1. mattg4321

    Sockets in a public place inside locked steel cabinet

    Been asked to supply 13a sockets to 2 positions round a sports facility. The expected load is small, but the length of cable run is fairly long. I’ll probably be using 10mm2 2core with the swa as cpc. They have had problems with kids etc gaining access after hours and fiddling with things etc...
  2. John Matrix

    Public liability insurance? Do I need it?

    Hello lads. I’m just wondering if I need Public liability insurance if I’m subbing to companies or working for agencies? I’m getting some stupid quotes. Don’t really know what I need to include. thanks
  3. K

    Public liability insurance for mates?

    Hi all, I'm a newly qualified sparky and I'm starting to look for work through agencies. I have been asked for public liability insurance and I haven't been made aware of the need for me for having one. Do you need this kind of insurance if you are looking for Electrical Improver/Mate work and...
  4. R

    Public Liability Insurance

    I’m looking at getting my Public Liability sorted, whilst I wait to get a Mates job. Can anyone recommend a company please?
  5. littlespark

    Public Service Announcement - Missing Tools

    Got this through on facebook this morning. Hope the link works. Editted. Removed link. Will keep trying
  6. C

    Refurb works In offices

    Just your thoughts on this one,doing a part refurb on existing offices,no initial verification or certs found anywhere. Premises rewired bout 1990,adding sockets here & there in each room. The DB is a Crabtree Tpn polestar,just finished some loop readings ,& not good,1.49 the highest,there is...
  7. W

    insurance public liability temp

    hello im a final year apprentice doing my portfolio.i do electrics for the council.I know a electrician who's doing alot of commercial work and my company has allowed me to go with him for the next few weeks as i asked for my portfolio.All i need is to be insured when i looked around its only...
  8. JK-Electrical

    Up to 2,000 unqualified electricians are endangering the Scottish public, SELECT tells Ministers

    Up to 2,000 unqualified electrical businesses are potentially putting the safety of the Scottish public at risk. As part of our campaign to regulate the profession of electrician, SELECT undertook an in-depth research exercise to establish that a total of 103 electricians were trading in the...
  9. Sparky_marky2

    Cable preference for corridors and public access areas

    Hi all Friday at last! Just like to get your thoughts and opinions on this, just been on site today for a new 16 x studio flats over 4 floors in the center there is a donut shaped stairwell and in the center of the donut is a lift access for each floor (check photo) According to the client (an...
  10. widdler

    18th Edition Public Draft - I've made some commentary vids

    For anyone yet to sit down with the 18th Edition Public Draft, I've put together some youtube vids highlighting the majority of the proposed changes which you may find helpful. Wiring Regulations - YouTube -
  11. C

    Public liability insurance stories

    Hello chaps I am renewing my insurance and would like to know of any stories which ended well with regards to any claims... if so can tell me your insurer. touch wood none so far on my front but there will be a day, i am skeptical as £60 notes for 2 million i find very hard to believe if things...
  12. EMMEC

    EMM Electrical Contractors LTD

    We carry out all electrical work from electrical inspections, testing and reports, to complete system design and installation, intruder alarm systems and emergency lighting systems. We are experts at working in varied environments including schools, Sports/ Leisure Centres, Public houses, retail...
  13. Dan

    The top knot - to ban or not to ban

    Following on from the burka thread where many expressed their annoyance with people wearing a burka in public, I thought I'd express my annoyance of wear the [email protected] aka top knot or man bun, anywhere let alone in public. Whilst they themselves might not pose a risk in public places, other...
  14. whinmoor

    Public Consultation on new PV guidelines

    So, there's now another 138 page draft document out for public consultation with responses due in by 7th November. You can read the article on SPP website, click through to the IET website, add your details and access the pdf. I haven't read the whole document yet but it seems very...
  15. K

    Over voltage mcb eaton pop270

    Hi guys, i just bought a over voltage mcb model eaton pop270 together with a 2pole main switch and would like to verify how to connect it? basically the over voltage mcb connects mechanically to the main switch and trips when the incomer exceeds 230v obviously there is some tolerance. thanks
  16. S

    Mains hook up problem. Is this possible?

    I would like to be able to plug a mobile catering trailer up to a mains source. The trailer is behind a hire shop and the manager has agreed to come to an arrangement that will allow us to hook our trailer up to his mains if I can find out how to do it legally taking into consideration all the...
  17. uksparks

    This tickled my feathers

    Hi, I saw this today in the public toilet at Desford Birdland, really nice place by the way, but couldn't resist taking a photo of this in the toilet. Really good place, loads of birds, the lot, excellent for everyone of all ages. TROPICAL BIRDLAND the extension lead went under the door and...
  18. F

    Domestic 3rd assessment tomorrow, a fourth next year?

