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  1. E

    UK Going rate for 2330 level 2 and 3 qualified

    Hi there, I qualified with city and guilds level 2 and 3 6 years ago. The job (AV industry) I thought i was going to lose at that time didnt actually happen. I still have it- at the moment. I continued to do domestic work with sparkies i know every so often throughout the years since qualifying...
  2. A

    Electrician Recently moved to Sheffield area and looking for work

    I have recently moved from London to Sheffield and am looking for work. I have 10 years experience across domestic and commercial sites and have attained all level 3 qualifications including the 18th edition and inspection and testing (2391).
  3. D

    Australia I am a qualified electrician working in Scotland. 27 years old, how easy is it to come to Australia and start working as an electrician?

    Hi there my name is david. I am a qualified electrician working in scotland. Up to date and got my 18th edition regulations qualification also. I work in domestic. Done house bashing 1st fix and 2nd fix for years and now mainly do contracts new kitchens. bathrooms and maintenance. How easy is it...
  4. A

    UK Qualified electrician to certify my work remotely?

    I currently have a free standing cooker hard wired into a single appliance outlet plate with a cut off switch nearby and a dedicated rcd in my CU (32amp rcd). I want to buy a built in hob and oven and then connect them to a dual appliance outlet plate using 10mm wiring. I’d look for a hob and...
  5. B

    SJIB (Scottish) Certification Scheme Qualified Marine Electrician, What are my options?

    Hello, I'm a qualified marine electrician, served my apprenticeship through the shipyards. I achieved an HNC in Electrical Engineering with a Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship in Marine Engineering (Electrical/Electronic Installation and Testing), also got my 18th Edition. I'm looking to leave the...
  6. B

    UK Seeking some advice from qualified electricians or someone in the know

    My partners ex husband installed a trunking strip in the office of the house. There are x4 double sockets x1 single socket and multiple data connections. This is all ran off 1 outlet from and existing double socket. The plug is rated at 10A. Just curious what legal requirements are for this. She...
  7. W

    Electrician Electrician required in and around Manchester.

    Electrician required in and around Manchester. Must have own van tools fully qualified with testing and ecs card. Self employed. Msg for more details
  8. Pete999

    Qualified Electrical Engineer

    What are the minimal Qualifications to become a qualified Electrical Engineer????
  9. C

    What electrical work can a non qualified person be asked to do in a school?

    My husband is a caretaker at a primary school. He does all jobs they ask him to do (sometimes without the training he is supposed to have first as for instance, he argued the gutter needed unblocking and walking up a ladder is common sense) as he likes to please. They have recently asked him...
  10. P

    Qualified to fix?

    I qualified as a "PAT Tester" (C&G 2377) almost 10 years ago and for the first time last week I was asked if I was qualified to FIX any of the faults I found? It never crossed my mind that I wasn't, if I am qualified to find a fault does it follow I am qualified to correct it? I must have...
  11. J

    Electrician Qualified Electricians wanted in London

    We are looking for Qualified Electricians to work within our Business. We cover both domestic & commercial properties in & around the London area, and have work available for immediate start. If you are interested please message us for contact details to send your CV to.
  12. G

    Newly qualified wage

    Hi guys, recently passed my AM2 exam and was wondering what sort of hourly rate I should be aiming for. bit of background; did majority of my apprenticeship doing domestic work with weeks here and there doing commercial work. Joined a new company a month before qualifying which only work in...
  13. G

    Newly qualified electrician wage

    Hi guys, recently passed my AM2 exam and was wondering what sort of hourly rate I should be aiming for. bit of background; did majority of my apprenticeship doing domestic work with weeks here and there doing commercial work. Joined a new company a month before qualifying which only work in...
  14. J

    Going rate for newly qualified Electrician?

    Hi all, I'm currently trying to move companies and one has gotten back to me and asked what sort of hourly rate I want, the problem is, is that I don't know what would be a fair price to say as I'm not sure on the going rates. I've been qualified for a couple if months, a van will be supplied...
  15. K

    Regarding becoming qualified

    Hi guys. I have about 10 years of experience within the electrical industry, mainly domestic properties from small houses, to big houses with advanced electrics. Currently working in Canary wharf in a large resedential block of flats. I actually don't have any electrical qualifications. I...
  16. Gary Tollison

    Newly qualified sparky looking for work.

    Hello :) As the title says, I’m in the market for work. I have level 3 diploma in electrical installations BS7671 17th edition 2391 - certificates pending AM2 will be done soon. Is anyone willing, or know anyone willing to take a chance on a kiwi with little practical experience? I’m willing to...
  17. B

    What qualifications do i need to become fully qualified

    I’ve just completed my level 2 2365 electrical installation course and I'm going start the level 3 2365 course later on this year but I'm not sure what other qualifications i will need to become a fully qualified electrician.
  18. P

    Becoming Qualified Auto electrician?

    Hi all. I already got my NVQ 3 as an installation electrician, but I've been thinking about getting qualified as an Auto electrician as well. Does anyone have any information in that regard? I see that City and Guilds offers courses, but I want to avoid them if possible (I've got mixed feelings...
  19. T

    What's the best way to become a fully qualified electrician earning a good wage?

    As the title says, what's the best way of doing this? I got a good set of GCSES (2A*s, 10As and 2Bs) however I do not think that I will be able to go to uni. Instead learning a trade is a more likely option. I have decided to go to being an electrician and will probably apply for something...
  20. N

    Norman Electrical Testing

    Norman Electrical Testing. 19 years in the electrical contracting industry, mainly industrial but also commercial and domestic installations. Based at Ickleton, Saffron Walden, Essex. Hobbies include Dog Walks, Carpet Bowls and Boxing. Looking to join forum discussions relating to electrical...
  21. S

    Trainee Getting Qualified but not working in the industry

    Strange question but I am 25 and working in a completely unrelated industry and I was wondering how I could become qualified as a domestic installation electrician not to work as an electrician but rather to be able to do my own domestic work on my own property safely and to comply with...
  22. J

    12v In A Caravan - Qualified Person?

