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  1. DaveW4

    Trainee Putting a DB in a hotel extension

    I am currently attempting an assignment which involves installing an EV charging unit in the car park of a hotel extension, the extension will have its own DB. Although not part of the assignment, I was interested in whether the new DB has its own feed or will come from the main DB in the hotel...
  2. B

    Putting a Light Switch into a Junction Box

    So, I'm trying to replace a mess of a junction box and add my new outside light to it, using a 4 way junction box. It originally had two flourescent strips lights, a Light Switch and the outdoor light on it. I can add all the lights to it and they work fine, but when I then add the light switch...
  3. N

    Wiring Clarification

    In Germany, but question is for home in UK :) So, been out of this for some time, I am putting in the wiring (approx 12 meters) for a 7Kw (28Amp not allowing for diversity) induction Hob. Every thing seems to indicate 6mm cable, however from the IEE Current ratings table 4E2A, for clipping...
  4. L

    I'm putting up for sale

    Hello guys, Its been years since I've posted on this forum. If you track back to the first posts, you'll notice that Me & Dan were the two people who originally set this forum up in 2007. Anyways, around the same time, I bought and after 10+ years of owning it and moving to...
  5. M

    Advise about going out on my own?

    Hi people, I was after some advise about going out on my own. I have been subbing for people since I qualified but resently I have decided to start putting my self out there for private jobs. I am now getting asked to do some notifable work eg fuseboard changes and was just wondering the...
  6. J

    thermostat options

    Hi Have never lived in a house that had heating thermostats installed and am putting them in a new build house. I have stayed in a mates house where there is a stat in the bed room and the clicking on/off was a bit annoying. Are they all much of a muchness or are there solid state versions or...
  7. L

    cooker switch

    hi i am putting a new oven in 3kw i am running it on a radial on 2.5 on a 20 amp mcb just to check can the cooker switch be an 13 amp fuse connection unit with neon light
  8. K

    gas and water testing

    hi guys hope yous can help, doing periodics for a council, i cant get access to the main water and gas bonds in the house, laminated flooring, boxing ins etc, what do i put on the certificates? its niceic forms, was thinking putting in limitations at the tic boxes and putting reasons in at the...
  9. B

    Main Isolator For Installation

    Hi there, your thoughts on an EICR if been asked to carry out. From the picture attached its a bit of a mess, but to explain its a 3 phase supply which looks like used to be a shared premies but now a sports club and a doctors surgery that im in. What the installation im looking at is on a...
  10. K

    Domestic visual condition report

    Morning lads searched the web for these kind of certificates but could only find nic di ones, iam with elecsa and they dont do them so was wondering if any of you lads and lasses have got a made up copy which you could email across or a design that i could follow to produce my own i would be...
  11. E

    How much would you charge for first fix socket points. No materials

    Basically theres a basement and hall. 25m by 10m. and first floor is quarter size of hall. some rooms on each floor. Big area, high ceilings. All im quoting for is putting in wires and twin/single boxes and sheething/clipping them to the fuseboard. Its all new block walls so no chasing. Just...
  12. S

    tt testing results

    hi i'm not sighning it off, just doin some tests before a proper sparky sighns it off. will be doing my 2392 in a couple of weeks. the ze is 284 so i suggested putting another earth rod in, will this help. the PEFC is < 1 A, dont understand this the PSCC is 0.66 the rcd test on sockets. half...
  13. Dean Williams

    RCBO Question...

    Hi when i try to test an RBCO at the DB it trips as soon as the test probes touch the terminals, this only seems to happen with Bill/MEM RCBOs, it doesnt happen with Merlin or Square D. I'm using a standard Robin RCD tester. Any idea why???
  14. P

    MK grid switches for kitchens

    Guys, has anybody installed the mk grid switches in a kitchen i.e the switches that say , freezer,fridge, washing machine, tumble dryer etc. Are these any good do they save putting in loads of switched fused spurs for each appliance. Do you just run this off of a ring and then one cable from...
  15. kevyn

    Garage Office heating solutions

    Hi all, Got a job this morning doing an office within a garage/store. Main problem is keeping the damp out as the guy is putting his computer in there. He has partitioned off part off the garage and insulated it with kingspan. I was thinking along the lines of a tubular heater running of a...
  16. T

    Access To TT systems Earth Rod for PIR?

    Hello fellows, Just wanted to get your thoughts on this... I'm working on a property with a TT supply in the hills, I have tested the Ze at 13.5 Ohms, very healthy Earth Rod I thought. Only problem is that its been concreted over through the years so all that now exists is the earth cable...
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