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  1. G

    Solar diverter quote

    Is there anyone local to Norwich interested in quoting to fit a solar diverter(Solic Possibly) It would require the element to be fitted in the immersion tank and required wiring from the CU, along with the fitting of the devise. Thanks.
  2. S

    b2b quote tenders. Does anyone use this tendering website

    Tendered a few times for the local council who use sell2wales as their tendering portal (I’m based in Wales). Came across b2b which from what I can gather provide both public and private tenders. Iv signed up for free and all this allows me to do is she the titles of tenders posted. To get...
  3. HoverSPRX

    Commercial Electricians CRM Software

    Hello all, Just looking into some new software to help with CRM as my old system is no longer feesable, would be interested in what any of you are all using and if there are any good features with it or anything you find a bonus to our industry specifically? Many Thanks
  4. M

    Domestic Is this a reasonable quote for a couple of jobs?

    Hi, I need to get some work done so that I can get an electrical safety certificate for property. I called in an Electrician and he suggested that I need to do the following; 1. Replace old fuse box with Consumer unit (£350) 2. Upgrade Gas and Water main earthing and bonding (£90) 3...
  5. Z

    Went to quote, discovered recent EICR has fabricated results. How to proceed with client?

    I went to quote for remedial work in a flat yesterday. The client is selling the flat and wants an EICR for the purposes of the sale. The last week they had an NIC electrician who performed an EICR, which they then sent to me. Worth mentioning at this point that a neighbouring flat had caught...
  6. D

    HELP with quote please.

    Hi good morning. I hope you are all well and have had a good Christmas . I went to quote for a job today. Its one large house that has been converted into 2 HMO properties. Couple of questions that i need help with please. As i have never done any install work on a HMO before . The builder...
  7. H

    Domestic Electrician quote for materials

    Hello there, this is my first post, I am not an electrician but I wondered if anyone could help me out with a quote I have been given. The electrician was recommended by our builder and I just wondered if his quote was accurate. I've looked myself at the same materials and they are half the...
  8. M

    fronius or solaredge and solar quote

    Hi I would be grateful for advise. Is fronius( ? prima) inverter better than solaredge new HD wave for 4 K home installation. There are reported problems with solaredge optimiser needing replacement with time which would be a hassle. Are there any fire safety concerns with fronius. Can fronius...
  9. J

    solar quote question - estimated return on investment timescale.

    Does anyone know if a solar installation quote should include the loss of interest incurred on the investment. Should this amount be factored into the return on investment time scale. On a large installation this makes a huge difference to the payback time.
  10. H

    Electric rewire quote - what should it contain?

    If you are getting a quote for a rewire what should the quote contain? Will it contain the name of the consumer unit and the position on the wall/ceiling where the chases will be etc? Would be great if someone could pm a quote they have done or received so I have an idea of what to expect when...
  11. J

    advise on my 1st commercial/ind quote....

    Afternoon in the middle of doing my 1st quote for a com/ind setup- bit out of my domestic comfort zone etc! it is for additional power in workshop units for material testing of composite structure (whatever thats means!!) see break down of my quote below: Unit 1 Distribution 1x 6way TPN...

    Quote to fit 4 new sockets

    Hi people how much would you quote to add 4 new sockets? 1st one in living room at shoulder height. Skirting and floor boards will need lifting. Chasing up the wall and sheaving. 2nd in kitchen. Slight chasing in wall and then chasing up back of units to ceiling level all most. 3rd in...
  13. P

    A genuine quote from an estate agent?

    I received an email from a local estate agent asking me to quote for some work for a landlord. I am inside the M25 and unless I am over charging the quote they sent me which they claimed was from another electrician seems rather on the low side and I can't help wondering if they are playing...
  14. A

    Quote for Solar PV upgrade: Solaredge + optimisers NE of Bristol

    Quote for Solar PV upgrade: Solaredge + optimisers NE of Bristol After consideration of the pros and cons, I have decided to upgrade my current inverter to the Solaredge 3.6kW with x16 power optimisers. Primarily it is because I like the idea of a 20 year warranty on the inverter (19 years...
  15. M

    Rewire,what would you quote?

    Hi Been asked to give a quote for a complete rewire and new extension. The property is a four bedroom with new bedroom and ensuite added to make it a five bed. Ground floor has new wc,utility room,study and family room. I have broken it down into points,what is the going rate per point for the...
  16. F

    Quote for an Electrician to install a Cooker

    Hello! I'm looking to get a qualified electrician to install this cooker into my B'n'B: Belling Cookcentre 100G 100cm Gas Range Cooker Stainless Steel - https://www.buyhomeappliance.co.uk/cooking-19/belling-cookcentre-100g-100cm-gas-range-cooker-stainless-steel It's obviously a big one and I...
  17. V

    Do I need a rewire? Advice and quote

    Hi, I would love some advice. Do I need a rewire? I've attached a picture of the fuse box. As you can see it has older type grey wire. If I do need work how much roughly would it cost to rewire an empty 2 bedroom cottage? Many thanks Vicky
  18. Gavin John Hyde

    How can people quote so low?

    Went to price up a job this morning to install 6 downlights in a dining room. Nothing too complex, with nice access to the extension roof space via a small access hatch to make the install relatively straightforward. would be able to work directly above the joists and come down through the...
  19. V

    Hard wired smoke and heat detectors.

    Hi hope someone can help? My dad needs electrical re-wiring done to his entire house. The house is in bad repair, and no electrical work has been done on his house for over 35 years. He bought battery smoke alarms recently, but is being told by local electrician that it's mandatory to hard...
  20. M

    Two completely different quotes for garden lighting

    Hi guys, new to this forum. I have two quotes to get electricity in put in the garden. One quote was £250 and the other was £900. The person quoting £900 wanted to install another fuse box and have a cable going from there around the entire garden (which isn't large, probably 10x6m). I also...
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