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  1. D

    How to prove a supply has been isolated, just throw a crowbar at it.

    Seriously just throw a crowbar at the incomer, what could possibly go wrong?
  2. darkwood

    Challenge of the day -

    I have alot of fun trying to convince the flat earther theorists on YouTube that the world is a sphere, given everything we know as an educated bunch I assume you all are it has so much evidence from many different aspects of science to clarify this BUT... this is apperantly all a scam and we...
  3. B

    Why would a LAP Voltage Detector be showing live current in this situation?

    Hi, I purchased a LAP non-contact voltage detector to check my sockets. One of them is cracked and needs replacing. So I went to the Consumer unit and isolated the all of my circuits. Then I went back to the broken socket and tested it again. Everything appeared to be fine, and I removed...
  4. J

    Voltage indicators

    Who uses and what are your main causes for false reading? I find they don't pick up voltage when cables are in cold conditions, any ideas why?
  5. kkkkk

    Commercial Insurance company demand proof of credentials

    Hi all There is a commercial complex that I am inspecting, testing and certificating, and doing any necessary remedial work. I have now got my client's insurance company demanding my credentials regarding being NICEIC registered (I am registered with one of the others), and that I have to prove...
  6. driverman

    test results form EICR

    Hi Guys, Taking 2395 exam shortly. Im just wondering on schedule of test results form what do I put down for size of cpc for MICC cable and for SWA cables if the armour is used solely for the cpc? I'm sure that somehow there must be procedure. Many Thanks Read more...
  7. S

    Voltage tester, am i thinking about this too much?

    Hi all, possibly a stupid question, but input from professionals would be appreciated. Im looking to buy my first voltage tester, (probably fluke) and have been looking at a few. I understand there are ones with a self test function, or without then you buy a proving unit with it. My thought...
  8. E

    ECA Telephone Audit

    Been told today that a person from the ECA is going to ring me up and ask me some general knowledge questions to prove i am worthy of being a QS! Has anybody else heard/done this? What on earth are they going to ask?
  9. telectrix

    paypal scam alert

    just to give all a heads up. a company calling themselves profitable play ltd. are hacking into paypal accounts and taking out sums between £30 and £50 for non-existant transactions. to be fair to paypal, after a dispute was raised, paypal have agreed to reverse the transactions.
  10. W

    NICEIC Certification Scheme qualifications to test under NICEIC

    Hope that someone can help me on this one. I currently work for a housing association as their qualified electician and the company is looking to take on another electrician and also join the NICEIC approved contractors. What is in dispute is the qualifications the new sparks needs. He will...
  11. E

    who uses non contact voltage indicators?

    recently it has come to light that some people frown upon these and don't trust them. I personally think they are handy and use one all the time. so i've made a poll to see what everybody else thinks:
  12. D

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa Renewal Tomorrow!!

    Got that Lovely assessment again tomorrow!! any body have any burning questions you would like me to ask the assessor while i distract him from my work..! :)
  13. M

    Safe isolation and part p assessment

    Hi all, got my part p assessment coming up in a few weeks (bricking it!) Please can anyone confirm if and what safe isolation devices I will need? I'm aware some say they must have unique keys but some for sale are code type locks and are not classed as being only accessible to the person who...
  14. G

    Anyone recommend a good voltage detector???

    Hi guys lost my second fluke voltage detector this week but wasnt that happy with it anyway it was the one with the torch (handy) which changed colours the nearer you get to live cables it was very unreliable but not unsafe as i dont use it for safe isolation mainly to identify equipment on...
  15. P

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Will niceic fail you for

    Will niceic fail you if your two examples to be assessed have been third party tested by a napit member?
  16. D

    ELECSA Certification Scheme elecsa safe isolation

    hi just wondering to i need locks prooving unit e.t.c to keep elecsa assesor happy for safe isolation what did others use thanks.
  17. zone77

    1st assessment help

    i have my 1st periodic assessment coming up and must show that my buisness has a written health and safety policy statement??. i have seen the one available to download on niceic website but i am a soletrader with no employees. is it still suitable for me? also i need prove that risk assessments...
  18. J

    who can do PIR

    I am not yet a member of NICEIC but have been asked to do a couple of PIRs can I do them?
  19. sythai

    1st NICEIC assment questions...?

    Not long now 2 weeks Thurs, got most stuff sorted out and ready. Just few odd questions keep springing up: 1/ Will I need to lock off supply whilst doing dead test, put up sign etc? 2/ Will I need to prove that the supply is dead with an approved test lamp as well as my megger mft1552? 3/...
  20. F

    Minor works

    Hi need some advice could not prove earth continuity was satisfactory? as the tt stake was buried! looked could not find anywhere owners have never seen it either. I know there was an earth as removed bonding wires and got a result on earth loop test of 45.7 ohms but if you cant...
  21. D

    First Assessment

    Morning Chaps Have my first assessment with Elecsa on Wednesday and am bricking it. Could one of you advise me on Isolation. It is 8 flats which I rewired, so my plan is to let him pick any flat. When I arrive, I will: ALL from Landlords cupboard. Turn of power to flat from service switch...
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