trying to connect two 16mm2 wires together in an ip65 junction box, but the holes are not big enough for the both the wires to push into. I am looking for a junction box that can join two 16mm2 wires. I have tried googling , even ordered things I though would work, but...
  10. K

    Chandilier G4 capsule bulbs Halogen and Led problem.

    Hello, I was hoping to get an idea of what's wrong with my light before paying for someone to come out and tell me that I just need to buy a different bulb. I have a Veniecien 5 light chandelier from next that need 5 x 20 W 12 volt G4 capsule bulbs. The instructions do not specify LED or...
  11. M

    Australia Earthing Problem?

    Hi Guys, First post here and I am encountering a very weird issue I havent seen before and am struggling to work out. I recently did a few upgrades at a home including a new DB and earth stake. The home is split with half power run under the home and half power and lighting run above the home...
  12. L

    3phasemotor problem solving

    Hi can anyone help me with this attachment, Im struggling with it a little. Any help would be much appreciated
  13. B

    Kit Car electronic Speedo Problem

    Hi sorry to bother yall but got a problem with my speedo finally been able to get out in my tiger cat e1 and all was well, speedo worked fine then it dropped down to 10 miles an hour when i was going about 50. its a digital one with a 2 wire magnet speed sensor fitted to the prop. Im hoping its...
  14. B

    LED sequential strip in car, problem!

    Hi everyone, I am a noobie playing around with the car. It makes me so happy to take things apart but with no knowledge I most of the times struggle to put it back together lol. Anyway, decided to instal a strip inside my headlight. I hooked it up into standard H4 turn signal cables and the...
  15. telectrix

    spam problem

    getting loads of spam emails from a domain called . apparently this is a google cloud based domain and is being hacked with all this crap. can't block them, they come into junk box every day . is there any way to block htis domain or stop the spam.?
  16. H

    Curious problem - no power to switched toilet extractor fan

    Our toilet extractor has, or so I thought, been failing (delayed startup, bit intermittent) for some time, and yesterday it finally stopped working. Vent-Axia Silhouette 100T. It's going to be a bit of a pain to replace, so I though I would check the connections first just in case. Imagine my...
  17. F

    Fluke 199C

    Hi, I'm facing a problem with my FLUKE 199C oscilloscope battery which becomes dead very often and the oscilloscope will not turn on anymore even when the power adapter is connected. Is there any way to make it run on the power adapter regardless of the battery condition.
  18. M

    porsche 911/996 light and cluster problem

    Hi,Got Carrera 4 year 2000.The car was in sea transit so likely battery was jump started. I found that right front headlamp not working at all ,no indicators, no lights and also cluster all backlight not working as well(can not see current mileage)Remote key does not working too. Checked...
  19. H

    Forum post problem

    The 1st post of every thread starts with this text... Apart from being wrong and grammatically incorrect, Shouldn't this be some sort of banner or something above the forum? Surely it should not be mixed in with original post on every single thread?
  20. R

    Car (mazda 3 2010) wont crank/start and I think is a electrical problem

    I used a fuse tester and this whole area on the photo seems dead. What could possibly be the problem?
  21. N

    strange earthing problem (lighting)

    Right, so its been one of those long days. swift breakdown: top floor flat. lighting cable is single cores in a conduit system. was employed to install downlights in 2 rooms. Really bizarre one for me, ive never encontered nything like this before. So i tested the original fittings in these...
  22. A

    Problem with sensor no reason out signal when power on

    I have photoelectric sensor (6-36 V), PNP, NO+NC and when I power it for first time, it generate output signal with no reason (there is no object to detected) What is the reason for this and how to deal with this problem?
  23. M

    Identifying a neutral supply problem?

    Had a call today. Property has 400v 3 phase used to be old commercial unit but changed to residential. He's been in process of moving in but within day or two appliances starting to burn out. He's father had reported testing some sockets and voltages varied at times when other...
  24. R

    Broken Immersion heater Element or electrical wiring problem?