    Hi, Can any of you advise me, I've been told that to do work on the 12v circuits in a caravan a person must be qualified, if youre not, youre breaking the law. I am an electrican by trade (not currently working as a sparky), but I'm not well up on the regs. I find it very hard to believe that...
  23. Diver233

    Should multi trades be qualified in each one.

    I assume this guy did a three year apprenticeship for each trade. But I guess he doesn’t specify what electrics he does.
  24. A

    Newly qualified electrical engineer help

    Hi, I'm new in London and I'm looking for jobs but not being successful. I'm wandering if there is something that I'm not aware about.. I have and electrical engineer bachelor's degree, I studied in an international university in Malaysia. . What would you recommend me to do? Thanks in advance
  25. Cableguy337

    Electrician Newly Qualified level 3 spark looking for experience.

    Hi I am coming to the end of my level 3 city & guilds qualification and am seeking to gain some hands on experience within the field as soon as possible. I am 29 years of age and am very serious this is the path I want to take. Not some wishy washy teenager. I have a basic knowledge of...
  26. T

    Hi, Qualified on old electrical installation regs

    I qualified in 2009 on the old Electrical installation Regs but was unable to find an apprenticeship so diversified and became a lightning conduction engineer for a few years. I am now working on site assisting electricians and want to get my gold card but am unsure if my certs will be...
  27. pe2dave

    Just checking... Qualified or not?

    Having some kitchen work done. Fitter is sub contracting electrical work. Last year, new MCB resulted in whole house check and appropriate paperwork. I want to keep it that way? What might I ask the electrician (that can be verified) in terms of qualifications, and what paperwork /...
  28. S

    Domestic Am I qualified for fused spur

    Hi all, I’ve got a friend who’s a fully qualified electrician, and today we got into a discussion, I install intruder alarms, I have completed my level 2 electrical science and installation, and 6 months ago completed the more relevant course of “mains compliance” qualification, mainly so I...
  29. A

    How qualified am I, your thoughts please.

    Evening all, I hope your all full of Christmas cheer! I have a long standing query. I've spent a lot of time within the Security industry and I'm considering jacking it in and going back to a spark. My question is how qualified do you guys think I am to just go ahead and apply for a few...
  30. S

    How to become fully qualified?!

    Hi Guys, So I completed my level 2 and 3 C & G course at college in May. I’ve worked as a mate a bit since, but I need more experience and consistent work to go on to complete my NVQ and whatnot. My question is, as I’m not going the apprentice route, what’s the best way to gain that...
  31. Shammie

    Newbie - Qualified Maintenance Electrician looking for advice on career options

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I am a Maintenance Electrician on a gas plant and have been doing my current job for 7 years, I have just finished a HNC in Electrical Engineering this year and I am looking for a bit of a change. I didn't do the HNC for the purpose of moving on or changing career...
  32. D

    110v power qualified to setup

    hello, I am new here. Please can anyone advise me, can anybody rig up 110v power from a generator supply to a portacabin or should the person be trained, 17th edition or NIC registration or similar. I am leaning towards a quLifed tradesman. Thanks in advance.
  33. J

    Newly qualified electrician

    Hello, I recently passed my AM2 assessment, I was just wondering if anyone knows how soon my wages should go up from £5.60 a hour too a propper wage? Thankyou
  34. Gary Tollison

    newly qualified sparky :)

    Hello. I'm near the end of level 3 Domestic Electrical Installer. All modules done, only 3 practical weeks to go, yay! BS7671 17th under my belt, 2392 inspection, testing and verification, along with other certificates. I'm 44*cough* years old, born and bred in New Zealand, with not much...
  35. H

    Newly qualified electrician

    I have just served my time as an electrician in a chemical plant, I feel like the hourly rate that I have been offered is lower than the going rate, just wondering if anyone could give me any advice? They’ve offered me £8.49 an hour. The company I work for isn’t JIB registered so don’t have to...
  36. Jay 1987


    Hello everybody So I met a guy last night who has just recently completed his nvq3. Fast forward we started speaking about the type of work he likes, whether it be domestic, commercial etc and why? We then moved onto the more interesting topic of wages !!!! To My surprise he revealed that he...
  37. C

    Electrician Self Employed Qualified Electricians Required Commercial Job Gatwick

    Temporary 2-3 months work on a large commercial job near Gatwick immediate start available. Likely to be longer term for the right person/persons. Must be fully qualified with valid ECS and commercial experience. We are based in Ashford Kent but work generally in and around London. For more...
  38. M

    Electrician Qualified Electrical Tester - Central London

    Morning all, We are currently looking for a 2391 gold card certified electrical tester who is available next week for one of our central London sites (EC3A) The project is a 21 storey 3 basement iconic office block in central London Work hours 7.30am - 4.30pm with a 45min break. Around 2...
  39. F

    New member seeking qualified advice.

    I am an accomplished DIY "house renovator". In my time I have fitted out house extensions in both new and old properties which have all been to a high standard. I use professional trades for things I can't or shouldn't do (electrical, gas, plastering big areas etc) but one of my common sense...
  40. A

    Electrician Qualified Electrician wanted for permanent position in Greater Manchester.

    Excellent rate of pay for the right candidate. Full time, Permanent Role, 40 hours per week. About the role: We are looking to recruit an experienced electrician to provide a comprehensive electrical service. You will undertake a wide range of general electrical maintenance and testing as...
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