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  1. K

    Citroen C5 2003 , Extra lights pulling current from trailerplug with ignition and lights off

    Hi, I have encountered a weird problem on my Citroen C5 2003. I have installed two reversing lights on my car which is connected to the Rear foglights on the trailer contact. I have recently been experiencing that when the car is left for 3-4 days without driving it that the battery is too low...
  2. G

    UK Pulling 100A fuse

    I need to pull the 100A fuse to change the consumer unit for my Part P assessment. The DNO is UKPowerNetworks and the electricity supplier is SSE. Both companies tell me that it is the others responsibility to pull the fuse. I am going around in circles. Any hep would be appreciated.
  3. Electrical2go

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  4. Gavin John Hyde

    Pulling cables

    On a job today and couldnt lift the lovely sanded and varnished floorboards to get my cables in, pulled some in then was struggling to get rods between some brick supports and around corners. Customers 10 year old kid has a remote control car with camera, said his camera will show me whats down...
  5. S

    How to get some type of battery to last long pulling 1500 watts

    I'm trying to run multiple lights that take up 1500 watts each. I know I can get a ups and a battery with that can run 1500 watt for 42 minutes and take 10 hours to charge. Any other ideas?
  6. I

    Pulling main cut out fuse

    I am aware this topic has been raised before, however, I was at a job this week where a new consumer unit is to be fitted. I have asked the owner to contact the supplier to arrange for an isolator to be added between the old board and the meter. On doing so, The supplier has stated the rules...
  7. buzzlightyear

    Now i am pulling my hair out

    Just put a new cu in started testing .so here it goes start doing rfc line 0.33 nn 0.32 cpc 0.55 Ins all good now this a split load Dis the cpc what i was working on and now showing earths in and are out so theor is no parallall paths has far that i can see the main earth is out but showing...
  8. M

    Pulling the dno fuse

    Hi all The other day a friend of mine who owns a restaurant lost power so I went to take a look for him as I was only around the corner. Upon arriving I found that the tails straight off the meter into the switch fuse had burnt out and one of them was hanging out the box (it was quite a mess...
  9. M

    Tricks for pulling wires

    Hello guys! I am a bit stuck with pulling wires through the wall. I am pulling new electrical cable to next room, cable are running behind ceiling plaster board, issue i am getting is that when i pull wire in the same route with other electrical wire, cable pulling rods hitting brick wall.What i...
  10. rolyberkin

    DNO response to request for isolator

    My customer calls the DNO today to ask for an isolator (he wants want to do things properly and is worried about a fuse pull as he has a smart meter!?) he gets passed from pillar to post, in the end gets through to a department who state that they will not fit an isolator but will come and pull...
  11. O

    Paralleling conductors

    Just bouncing something off people here.. Got a job on, customer currently has a single phase 230v 16Amp commando socket he wants changed for a 32A ( Seemingly has a few machines in mind with a larger than 16A draw but below the full 32 that he's considering buying in...hasn't decided which yet...
  12. uksparks

    Pulling contactor on with a remote control light switch

    Hi, Can you see any potential problems pulling a contractor on with a remote control light switch? basically got a summerhouse that the customer wants to easily be able to isolate in a fancy way such as this and I said I do t see why not. its a load of say up to 32A through a contractor etc...
  13. Davehaywire

    Asbestos behind 3036 fuses solution needed?

    What coding would you be giving for old DBS with asbestos behind fuses? As its not affecting electrical safety? is there something you can put in place of the asbestos when removed, as its to hold in arcing or flashing when the fuse wire blows right? if you remove the asbestos does this then...
  14. R

    henley blocks and rcd's

    not working in the domestic sector i need help with 2 questions. firstly is it still allowed to cut into the tails between the meter and board and place a henley block in line so that i can feed a summer house as getting from the house is not an option due to doing to much damage to finished...
  15. J

    working on site / pulling cables

    Im doing level 2 electrical engineering NVQ at college and trying to get experience on site to get me through level 3 and to help for the future. Just had a call, might be going on site this Monday to pull SWA cables on an industrial site. What's it like? What should I expect? What colour...
  16. S

    removal of main cutout fuse

    Who is to be informed for the removal of a cutout fuse for say a consumer unit change??
  17. N

    Any tips on pulling single core cable into conduit

    We have today been pulling some single core cable into conduit and ran into a number of snags. Mainly the ball of knitting wool left after the majority of the cable had been pulled. We overcame this by adjusting the length of all cables to be the same when there was still only about three of...
  18. P

    pulling the fuse

    requested by the apprentices favourite teacher "amber leaf" Amber has asked if we can have a discussion and a poll for the results regarding the pulling of the fuse to which i think we all know where we stand regarding the DNO etc and not being allowed to. i will include a poll at the top...
  19. Amp David

    Marking on former of conduit bender

    Why is there a mark stamped into the former on some conduit benders. Is it to line up the mid point of a crank set so the length of the conduit doesn't become to short when the set is pulled. Seen a video on doing crank sets, and the guy marks 50mm from the edge of the former and make a mark...
  20. M

    Main fuse / CCU

    I know many electricians install CCU's and or Isolation switch without pulling the main Cut Out Fuse. I was wondering how this is done if needed. And also wondering your thoughts on this matter. Thanks all.
  21. E

    double pole switch

    Was wondering what the proceedure was for changing a consumer unit. I was under the impression I could request EDF to install a double pole switch so I'm not messing about waiting for someone to come and pull the main fuse (or to break the seal and do that myself). I called EDF and they said...
  22. P

    Shower tripping

    Hello I have just installed a new fuse board and when the shower runs the MCB trips within 20-30 seconds the ins rest is 1000+Mohms the ze is 0.54 ohms the shower is 9.5kw I know I nees a 40amp breaker but what I cant understand is why it was ok on a 30amp wired fuse before and it shouldnt...
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