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  1. Electrical2go

    NEW Industrial Control Products @ Electrical2Go

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  2. HandySparks

    Crabtree Instinct Range

    Has anybody installed the new Instinct accessories from Crabtree? I like the look of them and they have some nice features for ease of installation. Proper cage clamp terminals (does any other manufacturer offer this?) and lined-up terminals. How do you find them to install and where are you...
  3. Electrical2go

    NEW Products added to Electrical2Go - SANGAMO has arrived

    Sangamo Products added to Electrical2Go Available Now Time Switches and Heating Controls Don't forget EF Members get 5% off all products at if you don't have your code yet, message us!
  4. Electrical2go

    NEW Raytech LittleJoint products at

    JUST ADDED the LittleJoint range from Raytech Before you buy don't forget to make the most of your members 5% forum discount! If you haven't got your code yet, pop us a quick message and we'll send you through the details. The IP68/IP69K micro-joints, gel pre-filled, complete with connector...
  5. J

    Mains cable blown out on two products

    Hello, Could anyone please identify what has caused this kind of blow-out on a 3-core flex? One is from an electric blanket and one from a heated pillow type thing. I think both cables are the same though, probably the same factory. The 500mA fast-blow fuses inside the controllers and the 3A...
  6. G

    "Line products" junction enclosures

    Hi just wanted to know if there are many members who have used "Line Products" junction enclosures, as my mate colloquially calls them grenades, as they have a certain resemblance to a grenade shape. These are an excellent product to be used with wago, ideal, helicon connectors, I was hoping to...
  7. Electrical2go

    Amazon offering electrical Installation on selected products

    Hi All, Has anyone else noticed Amazon offering electrical installation on certain products. £95 to install an in-line fan etc. Anyone one doing the installs? Cheers, Ivan
  8. D

    BG wiring accessories and Luceco led products

    Are these products reliable never used them before looking for feedback please before trying
  9. D

    Sri Lanka Electrical Products

    Good day What is your perception and opinion of electrical products such as light bulbs and circuit breakers that are made in Sri Lanka? Would you use them in your buildings, yes, no? Have you used Signamax branded products and what is your opinion of them?
  10. K

    Line products connectors

    Does anybody know what's happening with Line products. Put an order in with express delivery over a week ago not received any goods, e mailed them no reply. I transferred the money on line so that's out of my account.Tried phoning them goes straight to answer machine have lefts messages no...
  11. Sim Electrical Solutions

    Trendi Products reviews

    Hi Just looking to see any personal feed back regarding the Trendi range of switches and Sockets. Just installing in a customers house that hasis under going a whole re vamp and these were the customers request. never used them myself before or even seen them until i ordered. Feel these...
  12. E

    FREE Lighting products for your next job

    At Voltimum we are putting together a focus group to get feedback on some lighting products. We will give you free lighting products to use on jobs and all we ask is for honest feedback at our focus group event on 25th July 2017. If you would like to be involved please drop me an email...
  13. T

    Commercial kitchen water heater ideas.

    Anyone got any brilliant ideas for a over sink water heater for pretty demanding washing up environment? Could be under sink I suppose. Actually doesn't need to be brilliant could be just a good recommendation.
  14. I


    Well I thought I had all the tools and gadgets going! I bought a dust and debris eliminator (DADE) this week and I'm really impressed. It's used for catching the dust from drilling downlighters. Probably the simplest tool I own, but definitely one of the best (perhaps after my wire coat...
  15. O

    Just wondering....

    Got a job to do next week which includes tidying up some loft lighting cabling. ATM is all runs back to a rather shabby metal enclosure.... which I want to replace My initial thoughts are to use a Hager J701 - but are there other options to consider? Thanks
  16. HandySparks

    LED Panels, surface mount

    I've not used LED panels before, but thinking of suggesting them for a ladies changing room refurbishment in a golf club, so appearance is important. The room is about 4.5m x 9.5m. Ceiling height is about 2.4m at a guess. The existing lighting is by three LED round ceiling bulkheads, plus LED...
  17. E

    Cooker / Hob connection

    Just had a new kitchen installed. The new cooker and hob didn't come with any cable. The hob is rated at 6Kw and the single oven at 2.2Kw. The circuit is a 32A mcb, 6mm t&e to a ccu and then 6mm down to the connection unit. MI says to use H05V2V2-F T min 90C. Is this Butyl? I was going to...
  18. Leesparkykent

    Delay start timer bathroom extractor fan

    Age old problem of the customer wants to have the bathroom extractor to come on with the bathroom lights but doesn't want the fan to run if just going for a number 1 in the middle of the night o_O Having a look about I've pretty much decided on an Air flow icon 15 fan with delay start timer...
  19. VincentW

    Glamox Lighting

    Hi All The company I work for bought an extremely large bankrupt package, which includes a large volume of Glamox lighting. From research it appears that this is quite a high spec manufacturer, commonly supplying products for schools, healthcare and upmarket commercial and domestic markets...
  20. Leesparkykent

