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  1. R

    Public Liability Insurance

    I’m looking at getting my Public Liability sorted, whilst I wait to get a Mates job. Can anyone recommend a company please?
  2. littlespark

    Public Service Announcement - Missing Tools

    Got this through on facebook this morning. Hope the link works. Editted. Removed link. Will keep trying
  3. C

    Refurb works In offices

    Just your thoughts on this one,doing a part refurb on existing offices,no initial verification or certs found anywhere. Premises rewired bout 1990,adding sockets here & there in each room. The DB is a Crabtree Tpn polestar,just finished some loop readings ,& not good,1.49 the highest,there is...
  4. W

    insurance public liability temp

    hello im a final year apprentice doing my portfolio.i do electrics for the council.I know a electrician who's doing alot of commercial work and my company has allowed me to go with him for the next few weeks as i asked for my portfolio.All i need is to be insured when i looked around its only...
  5. J

    Up to 2,000 unqualified electricians are endangering the Scottish public, SELECT tells Ministers

    Up to 2,000 unqualified electrical businesses are potentially putting the safety of the Scottish public at risk. As part of our campaign to regulate the profession of electrician, SELECT undertook an in-depth research exercise to establish that a total of 103 electricians were trading in the...
  6. Sparky_marky2

    Cable preference for corridors and public access areas

    Hi all Friday at last! Just like to get your thoughts and opinions on this, just been on site today for a new 16 x studio flats over 4 floors in the center there is a donut shaped stairwell and in the center of the donut is a lift access for each floor (check photo) According to the client (an...
  7. widdler

    18th Edition Public Draft - I've made some commentary vids

    For anyone yet to sit down with the 18th Edition Public Draft, I've put together some youtube vids highlighting the majority of the proposed changes which you may find helpful. Wiring Regulations - YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLg1OV4f2xHzViuHZNUkisjMcdHEUG2w6x
  8. C

    Public liability insurance stories

    Hello chaps I am renewing my insurance and would like to know of any stories which ended well with regards to any claims... if so can tell me your insurer. touch wood none so far on my front but there will be a day, i am skeptical as £60 notes for 2 million i find very hard to believe if things...
  9. EMMEC

    EMM Electrical Contractors LTD

    We carry out all electrical work from electrical inspections, testing and reports, to complete system design and installation, intruder alarm systems and emergency lighting systems. We are experts at working in varied environments including schools, Sports/ Leisure Centres, Public houses, retail...
  10. Dan

    The top knot - to ban or not to ban

    Following on from the burka thread where many expressed their annoyance with people wearing a burka in public, I thought I'd express my annoyance of wear the [email protected] aka top knot or man bun, anywhere let alone in public. Whilst they themselves might not pose a risk in public places, other...
  11. B

    PL & PI Insurance Northern Ireland

    Hi guys, does anyone know a good insurer who covers Northern Ireland for £2 million public liability and £50,000 professional indemnity? I've always had public liability at £2 million but have started doing quite a few EICR's this year so thinking i need professional indemnity as well. Do you...
  12. whinmoor

    Public Consultation on new PV guidelines

    So, there's now another 138 page draft document out for public consultation with responses due in by 7th November. You can read the article on SPP website, click through to the IET website, add your details and access the pdf. I haven't read the whole document yet but it seems very...
  13. K

    Over voltage mcb eaton pop270

    Hi guys, i just bought a over voltage mcb model eaton pop270 together with a 2pole main switch and would like to verify how to connect it? basically the over voltage mcb connects mechanically to the main switch and trips when the incomer exceeds 230v obviously there is some tolerance. thanks
  14. S

    Mains hook up problem. Is this possible?

    I would like to be able to plug a mobile catering trailer up to a mains source. The trailer is behind a hire shop and the manager has agreed to come to an arrangement that will allow us to hook our trailer up to his mains if I can find out how to do it legally taking into consideration all the...
  15. uksparks

    This tickled my feathers

    Hi, I saw this today in the public toilet at Desford Birdland, really nice place by the way, but couldn't resist taking a photo of this in the toilet. Really good place, loads of birds, the lot, excellent for everyone of all ages. TROPICAL BIRDLAND the extension lead went under the door and...
  16. F

    Domestic 3rd assessment tomorrow, a fourth next year?

    So I'm wondering if I should put this in the pub to keep it between us or should I put it in the public forum to let everyone see. I'll put it in here....... In the three years I have been going I have a few observations..... 1. In that three years, I have seen no news reports of non...
  17. R


    Thinking of going out on my own! I know public liability is important but what about indemnity insurance ?
  18. S

    tool insurance for aprentice?

    is there any available? or can i get say public liability insurance to get it?
  19. N

    EICR's and minimum qualifications

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice. I had a phone call today from a company asking me whether I'd be interested in performing some EICR's for them which they supply to the public. I am aware that someone considered a 'competent' person can perform these but what is the minimum qualification that...
  20. R

    cheapest and best company to go with for public liabialty insurance

    hi just starting off on my own and i need to get public liabilaty insurance just want some advise in whats the best and cheapest company to go with many thanks
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