    So I'm wondering if I should put this in the pub to keep it between us or should I put it in the public forum to let everyone see. I'll put it in here....... In the three years I have been going I have a few observations..... 1. In that three years, I have seen no news reports of non...
  19. R


    Thinking of going out on my own! I know public liability is important but what about indemnity insurance ?
  20. N

    EICR's and minimum qualifications

    Hi, I'm looking for some advice. I had a phone call today from a company asking me whether I'd be interested in performing some EICR's for them which they supply to the public. I am aware that someone considered a 'competent' person can perform these but what is the minimum qualification that...
  21. S

    Public Liability Insurance

    Hi quite new to forum just wondered if anyone out there knows where i can get decent public liability insurance ( £2 mill + ) at a comprehensive price, many thanks
  22. E

    On low carbon generation and energy subsidies.(hacked off)

    I'm hacked off that the mainstream press lumps nuclear in with renewables. I'm hacked off that we keep hearing about 'renewable energy subsidies' when other generation subsidies get no mention. I'm hacked off that any stronger language than hacked off will get me censored or banned from the...
  23. C

    Does it need RCD protection?

    Hi all! Just looked at my first commercial job today. Only a few sockets to exchange, and a few light fittings. The installation hasn't been used for about ten years. Re-wireable fusebox,All metalclad boxes and fronts. The premises is going to be a motor garage with public access.i was wondering...
  24. P

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Elecsa public liability dilio!

    Hi everyone I was thinking of joining either elecsa or napit .... £372 and £472 first annual fee then roughly the same every year afterwards.but what is strange is the public liability thing with napit it roughly cost £175 per year where as with elecsa they say that all you have to do is sign...
  25. D

    Licensed companies that forward you tenders and small jobs for public sector and LA's

    Got a call this afternoon from one of these. They seem above board - licensed by the EU and part of the government initiative to give small businesses a chance at LA work etc instead of the big boys getting it and then subbing it out with a price hike. Sounds good so far I suppose. They want...
  26. S

    let's ask our local coucils to use PV for their buildings

    As most of us are struggling for work whilst we all know PV makes perfect financial sense...let's ask our local council to install PV systems on their local building! This obviously means saving public money in teh longer term, whilst it can revive local renewable energy companies! What do you...
  27. Z

    Whats you Most Money for Smallest Job?

    As title says... Whats most youve been payed for the smallest job you've done?
  28. J


    Hi peeps, need some help please. Hopefully starting with a company and need to get some sort of insurance for being self employed What insurance do i need and who would you recommend? Cheers Jen :)
  29. D

    Do I need my own insurance for 'foreigners'?

    I'm currently employed doing electrical maintenance. Some work is coming up that will be notifiable to the LABC. The boss wants me to enrol in one of the schemes and he's happy for me to do my own work at weekends etc. Will I need my own PL insurance for this, as I'm sure the companies policy...
  30. S

    Can i carry out a periodic inspection without 2391

    The title of this thread pretty much says it all. i was asked to carry out a periodic inspection of a commercial building. i have got my 2330 levels 2 & 3, as well as 17th edition, and am also part P registered. however im not sure weather these qualifications cover it, or you would have to have...
  31. C

    do you need to be with a governing body to do a pir?

    hi there im a part p approved 17th edtion electrician with my 2391 do you need to be with a governering body such as nic or eca to carry out a periodic report on a commercial property? iv been asked to do one for a local pub. but dont want to have to to fork out to become registered. as i dont...
  32. A

    Telephone Call System for Waiting Room

    Not sure which forum category to put this in ...... What do you call a telephone system where a number (in this case, ten) of phones all connect straight to one unit (amplifier+speaker) to make an announcement, you've guessed it an a doctor's waiting room? How would you google that? I've tried...
  33. P

    Help with building notices/reporting procedures

    Hello all, I've been asked by a neighbour friend to change a consumer unit and was going to do it on a building notice. Question is do I need insurance cover or are the LABC liable because I'll go down the proper route and declare the job and provide PIR EIC etc? Got 2391, 2330 all you need to...
  34. stef

    Cheap PI insurance

    Hi chaps, I'm looking for a cheap PI insurance so that I can do PIRs. All the quotes (for 2m cover) I get are about £400 a year:eek: The quotes for liability insurance (2m) range from £60.- to £100.- Sometimes even with the same company. All the details are the same, why is there so much...
  35. stef

    Quote for PI insurance

    Hi guys, may I ask how much p.a. your paying for PI insurance? I have a quote for £440 which is a bit steep. :eek:
  36. K

    What Insurance???

    Hi, I am starting up my own business and wanted to consult the oracle about what insurance I need. I know I need public liability but what else? What can I do to cover my income in case of sickness/ accident etc? Cheers for any info. K.:confused:
  37. D

    Professional indemnity insurance (NOT Public liability)

    Just wondering where you guys get your PI (Professional Indemnity) insurance from (NOT Public liability). I’ve had the same policy with AXA for years that covered both PI & PL this year they sent through a renewal for just Public Liability. When I rang and queried why I hadn’t received a renewal...
  38. S

    Recommended Inspection Periods.

    Evening guys. On holiday at the moment but need a question answering from guidance notes. Whats the recommended time between PIRs for sports venues eg Stadiums etc?? If I remember correct its 5 years for public entertainment venues etc. 1 year routine check.
  39. sparks1234

    NIC Pre assessment

    Well, that was a very scary afternoon with the NIC man for a pre assesment for inclusion as an approved contrac I dont know whether it was the right decision to apply to the NIC but needs must, hopefully it was first night nerves
  40. A

    olci training

    Hello has anyone did any courses lately at any of the olci training facilities and are they any good seen lots of post about them on the forum but dont know how old they are cheers
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