    Tool bag

    I want to buy my apprentice a new tool bag as a birthday present so not looking to spend a fortune like buying a veto pro pac or Klein bag..He has a good collection of hand tools and would like to get him something that they could all fit in but with some organisation. I like the look of the...
  21. E

    WISKA Products

    Thoughts and feelings on WISKA?
  22. ses

    Steam room lighting

    hi all Having to replace two IP65 spot lights that someone fitted in a steam room The lights failed badly Struggling to find lights that will fit the cutout 75mm or cover it surface mounted which are steam room approved Seem to need to be IP68 and heat resistant Any one got any ideas or...
  23. Spike1947

    Domestic Supply to a 63A RCB

    Hi I need to put a 63A RCB 6 way weatherproof consumer unit ( Garage unit ) with 2x6A , 2x20A , 1x32A MCB's, in my workshop at my farm , now the supply to it, comes from the Main 83A 3 phase fuse box on the other side of the wall where I want to mount this unit , the length of cable would be...
  24. Dan

    QVS Electrical Supplies

    QVS Electrical Supplies opened its first branch in St.Ives Huntingdon in October 1994. Steady expansion followed, with the opening of a further 12 branches serving trade and diy across the south east. Nationwide, our customers have also enjoyed the same competitive pricing, quality products and...
  25. Dan

    UK Electrical Supplies

    UK Electrical Supplies - Electrical Wholesalers for Trade and Private Customers UK Electrical Supplies, the UK's number one electrical wholesalers online. We pride ourselves in being the best discount electrical wholesalers online offering a wide range of electrical products and accessories. We...
  26. Dan

    TLC Direct

    History TLC was founded in 1991. The first branch was a small warehouse in Crawley, with 3 employees and a range of 2,500 products. Three months later a second branch was opened in London and since then the company has grown steadily, opening new branches and extending the product range. The...
  27. charlie76

    Domestic Sealing Consumer Unit Knock Outs

    Evening folks. What are you guys using on to seal 38mm knock outs consumer units? Seems 38mm blind grommets are rare as hens teeth or at least no one stocks them... Any advice appreciated.
  28. G

    LED Problem, help please!!!

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help with the below and excuse my novices!!!! I have 8 Parathom LED spot 111 50 advanced lamps wired in series, they are each 8.5w and are replacing existing halogens. I am struggling to find a driver that is able to run them all and have spoken to Osram who were no...
  29. P

    Switch plates made of copper - what you think ?

    Hi folks, this is my first post so hello to all of you. I am a crafter and I want to make a copper switch plates , as copper killks bacteria, and looks stylish, I think it would sell. I plan to waterjet cut copper sheets thickness 0.11 inch , than hand forged and patina, the look would be...
  30. akwoody2

    Series E board

    Hello chaps, A little help please. I have an old GE/Sector series E board and I need a RCBO. Anyone know where I can get one? Thank
  31. L

    Lighting PIR's

    Can anyone recommend any decent quality, external stand alone lighting PIR's to Switch LED floods, ive used a Hispec one and it's pretty awful, about a 2 metre range at best. Cheers
  32. infinity

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC personalised stickers

    HI Ive seen on some installs NICEIC next inspection Date stickers with the contractors name and logo etc on, anyone know where you can order these from?
  33. A

    LED Cree vs Tridonic

    Any of you had experience with the above LED technologies. Any preferences, advantages or disadvantages to either?
  34. Andy78

    Ledhut 5 year warranty

    I started getting products from ledhut last November. One of their selling points is their 5 year warranty on all products which they advertise heavily on their website. I discovered however that their standard warranty is only 2 years and the 5 year is only available upon application. The...
  35. G

    Phone the boiler.

    OK, something I know sod all about but it may be commonplace these days. We recently bought a static caravan an hour away from home and it has central heating from a gas fired boiler and trvs. Question is, is there a device I can install so that come the winter I can phone into a switch to fire...
  36. M

    152mm/6" diameter window mounted Extractor Fan

    Hi guys, I've been asked by a builder to fit a pull-cord extractor fan into a window, which has had an 152mm (approximately 6 inches) hole drilled through it. This measurement was given by the client. I'm struggling to find a fan which can be fitted to a window, with that size diameter. Do...
  37. R

    MK 100A Switches

    Got this email today so thought I'd let everyone know incase anyone has fitted one recently Dear Customer, We have identified an issue with the manufacture of a limited number of MK Sentry 100A Switch Disconnectors that could fail and overheat, presenting a potential fire risk. We became...
  38. E

    Anyone heard about recall on mk 100 amp main switch?

    Evening all, has anyone recieved email from Screwfix?
  39. P

    Solar PV Monitors

    Hi all I’m currently installing PV and would like to know if any of you guys and girls could recommend any PV monitoring systems that I could offer to my customers as an add on or after sale extra? All ideas welcome as there a few to choose from. :D
  40. S

    Hand Dryer

    Hi there Been asked to look at replacing hand dryer is campsite toilets. Looking online for suitable ones, and found one that says suitable for ZONE U Where is Zone U Thanks
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