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  1. T

    Proper wiring for a pool pump

    I need to run a dedicated line for a pool pump which would be about 140 ft from the outside panel. Pump requires 14-15 amps at 2HP. Should I run a 20 or 30 amp breaker and with what gauge wire? Plan to DIY with some help and would like to use conduit. Any advice is much appreciated!
  2. W

    Proper SOOW wire gauge

    I plan to upgrade my portable generator to a larger 40 amp max output unit. When I originally ran the cable to my electrical panel I used 8/3 NM-B W/G wire to allow for a future upgrade. My question is what gauge SOOW should I use for the 10 foot generator lead, 8/4 or 6/4? I'm a little...
  3. Z

    Choosing a proper CT

    Hello everyone, I am new on this forum, new in UK as well. There is an opprtunity for me to work as commissioning engineer but first I must go through some courses. There is one topic in my protection of transmisson and distribution course which I don't understand in 100%. Thare is a...
  4. KEV 1 N

    Proper MK Quality!!!!!!!

    Whilst up in the loft getting the Xmas decorations down, I found this.....
  5. Andy C

    Proper chuffed with myself.

    After a long break from the industry I am returning part time and have just passed the written exams and multi choice exam for the 2394/5. so i only have my practicals next week then all done and dusted. Going to use Stroma as an accredited organisation. Just need to earn a bit now to pay off...
  6. FatAlan

    Fill me in please!

    What fillers do folks find easiest to use for filling in around minor works like chiselling into walls for back boxes etc?
  7. 1


    Hi guys R1+R2 on a eicr mates tutor on the 2395 course said no need to carry out just zs is enough and on ring just end to end readings what's everyone's thoughts on this
  8. H

    Domestic customers

    A customer wants an extra socket installed in the living room. Carpets have been laid and they don't want them lifted. There is 1 double socket on the ring and an unfused spur to another double socket. They want minimal disruption and have suggested I run an extension lead clipped around the...
  9. Leesparkykent

    Dado trunking opinions?

    I've got a shed load of dado trunking to purchase and install on a office refurb that im starting after christmas. Just wondering what people's opinions are on best make for ease of installation, cost etc. I normally use MK but its pricey but I like the way it all goes together, I've also used...
  10. R

    Great book

    Just taken delivery of Practical Guide to Inspection, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations by Christopher Kitcher and must say its a superb book.
  11. L

    Engraving MK sockets

    Evening all, bit of a pointer needed if you please! I'm looking at buying an engraver for traffolyte to make basic labels, but wondered if anyone has any experience in engraving MK accessories? I've spoke to a few people on the phone at different companies and it seems the capability to do it is...
  12. A

    wall light fault

    My neighbour asked me to put some fancy switch plates up after he decorated. So I'm screwing the plate into the back box and Bang! I mustn't of tightened a connection properly (prob should have turned circuit off too lol) :-( so I make everything ok and re energise circuit but lights for that...
  13. S

    Domestic Diy-er, weird issue with ceiling rose wiring for new light

    Hello all, House is 22 years old. Wiring probably not done brilliantly to start. This is the second ceiling light in a small room I use as an office. Was child's bedroom and I cannot state 100% if this light ever worked. Anyway, I fitted two new Habitat lights, ditching horrid Chinese block...
  14. S

    Domestic Help needed with lighting fault

    A neighbour has a through lounge with a centre ceiling light (chandelier type) at both ends as well as 2 wall lights at both ends of the room (6 fittings in total). They are controlled by a 3 gang dimmer switch, 1 for each centre light and 1 for all 4 wall lights. All of sudden none of these...
  15. J

    bosch or makita

    used makita for the last few years and have never had a problem, but recently used some bosch and found them really good. but now im in a dilemma im looking at buying some new tools and cant decide which to buy now?
  16. S

    NICEIC Certification Scheme **you are not niceic**

    Here is a list of company's/contractors that are falsely claiming to be registered with the NICEIC.
  17. P

    Does Anyone Recognise this Steel Trunking Please?

    I am on a job in Abingdon, and struggling to find the make of this trunking? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks for looking. Nick
  18. S

    Domestic PIR costs

    Hi all,Been asked by a local builder, if I can do PIR's for him, for the local social housing company, he told me the guy he is using at the moment is doing them for £50 per house, is it just me or is that really cheap, I can't see how he is making anything on them.
  19. M

    Threadless Conduit Couplers

    Im looking for anyone who has used these new threadless conduit couplers. You dont need to thread conduit anymore 20mm,25mm even 32mm you just cut the conduit and push the couplers on its so fast its great. Has anyone used them and found a down side ?
  20. A

    Earth Fault Loop High ?

    Hi, I have just purchased the martindale socket tester EZ150 which gives me an earth fault loop reading, now i plugged it into the sockets in my mates stables and the green light in the middle came on instead of the first green light, would i be right in thinking that if i have a 32 amp breaker...
  21. timo1

    Installation techniques...

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a good book on installation techniques? I have looked at DIY books but they are a bit too general. What I am after are tips on chasing and hiding cables and advice on the best tools and parts to use for different materials such as oak, masonry...
  22. H

    Periodical Inspection Report

    hey guys where can i download the paperwork for this, appently its on the British Standards Institute site, but ill be buggered if i can find it... grrr :D cheers
  23. L

    Learning Purpose's Industrial Type

    Doing, Industrial work at the moment, everything is new to me. I was looking to see how I could go about improving my industrial side of electrics, so wondering if anyone knows of any decent books? websites etc Get abit confused when it comes to contacts with overload protection, wiring motors...
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