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    Quickwire T-Connector Plug & Socket

    I've just seen the launch announcement about the new Quickwire T-Connector Plug & Socket in Professional Electrician & Installer Magazine. See here: https://www.quickwire.co.uk/product/t-connector-plug-socket/ I'm a bit disappointed that they have chosen to release this product ahead of a 32A...
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    Quickwire Splitter function?

    Was wondering, when would you need to use a splitter? Isn't there usually enough room in a light to terminate more than one wire to go out to the next light?
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    Trainee Wago vs Quickwire

    I've seen some use Quickwire and others use Wago 221 in a Wago box for lights. A lot of people still use Wago, is it because it's cheaper? what do you use?
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