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  1. Z

    Advice on Quotes for Wiring to Outbuilding - 2 options

    Hi, Need some advice with 3 questions (Diagram below) I am having a new 'Outbuilding' for storage which will be attached to the side of the house, replacing an existing 'Lean-To' and I need to decide on MDPE pipe for cables before the concrete is poured It will be insulated Timber frame on a...
  2. N

    UK Garage electrics - analysing quotes

    Hi everyone. I have had two quotes for work but one is twice as expensive as the other and I can't determine which is the better of the two. I believe both are valid and can explain some of the differences, but I'd appreciate some feedback please. Work required: I have a 13A fused spur in the...
  3. D

    Job quotes you know won’t happen

    Hi all Just wanted your opinion on this... I have an old guy keep asking me to quote power and lights for his detached garage. I quoted this job about 2 years ago and last year. He is now asking me to go back a quote again for the very same job. This particular job is about 25 minutes from my...
  4. N

    Great Quotes...............

    Let’s try and lighten the mood a bit. Please add your favourite quotes. Must add whom orginally said it. “Never trust a man, who when left alone with a tea cosy does not try it on as a hat” Billy Connolly.
  5. B

    Domestic Friendly advice after some quotes...

    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum so go easy whilst i adjust to your ways :) If this post is in the wrong section, do let me know! I need some advice. I've recently bought a doer-upper in need of some general DIY and as a first point of call i've got to get the consumer board replaced. The...
  6. T

    Getting stung with extra work!

    Just started quoting for my company. How do people word/get round saying that any extra work needed due to departures from the regs? As i know a few people who have lost out big time with having to do extra work and not get payed. Many Thanks
  7. B

    Solar PR installer recomendation Chesterfield area

    Hi all, Any recommendations for a Solar PV installer in the Chesterfield area, so North Derbyshire, Sheffield, Nottingham sort of area? I'm getting a few estimates together for a residential install (my house). So far I've got quotes from... Hanergy (IKEA) (almost certainly not going to be...
  8. W


    I'm keen to install some solar PV panels but am amazed at how different the quotes and specifications that we've had have been... After getting 4 quotes back in Feb - when we weren't in a position to proceed and I'm now considering quote no 5... The latest quote - which (I think?) seems quite...
  9. S

    Small domestic business drowning in admin

    Hi all I do mostly domestic work, tiny jobs to rewires. I'm inundated with work and desperately need to reduce the time I spend on admin so I can spend more time keeping up with demand. I was wondering how other people deal with quotes, invoices, certificates, notifications, etc. I currently...
  10. Y

    Van insurance

    Hi all, I appreciate this could well be a difficult question to answer but here goes. Basically I've just come out of my time, and in my work (modular buildings) we do a lot of travelling around the country sighting the cabins etc. as a result our company has 2 vans, Renault Trafic and a...
  11. R

    industrial report

    Hi guys, My customer has been asked by his insurance company that he needs his electrics checked to validate his insurance. Firstly as there was no exact terminology used, do you guys think that a full EICR is required with every cable tested with full range of tests captured in the full EICR...
  12. B

    Installation near Glasgow

    Anyone do installations just north of Glasgow (Old Kilpatrick)? My mum has had a quote from Solarson but I think she should at least get 3 quotes to see who offers the best deal (not necessarily the cheapest). Any takers?
  13. B

    Going it alone....pricing?

    Decided to go it alone for the first time and have issues on what to charge as I don't want to seem too expensive. Based in Windsor but will cover most of London as there is quite a bit of work up there (if I'm good at pricing it) Generally I want to know what I should be charging as a day...
  14. F

    Domestic Advice on EICR quotes..please.

    Hi, I,m about to move into a flat I,ve just bought and been advised to get the electrics checked, after a bit of searching on line decided on a EICR which I understand replaces the PIR, however the quotes I,m getting from various companies are all over the place from £65 for 2hours to £185 +vat...
  15. C

    Domestic PV Install - NW UK

    Hi, We have a 7m wide roof by 4m deep and approx. 40degree slope, south facing. Looking at a 4KW system in either Panasonic 250w panels (16 - 8panelsx2rows) or Sunpower 333w panels (12 - 6panelsx2rows). Looking for some quotes on PV install for NW UK, to include supply, fit, scaffold, EPC...
  16. R

    Van insurance

    Hi, I'm sure i'm not the only oine in this situation, but I couldn't find a similar thread! I'm 24, and been driving a car for the past 6 years. I now have 6 years no claims bonus (touches head), which at 24 makes a huge difference. Anyway, i am now giving the car to the misses, and getting...
  17. M

    Van insurance quote companys

    just been trying to buy a van to go self employed im 23 with 3 years no claims no accidents no points but getting quotes for £4000 anyone know of any insurance firms who r cheaper
  18. stef

    Cheap PI insurance

    Hi chaps, I'm looking for a cheap PI insurance so that I can do PIRs. All the quotes (for 2m cover) I get are about £400 a year:eek: The quotes for liability insurance (2m) range from £60.- to £100.- Sometimes even with the same company. All the details are the same, why is there so much...
  19. B

    Software for creating quality looking quotes

    Hi guys I have been playing about with excel, word, trying to make a really presentable looking quote. in fairness sometimes its more work, finding the products at good prices manually typing them into a spread sheet blah. Do any of you guys have templates or any good advice for creating...
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