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  1. B

    What qualifications do i need to become fully qualified

    I’ve just completed my level 2 2365 electrical installation course and I'm going start the level 3 2365 course later on this year but I'm not sure what other qualifications i will need to become a fully qualified electrician.
  2. J


    Hi, I have recently (Today) been told im being made redundant and have a weeks notice! As I have never really thought about it as did my apprenticeship with this company but what my qualifications actually allow me to do. I have the following - city and guilds 2330 electro technical certificate...
  3. L

    Which qualifications

    Can someone please help. Which city and guild qualifications do I need to work as domestic installer. As in do electrical work at customers house and sign work off. I have part p plus 18th edition bs7671 Would I just need to do the 2392-10 testing and inspection as well? Thanks
  4. D

    Minimum set of qualifications to trade/work in homes?

    I get different answers to this every time. Some say you *have* to be a member of an approved trader body (NICEIC etc), some say you only have to have the regulations (now 18th) and even a diploma is not absolutely necessary. What is *absolutely* necessary? If you job in homes, which body...
  5. M

    Trade Skills 4 U qualifications?

    Hi all, I am looking at the 2 courses below and wondering what it actually means in terms of getting a job. City & Guilds 2365 Course Level 2 & 3 Diploma - https://www.tradeskills4u.co.uk/courses/2365-course Bronze: Domestic Installer Course -...
  6. oracle

    Qualifications, then and now

    There have been some posts on this forum about members being critical about the current status of "electricians" with everything from 5 day courses to 4 years training. Most of the controversy is valid because the trade seems to have failed to demand that the standard of training meets industry...
  7. C

    What Qualifications Do I need to Become a CCTV Installer / Engineer?

    Hi there, as the title suggests I would like to complete a course in cctv installation with the long-term goal of becoming a sole trader and working for myself. I am aware that there could potentially be other aspects such as alarm and fire systems but at the moment I would appreciate any help...
  8. T

    Help with Scottish Qualifications

    Hello, so I have recently decided that I wish to partake upon the task of becoming a qualified electrician (I know it's a pretty lengthy process). However, I am 26 years old and have been told that attaining an apprenticeship in the central belt of Scotland will be hard due to my age. I am...
  9. V=IR

    Advice on Domestic Qualifications to practice

    Hi there, I have completed c&g 2365 Level 2 and currently doing 2365 Level 3 at college. I would like to stick with Domestic electrician and upgrade to commercial later on down the line. After I finish level 3 what would be the next steps I'd need to take to become a qualified domestic...
  10. FoxyT

    Advice Please (qualifications)

    Hi Guys, I’m new to the forum and just wanted to ask some advice about what qualifications you actually have to have to be able to do small non notifable works legally and if I can sign Minor works certificates at my level. I currently hold C&G 2365 Level 2 and 3, 17th editon regs and PAT...
  11. S

    Are these qualifications enough to get a job?

    Good evening, New to this forum was looking for some advice of some electricians, I am currently in training to be a electrician, I have mymy level 3 award In requirements for electrical installations bs7671:2018 603/3298/0 also level 3 award In the building regulations for electrical...
  12. C

    Moving to UK - Qualified - I think - but need assistance

    Hi guys, I need to help please, I studied in the UK approx 7 years ago. Right after writing my C&G 2391 Level 3 I moved back home to South Africa. A short while after I received the results and passed. I have been working in South Africa since. I have been doing domestic, industrial and mining...
  13. The_apprentice2.0

    Are my qualifications relevant??

    Hi, Served as an industrial maintenance spark and really want to get into domestic sparking full time, I've put the feelers out to a few electricians for some experience and would like to put myself through the relevant quals or see if any of my existing quals can be transferred (night school...
  14. S

    What Qualifications do I need to issues the 3 main electrical certificates

    Hello everyone this is my first post on this site and is one I have been wondering for a while (sorry if this have been posted before) Do I need the inspection and testing qualification to carry out and then fill in and complete the 3 main tests / Certs : Minor works, electrical installation...
  15. C

    What course should I do next?

    Good afternoon, I am just looking into doing my testing qualifications but not sure what one to do, should I do C&G 2391-52, would that then allow me to test and sign off my own work? I have been recommended doing the EAL version of this test because it is ‘easier’ is that true?
  16. L

    Qualifications needed to register with Napit as EICR electrician

    Hi, I need some advice which course I should sign up for? I want to sign up with Napit as EICR qualified electrician. I want to eventually be able to sign my own work off, complete condition reports, minor work cert. - all domestic side work. Current qualifications 2330 level 2+3 and 17...
  17. W

    CCTV installation qualifications and license

    Hi, Just a quick and maybe stupid question...but I'm a fully qualified electrician including 2391 etc but don't do much domestically and looking at doing CCTV domestically is there another qual or license needed for this? Or is it 'competence' and part p and wiring regs cover it? Cheers
  18. M70

    EV Home Charger Installer / Smart Meter Installer Required Qualifications?

    I have previously worked as a field service and installation engineer (AV DATA CAT5 areas) for over 12 years, although i am currently working in IT but i am interested in a career change as a EV home charger installer, or smart meter installer. What are the required qualifications to become one...
  19. F

    Looking to get right qualifications

    Hi guys, I’m really looking for some advice from some people in the industry, I find that the training centres ‘advice’ very much centres around their courses. Domestic installer seems like short route in, too short in my eyes, c and g 2365 seems the better way but longer. To set the scene I...
  20. B


    Hi - I am trying to get my first ECS card. It has recognised 2 of my qualifications but I can find the other 2 - EAL Level 2 Fundamental Inspection, testing and initial verification 603/0144/2 and EAL Level 3 in Building regs for electrical installations in dwellings 603/0149/1. Any advice as...