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  1. Wilko

    Domestic Properly priced EICR is good value

    Evening All I’m doing a few EIRCs for the rental market and I thought I’d share my recent experience. I was asked to inspect a 2 BR flat, just on 5 yrs old. The flat is in excellent condition, it has always been rented and has the original EIC and the most recent gas safety cert. Both...
  2. J

    Why neutral and hot reversed only when a/c is turned on?

    I have tenants that have 3 fairly new small a/c units all the same and when any of them are turned on my tester reads hot & neutral reversed. The 15 amp circuit that feeds these units has no ground wire. Is this normal or could these a/c units be wired wrong from the factory?
  3. K

    I have to write a method statement for my bay in the day exam, but I hadnt properly prepared before the covid 19 lockdown and now I am unsure of what

    Hi Below is a picture of the bay in a day exam I was supposed to take before the lockdown. I've got a method statement to write on my bay in a day exam, the only problem is that due to lockdown I've been out of college for so long I can't remember the dimensions of the materials I need. I...
  4. P

    The apollo advanced mx pro panel is showing an error that a smoke detector is faulty but it seems to be blinking properly.

    The detector is working properly. We have checked it physically. But the pannel is showing fault in that detector. Please give me a solution
  5. C

    USA How do you properly drive sleeve anchors?

    Recently I've been assigned to a new water park construction site and my days have been regulated to mounting and securing hundreds of feet of PVC conduit for protection against moisture. During my installation I've been mostly limited to mounting strut to concrete walls and floors in order to...
  6. J

    HELP, lights not functioning properly after consumer unit change

    I changed an old fuse board for a new consumer unit and the lighting for this house was connected in two separate fuses. So I swapped one for one and put them into two 6 amp breakers. Now the light at the bottom of the stairs is permanently on and the light at the top is off. Light at top...
  7. R

    Maglock not working properly

    Hi, I have just wired a maglock/intercom/phone door security system, but for some reason, the door magnet only locks when the unlock button is pressed on the intercom phone. That is to say, it's working the opposite way to how it should be working. As far as I can see, I've checked and double...
  8. M

    Using one phase of three phase supply, will rcd work properly?

    I have a property abroad that has just been given a new supply by my local electrician . It has gone from six mm2 single phase supply to 10 mm2 three-phase supply it has a three-phase RCD unit and currently is only using one of three phases The other phases will come into use when the...
  9. D

    Not properly earthed/grounded

    Hi All I know next to nothing about electricity and wanted to ask for some advice. Apologies for any cross-posting. I moved into a rented house in Spain a few months ago. Turned out it wasn't grounded. Providing a ground turned out to be a little complicated as the property is build on top of...
  10. D

    Not properly grounded/earthed

    Hi All I know next to nothing about electricity and wanted to ask for some advice. Apologies for any cross-posting. I moved into a rented house in Spain a few months ago. Turned out it wasn't grounded. Providing a ground turned out to be a little complicated as the property is build on top of...
  11. K

    Led floodlight not working properly

    Hi I recently bought a led 10w floodlight with PIR. My other half tried fitting it the other day and all the tiny round lights that make up the led weren't coming on ,therefore not making the light anywhere near enough bright. He plugged it into a socket to make sure it wasn't fault and it...
  12. Dave OCD

    Pictures of simple jobs done properly.

    I was thinking as per thread title why don't we post up some pictures of how we do the simple common things, would be interesting to get different views and also show the people new to the trade how things ought to be. I'll start off with a simple 3 plate ceiling rose pendant that my son did...
  13. T

    Main earth for a submain

    Hi everyone, apologies in advance, it's been a long day and I've not even had my lunch yet, so I'll try and keep this quick! Running a supply to a wooden summer house, coming from existing CU on a 20A MCB with 30mA RCD as the main switch. It's going to run in 4mm 3-core SWA buried under a...
  14. amlu

    new Contactum full metal board

    Had a go installing one of those new proper metal boards. Contactum defender version 1.0 Disappointed a lot. Heavy metal fuse cover no way to hold it up when you work on it. Lid closing holes dont align with the threads behind properly, plus the bolts are located in a very very wrong place, no...
  15. H

    Which trusted trader

    anybody think it would be a good idea? Find Trusted & Local Tradesmen - Which? Trusted Traders niceic do apparently.....................anybody else been invited to a "give your thoughts" get together?
  16. C

    would a register work?

    Do we need a register like gas safe. Would it work and be policed properly.
  17. P

    Testing a PV system.

    Hi guys Just had a call from a friend who's brother as fitted a 4Kw system to his roof. He would like me to test it. I've not done any work on PV systems and not sure what tests need to be done. I first thought an installation cert should be done but after reading bit on this site im not so...
  18. T

    EICR Price and Specification

    Hello all, Just wanted to share an experience from today and see what others thought on this subject. I managed to acquire some feedback from someone I provided a quote for yesterday - I asked why they had decided on another service and the answer was because they were £80 and I was £155. The...
  19. L

    Sub-mains needed?

    I was looking at a job today and ran across the following: 2-year old installation, 100 amp main fuse, Henley block next to the meter, with the main tails in and then out to the house. Along with this are three sets of 16mm SWA coming out of the Henley block (neutral and earth wires not...
  20. Rockingit

    Gas fitter jailed for accidental death

    I realise that the plumbers forum will be full of this, and justifiably so, but from a skilled trade to another, this is a hard and cold lesson for us all: if it's not done properly, it can kill. BBC News - Gas fitter Andrew Hartley jailed over Zoe Anderson's death
  21. R

    EICR and trying to compete.

    Hi all, Just a quick request, having looked on the net and failed i am looking for a pdf or the like that simply highlights what a EICR should include if done properly so that i can attach this to my quotes when submitting them to domestic customers. This is an attempt to highlight to them that...
  22. M

    Domestic Help, im confused about what qualifications i need in what order

    Help !! I was recently made redundant and want a new direction and career and have decided i want to "try" being an electrician. I have looked at "domestic electrician" courses as i want to really concentrate in this type of area but im seriously sceptical..i mean come on...qualified sparky in...
  23. G

    That's one way of installing a socket behind a wallmounted plasma TV!

    Rough as!
  24. F

    Socket and see

    Hi guys a friend of mines just changed some sockets in his kitchen for some nice chrome ones and asked me if I'd lend him a socket tester it's the socket and see one with earth loop and rcd test has anyone used one on a tt system the reason is it says check earth now it has 3 readings on the...
  25. T

    Bang! Large flash / bang at voltmeter tips.

    Hi all, Just had quite a fright & must say I'm pretty annoyed with myself. I've just tested the ends of a wire to check if it was live (using a fluke voltmeter) and had a massive flash and bang at the points of the probes). I'm annoyed because I should have isolated the circuit and...
  26. D

    Does cold weather affect RCD's?

    Does anyone know if cold weather can affect RCD's, I have just been testing the 63A 30mA RCD in the garage, this previously tested absolutely fine when doing the test at 30mA, but now it fails to trip in under 400ms, however when doing the 5x test it is fine :confused:, the test button works...
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