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    Protective Face Masks Now Available

    Protective Face Masks now available in packs of 50 SELLING FAST Clink Link to purchase yours: Protective Disposable Face Mask Pack of 50 - https://bulkworkwear.co.uk/protective-disposable-face-mask-pack-of-50?search=mask
  2. Pretty Mouth

    Why are main protective bonding conductors sized as they are

    Hi all. Hope you are all well and virus-free. This question is not how to select main protective bonding conductor sizes according to the regulations. That I understand how to do. What I am asking is: Why do the regulations require such a large CSA for Main Protective Bonding conductors...
  3. G

    hello...new here.....earthing of protective material to kill wifi in van...…..??

    helloo peeps.....new guy on the block... I have a tracker in my van which also has a dastardly wifi at 2.43 ghz in it. it is on 24 hrs a day. It is now beginning to show symptoms which are painful - sometimes my left eye hurts as I am driving. it is in the glove compartment of my berlingo. I...
  4. Risteard

    ETEK protective devices

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience of the following: Type B RCD + 2 MCB Garage / Mini Metal Consumer unit - EV Charge Point Install - https://shop.evchargersdirect.co.uk/collections/accessories/products/type-b-rcd-2-mcb-garage-mini-metal-consumer-unit-ev-charge-point-install? I believe...
  5. P

    duplicate protective conductor question

    Is there a requirement stipulating a final circuit supplying only one socket outlet should incorporate a duplicate protective conductor?
  6. Sparksaflyin

    Characteristics of protective device?

    Hello fellas. I’ve got a protective device that has sod all written on it apart from the following..... series 3 Henley, pat no: 451302 can someone please tell me what the hell it is? Thanks
  7. T

    Nearby motors damaging LED floodlights

    I do some electrical maintenance for a local church, the main hall is lit by around 12 LED floodlights, (they do look cheap) they seem to be constantly dying, they have asked if a wood work shop across the road could be causing this, with saws and other machinery constantly starting up, I’ve...
  8. S

    Main Protective Bonding Conductor question

    Hi guys Would appreciate your comments on the following.. I am currently involved in the refurbishment of a building with 2 service heads (both in use) but only one gas intake and one water intake. What are the main bonding requirements in this situation? I am assuming both MET's require a...
  9. B

    Commercial Defining what equipment has protective conductor current

    Hi all, I have an engineer who has failed a wall mounted data cabinet because the PDU is hard wired into a switched fused spur, the spur is spurred off a ring main in 2.5/1.5 twin and earth. He has failed it under regulation: 543.7.203 The wiring of every final circuit and distribution...
  10. C

    protective bonding conductor size

    Hi guys, I've questioned something at my workplace and after receiving my answer I'm not overly convinced and would like some other experienced gods to chime in :) On a new install in an existing property today I went to bond the Water and noticed it was already done, clearly many moons ago...
  11. R

    Does anyone know the BS(EN) for this primary supply overcurrent protective device device

    Can anyone give me the BS no. for this please
  12. Zdb

    EV charger protective device

    Hi guys, I'm having trouble deciphering some manufacturer's specifications / installation instructions for a three phase dual 32A outlet EV charger. The model in question is the W22 wall mounted unit: I can see that there are 2x 30mA RCD's inside the unit mounted on DIN rail. I'm unsure...
  13. cprfenom

    Protective conductors on an EIC

    Afternoon all. Can I confirm that a protective conductor in section 16 of an EIC refers to bonding to services etc rather than a cpc of a final circuit?
  14. Michaelwgroves

    Can you join Main Protective bonding conductor

    I have a 6mm main protective bonding conductor from a 1981 install; adiabatic equation says this is sufficient and no signs of thermal damage. (Discussed in separate thread). Gas was not bonded, it's a big job to run new cable so I've used redundant water bonding as now all plastic to bond gas...
  15. Michaelwgroves

    6mm Earth and Main protective bonding conductors

    Just been to a 1981 TN-C-S installation to fit new CU. Both Earth and Main protective bonding conductors are 6mm, which I understand was typical back then. 16mm tails with 60A DNO fuse. Upgrading earth and bonding is gonna be tough as run up cavity and round the corner, I ain't never gonna pull...
  16. Sparky_marky2

    Certifcation software/apps recommendations

    Hi guys, I've been doing a bit of research into electrical software/apps as an alternative to the really bad Stroma software (Tracker Mobile) I currently have, I've sampled EasyCert Mobile which I found really straight forward however the layout in which it asked the questions didn't follow the...
  17. haptism

    Which Protective device on MWC

    Hi hope someone can help, i need to record the protective device on a MWC and not sure which to enter. I have removed an old bathroom heater on a 20A radial and rerouted cabling to feed an RCD FCU, the load side of which feeds into the bathroom serving towel rail with a local DP (20A) switch...
  18. S

    Assignment help

    Determine the minimum size of cpc for the circuit giving consideration to; Disconnection times Thermal Constraints? Here is what I have worked out so far for the circuit - Ib=p/(Ulx√3) = 12000/(400 x 1.732) = 17.32Amps From Table B6 I selected a C20 which has a max Zs of 0.87 Ω 20>17.32...
  19. L

    Does it need it?

    hi everyone, I have got a job to do in a local hairdresser to change a consumer unit fed off an economy 7 meter. My question is do you need to test and notify the works like you would in a domestic dwelling? Also is it mandatory that the incoming services of water/gas are bonded with 10mm...
  20. J

    GS38 shrouds for Fluke T140 voltage tester

    Does anyone know where i can get hold a pair of shrouds for the fluke t140 voltage tester, mine came glued on when i got it years ago, when i pulled them off they cracked, it hasn't been used in a while only just getting back into the game so i need a pair to pass calibration. I've seen some...
  21. S