    Hi there, DIY'er here I have an immersion heater that is not heating up water during the night on the cheap rate. The booster switch "top element" still works fine, but I can't work out if the bottom element is broken or there is something wrong with the supply of electricity to the element...
  25. S

    125 HP motor speed problem

    We have a 125 HP motor. After rewinding, it runs at low speed at full load, but runs at rated RPM at no load. Any ideas why?
  26. N

    New Touch Control Hob Problem

    I've just purchased a new touch control hob as my old unit eventually gave up the ghost. I wired it directly into the cooker circuit just as the old one was but it refused to turn on. Nothing, not a peep. So i took it back to the retailer who, without a quibble replaced it. I wired this the same...
  27. S

    Electric Shower Problem

    My Mira Sport 9.0 J92B is having a problem whereby it is difficult to regulate, i.e. it's sensitive to a small turn of the knob making it either too cold or too hot. Is this a known problem and can it be fixed or are we at the end of it's life? Thanks for any help Steve
  28. edexlab

    Motor VSD problem

    Evening all Had a problem this week which has puzzled me a bit Installed a machine last week which has 2 sides to it both doing the same operation It ran perfectly for 19 hrs and then one side stopped working I was away from the site and the maintenance guy called me so I got him to open the...
  29. A

    Big motor heating problem

    Hi guys I have a big problem with 3-phase induction motor in star connection The motor power is 3-hp When the motor is starting periodically (many times per minute) it is over heating after 10 minutes from start of working. If the motor is in continuous operation it doesn't heat but if it...
  30. J

    Two way switch problem

    Hi guys Wanted a little help. Have a two way switch for the landing. I have 2 twin and earth wires coming into the ceiling rose. I've tested the wires in the ceiling rose and found no permenant line. I took the switch apart and tested the conductors at the back. One twin and earth (red...
  31. M

    Lift motor problem - help needed

    I have a problem with the power of the motor for my DIY residential lift.
  32. V

    Central heating problem (UK)

    My dilemma: I have Gas central heating ('S-Plan' with two port valves. Hot cylinder also has an immersion heater). No activity at the relevant zone valve when 'calling' for hot water. Powering the Immersion heater does activate the hot water zone valve. I have a non-vented cylinder, fitted...
  33. M

    bathroom fan timer problem

    Hello dear forum, I have a ceiling fan that seems to work alright when i switch it on. However when i put an electronic timer switch, instead of a physical switch, the fan does not work, the switch circuit does not seem to be powered, i.e. the leds are off, the buttons do not seem to have any...
  34. P

    Leisure battery charging problem

    What am i doing wrong??? i recently bought 2 new leisure batteries from Halfords, linked them together neg to neg, pos to pos to double my bank while working away off grid. i fitted a Cargo 12v 140A Split Charge Intelligent VSR Relay but for some reason it just keeps flicking on and off every...
  35. P

    Changing old triple 2 way light switch to New triple 2 way wiring set up problem

    The switch operates an outside light ,Hallway Light and two way landing light I want to change to new socket but the set up is different in the old switch . I was hoping to copy from the old switch but am stuck any help on what wires go where on new switch would be helpful I attach three pics...
  36. littlespark

    Smartphone problem. Black screen

    Anybody any good with android phones? My daughters has stopped working. You can turn it on/off but the screen is just black. There is a vibration during this to show something is happening. It’s a Samsung A40, and I think there was water involved. She doesn’t know how much. (It arrived home in a...
  37. B

    Street light joint problems?

    Hi looking for some advice Guy at work has been jointing existing street light feeds to be fed from another position, now he’s connected at the street lights the same within the joint he’s used brown as line, black as earth, grey as neutral now he’s been back to test they all work but none have...
  38. S

    LED dimmer problem

    Hi guys I ran Into a problem the other day on a job and was looking for some advice. A client I was doing work for had 19 x Mr16 halogen downlights installed. 5 work of 1 x dimmer and 14 work of another dimmer / 2way switch. As half the transformers were faulty I cut them out and installed 5W...
  39. T

    Combing two incoming municipal electricity supplies

    I've an interesting problem. I've got an potential client. It is a commercial property that used to be two separate businesses each with a separate 60 Amp single phase electricity municipal electricity supplies to the same building. The one company has gone bust while the other one has grown...
  40. E

    Garbage disposal wiring problem

    I bought a garbage disposal and had it installed under the sink by a plumber. When we attach it to the power, if the switch is turned on the disposal runs. When the switch is turned off, it trips the circuit breaker. I tried attaching a different switch, but it still has the problem. The clothes...
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