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  1. Baddegg

    Proteus cover

    Anyone have or know where I can get a cover for a proteus 17th edition unit?....customer got the lid missing for some reason, nothing worse wrong with and it’s inside a cupboard...
  2. S

    UK Proteus FC005 circuit breaker switch hunt.

    I need to replace an old FC005 5amp fuse holding switch with snapped switch due to old plastic. Having trouble finding one and hope someone out there has a box of them somewhere I may be able to buy. If you could advise on what could replace it if not that would be great.
  3. happyhippydad

    Does this proteus RCBO fit this board?

    Morning all.. As in the title does the RCBO below fit in the proteus board shown in the second picture. I'm sure it must do but I just wanted to be 100% sure before I turn up to the job. Also, in case I buy a different proteus RCBO, do they all fit this board? The reason I ask is because...
  4. A

    Replacement Proteus RCD?

    Does anyone know if the Proteus RCD 80/2/30T currently available at CEF, will fit as a replacement for a (at least fifteen years old) T80-30-2 ? Semi-urgent replacement needed due to tripping. Many thanks for any advice.
  5. M

    What are Proteus MCB's made of, solid gold......

    Im not a big user of CEF, so I don't expect the best pricing, however this is surely taking the mick............ Its just a bog standard Proteus 6A MCB. Imagine the cost if I needed a full board of these......
  6. C

    Proteus rcbo Went bang

    Existing proteus rcbo went bang,any one had a similar problem,I haven’t switched back on yet. The DB about 10 years old,don’t need this hassle.
  7. darkwood

    The dangers of condensation!

    Got a callout from a mate saying his light are out and all circuits are on, also he thinks something smells funny so given the latter info I said it best I pop over and check it out, now considering I went to look at the lighting issue, what I found in the board was an example of the issues of...
  8. Leesparkykent

    200A load break switch/switch disconnector.

    I have a job on ATM where the client has been done over by the builder for 65K leaving the job which is 13 new build flats near completion but the client is running out of dollar pretty quick. I'm doing my best to help out by finishing the job but due to the concerns over money I'm getting paid...
  9. willy fixit

    EICR What would you do?

  10. M

    Proteus RCD replacement

    Hello i have to change a Proteus rcd in a split load board, CEF want £50 for a replacement, i am wondering if anyone knows of any other makes that will fit? thanks.
  11. D

    Proteus 3 phase wiring - Client smells burning.

    Hi guys, I have installed a proteus 200a switch today, I was instructed by the technical manager at proteus switchgear how to wire a new switch as the one I needed to replace isn't in production anymore. He told me to mount the new switch in an enclosure next to the board, use 70mm tails and...
  12. D

    Installing a 200a MCCB in a proteus 3phase board.

    Hi everyone, I'm a newly qualified electrician and im working for a company that have asked to the fit a mccb, my boss sent me this email today and im not completely sure what he means, any help would be great as I really dont want to call him tomorrow asking how to install it. Any help would...
  13. L

    Proteus RCBO

    Hi all, Had a call from a customer today who had the lighting in the bathroom altered by his "neighbour who was spark" but died before he could certificate it, sounds a bit dodge I know but hey these things happen. Any way hes selling the house and wants me to do a couple of jobs round the...
  14. E

    Old type Pproteus CU RCBO retreofit

    been to have a look at a job today ,its got an old horrid looking Proteus CU. The old square box type with slide knockout entry plates top and bottom. Lots of spare ways so looking for a 40amp RCBO for an inline heater that will go in any ideas. seem to recall MK mcbs went into these but rcbo...
  15. kevyn

    4 module Proteus RCD......

    Does anyone have or know where I can get a 80A 30mA 4 Module 2 pole RCD? I desperatly need one as I have a customer getting on my case about it. any help appreciated
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