    2 ovens on lollipop circuit

    have come accross kitchen job where x 2 ovens are on a lollipop circuit. 6mm t/e from csu to 45a dp switch and then small 2.5 t/e ring with 2 oven outlet plates. each oven only 2.4kw max. question is if tested ok, ie zs and ring end to ends, is this ok to leave as is?
  22. G

    Earthing inside a submain panel from main swa incomer

    OK, going to keep this short. Supply is 150mm 4 core SWA, with NO supplymentary earth ( calcs done by others, ) QUESTION IS. Do you NEED to run an earth ( is it a regulation) from banjo on inside to earthing terminal inside board. Common sense and a simple ohms continuity test (0.01 ohms)...
  23. D

    Minor Works Cerificate question

    Hi Folks, I am filling out a minor works certificate for 2 fused spurs I have fitted from 2 socket in the livin room to supply 2 wall lights 5A fuse fitted in spur. My question is on the minor works cert where it says Method of fault protection, do I put Automatic disconnection of supply...
  24. cprfenom

    socket on 6.0mm T&E

    A circuit wired in 6.0/2.5 with a 32amp MCB feeding a double socket for a gas hob and gas oven. Now I know that the protective device is for the cable, but I am concerned that the socket can only take 13+7. Should I down rate the protective device for the socket and not the cable in this...
  25. M

    Commercial Mains on 3-phase DB

    Hi I am working in a hotel and I found that a 3-phase DB was fed by 2 seperate swa cables one containing the 3 phases and the other a seperate neutral and earth I know this is bad practice but can someone tell me why the NIC firm have picked this ad a fault I would not have done this myself it...
  26. M

    Question about testing

    Can somebody help im going to take my 2394 in February and as far as filling out certificates and sequence of tests im not too bad, but as im still a student and still learning im just a little unsure on a few tests and why there within a certain sequence. So why do you check continuity of...
  27. N

    Question regarding PFC on a sub board.

    Hi I am trying to carry out Prospective fault Current (PFC) test on a sub board that that is RCD protected and is fed by a main board. My question is how to carry out this PFC (short circuit or earth fault) on the sub board? Do we put the Main switch off in the main board and place the line...
  28. F

    main switch versus OPD

    HI ALL whilst completing certificate on pirform having installed a shower consumer unit with a 40A 30ma rcd and mcb nominal current rating of main switch in relation to overcurrent protective device (ie) main switch is rated aty a lesser value than main over current protective device, supply...
  29. Rockingit

    RCD and bonding for pools/saunas

    Out on site and somehow all the books have walked out the van! Could someone do me a favour and look in the BGB and tell me if bonding is exempted if RCD is in place, and whether the RCD needs to be 2p or not? Not even sure what there may be to bond yet! Cheers muchly. R.
  30. B

    IR testing ?

    Hello all just reading Professional Electrician and noticed this on IR testing. Just wondered if anyone else was aware of this,came in with 17th in 2008. It slipped by me.:dunce2: Live conductors and the protective conductor connected to the earthing arrangement. (Test 2) Regulation 612.3.1...
  31. G

    Prospective Fault Current

    Two questions here really Am i right in thinking that PFC is Prospective Fault Current or is it power factor corection? Second question is why is it important to know the Prospective Fault Current? Thanks
  32. S

    minor works cert help

    hi there i am filling in a minor works cert and in part 2 it asks for 'overcurrent protective device for the modified circuit' and 'residual current device'. i have a split load board with one rcd on it. the work has been carried out on a ring circuit on the rcd side so i assume i put in the rcd...
  33. R

    Where to put main protective bonding conductor if no water mains isolation in house

    Hi all New to the site ! It ! brilliant. Its a real result to find such a community forum. great subjects and discussions, already been so helpful... Thanks So got this question. In house and to turn the water mains of its only from street. No mains isolation in house. so where would I...
  34. T

    Assessment tomorrow

    Hi All, Got me assessment tomorrow and currently filling the PV commissioning test from. Could someone confirm the "Protective Device" is the DC isolator, and the details requested are its specification? (eg dc rating = the rating of the switch which is 450V) While I'm on the subject, any...
  35. C

    Separating earths at sockets

    Seem to recall being told but why do we separate earths at double sockets serving computer equipment.I seem to recall its to reduce static but what is the thinking behind it? Cheers
  36. G

    Confused about pv systems commissioning test sheets.

    Trying to get my head around pv system commissioning sheets ready for future mcs assessment. How do i work out my array parameters Voc (stc) and Isc (stc). How do i find out the dc rating (V) of the protective device and also can anyone explain how string test method annex -2 Voc, Isc,Sun is...
  37. S

    Socket outlets to BS 1363 with only one cpc terminal??!!

    Hi all, Ive just bought a box of 50 double skt outlets to BS1363, manafactured by GET England, but they have only one terminal for the CPC. The on-site guide (page 67) states "socket outlets must have two terminals for protective conductors. One terminal to be used for each protective...
  38. E

    External sub mains which type of earth do you use as the CPC…

    When the origin is a TNCS and you are running to say a shed/barn which you are going to make TT. Which do you use to protect the sub main run the TNCS or the TT?. I’m thinking it’s the TT earth you use to protect the incoming cable. What do you guys use?
  39. I

    Domestic Help please. A2/A3 radial circuits

    Hi all. New member, first post. I'm only in training at the moment and i'm a bit stuck. My text books refer to A2 and A3 radial circuits, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what the difference between them is. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction? I would be very...
  40. L

    very low pfc on submain board

    hi all hoprfully someone here can answer this question for me: i tested a sub mains today and i only got 0.35 KA is this normal for a submains as at the main mainsboard the pfc is 3.3 KA the main fuseboard has a rcd main switch so at the submain i had to use no trip pfc not sure is this makes...
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