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  1. J

    18 th Edition questions

    There are two questions that Ive been unable to locate in the regs book; 1. If the line conductor is 10mm2, the min size of of an associated Surge Protection Device connection conductor is? 2. A 230 V 30 A radial circuit is protected by a BS 3036 device. If the value of earth loop impedance...
  2. R

    Underpinning knowledge questions

    Hi I’m Currently taking the mature candidate course. for Part of the course I have to answer the underpinning knowledge questions. im struggling with a number questions, just wondering if anybody has the questions to hand and would be willing to sent please
  3. A

    Domestic Questions about choosing RCBOs

    Hello, I have been reading the topics on this forum which have been very helpful. I am looking to change my consumer unit to a full RCBO unit - I am not going to fit it myself, I am just trying to gather knowledge as to what is available so that I am informed as to choice. I have gathered that...
  4. M

    Domestic Various bits of work needed... Various questions!

    Hi all Sorry the title's so vague... We'll be having some work carried out on the house electrics soon. We've got an electrician doing most of the work, although I might do some of the bits that I am allowed to. But I am also doing a lot of the planning of the work to be done by the...
  5. Z

    Questions about "price per point" for domestic

    I've been working for a firm for a number of years now with jobs on the side, recently gone full time solo. Everything I've done up until now has been either day rate, or price work. I'm based in Surrey / Middlesex by the way, most of my work is in the areas surrounding Heathrow airport and...
  6. L

    Hi, new diy'er with a few questions

    Hi all I'm a DIY'er with a technical background, I try to do a lot of work myself (within reason, ie being responsible about risks) and get it signed off b y someone who knows. Thanks in advance for any help, I hope I won't ask too many dumb questions! Thanks John
  7. M

    Domestic House supply questions

    Hi all, Got a bit of a query with my mains supply where it enters the house. Its in an empty room that i'd like to either fit a bathroom in (as in my picture) or a toilet and wash basin. Would I need to have this DNO fuse etc moved or can it be boxed in with a water sealed access hatch? All I've...
  8. S

    NVQ level 3 knowledge units questions

    Hi to evryone, I am starting NVQ level 3 with quickstep and I am wondering if anyone would like to help me with all those knowledge units questions? Not for free of course. Thx
  9. D

    Daytime Running Lights wiring questions

    Hello Wishing to retro fit some DRL into a vehicle. Instructions, among other wires, state to: White wire to headlight Blue wire to ACC [accessories] [+ve wire is fused just in case any readers ask] Had a chat to auto electrician and he said best and easiest way is: White wire to park light...
  10. M

    Garage Supply Questions

    Hi everyone. I am currently wiring a garage that is not joined to the property, its about 12 meters at the bottom of the garden. The house supply is PME. I have been told by my cps provider that I am not to extend the earth and I must TT the garage. I have run 6mm twin and earth from a rcd...
  11. N

    Safety and part p questions

    hi I’m new to self employed domestic (having done my apprenticeship and time in industry with a utility supplier) so looking for a little guidance on the below..... Got asked to look at an Rcbo tripping issue. Called in for an initial look. Nothing seemed obviously wrong so as to cause the...
  12. S

    Few everyday questions and niggles

    Evening all. Few questions here. 1. What do you find the best way to either protect your back boxes from filling with plaster or to clear the plaster out when doing a second fix to give the best edge. 2, Do you weigh your cable in after a rewire or just scrap it. In addition do you charge...
  13. A

    Domestic Questions about radials

    First, I am not an electrician, but my brother is and he is helping me on this, I just wanted an extra opinion. I am refurbing a house and want to have some sockets in my shed and IT corner, I want to make sure that I can connect 4 sockets (in each location) on a 32Amp RCBO with 4mm twin and...
  14. E

    AM2 a few revision questions

    Im taking my AM2 on Monday and have a few questions just to get my testing on point. Firstly when testing continuity of cpc would a the assessor expect each cpc to be connected to the line conductor in a connector block for example (separately from the earth bar to eliminate parallel paths)? Or...
  15. D

    2 questions - Existing ring main mapping, and rules on spurs

    Hi Just getting started with a view to DIY electrics on my house extension in a few months time, and ideally would like to map out the current circuits so I can plan the best way to join up, or where new circuits may be required etc. 2 Questions I reckon I can do some DIY non-live testing of...
  16. J

    CU Cable Bunching..?

    Hi, Quick question that has been baffling me, I have seen many CUs whereby the cables enter shared entry points. Does this not mean the cables are now bunched according to the regs? And this all cables should have been calculated with the capacity drop? Or is a CU entry just a bit pedantic for...
  17. Y

    Domestic Dimmer switch installation questions

    Hi every one, I had a bedroom light switch replaced with a dimmer by a qualified electrician some months ago and want to get another in another room. Before tackling this myself I thought I’d look at the bedroom dimmer as a guide after reading up about dimmers online. Just two wires so looks...
  18. T

    Few Questions from a Newbie.

    Greetings all.. I've just completed the first level of Electrical Installation (City and Guilds Level 1). I've also completed and passed the ECS Health and Safety Assessment. My Question is, what kind of Jobs can i do in the meantime? I've heard you have to qualified up to Level 2, but that...
  19. G

    Introducing myself and some questions

    Hello, I am not an electrician but a fairly experienced DIYer. I know a bit of theory, from my interest in Physics. I am replacing an old ceramic hob with a new Induction hob. It is on its own 32a supply with an mcb. Manufacturer's rather generic, to-cover-themsleves safety notice says among...
  20. Lekky1

    Exceeded max demand questions

    Hi guys, I have been asked to fit a ring main in a utility room currently being built with a outside socket and a lighting circuit with 4 led lamps and a outdoor light, this much I am comfortable with. My issue is with the max demand, The current consumer unit is loaded to the max with 212amp...
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