1. john waters

    van racking

    hi i would love to see any creative racking people have done in there van i want to do mine so looking for ideas
  2. Rupert Young

    DIY van racking using Tamstrut slotted channel

    sick of arriving on site only to realize I hadn't foreseen the need for something I hadn't packed the night before, after looking around at products like Bott Smartvan decided to do my own using unistrut, fatmax pro organisers, vanvault slider, euroboxes and Milwaukee Packout, added some LED...
  3. A

    Temporarily raising ballasted solar racking on flat rooftop systems? Is it a thing?

    Does anyone know of any procedures and/or devices made specifically for temporarily raising solar panels and their associated ballasted racking systems in order to accommodate localized roof repairs on a flat rooftop of a commercial building. The idea is to minimize work needed to allow for a...
  4. O

    Van Racking / Plylining

    Looking for suggestions all! Got myself a new van and want to plyline it and get some racking/ ply shelves made ..... I'm based in Woking and I'm looking for suggestions for any companies that offer this within a sensible radius - say 50 miles. Thanks
  5. E

    Ford Transit SWB van racking

    I'm about to start measuring up and racking out my van (a Ford Transit Short Wheel Base). I was thinking of using marine ply or similar. I'm totally new to this so if anyone's done it themselves I'd welcome tips on what to do and what not to do (or links to any handy websites). Specifically...
  6. H

    Van Racking

    With only having a little Doblo, the van is jam packed when fully loaded. I fancy some proper racking, the type where ladders slide underneath and all that jazz. I've thought about making my own (I already have some I made myself transferred across from the Kangoo) but don't really have the...
  7. N

    WANTED: Sortimo racking or similar

    I'm looking for a racking system for my vw caddy, it's the standard wheelbase not the maxi. Does anyone know of any decent set ups?
  8. W

    Racking out breakers

    I have an interview soon for a maintenance company on a drilling rig and 1 of the questions they asks is when racking out a circuit breaker you hear crackling/arcing do you keep racking out or rack it back in?
  9. S

    For sale, citroen berlingo 1.9d

    Hi, 55 plate citroen Berlingo for sale, 98000 diesel 1.9D, immaculate condition inside & out, f.s.h just serviced, new full exhaust system fitted. tax 5mths & mot 12 months. comes with roof bars, plylined, carpet, and racking. which is all as new. Area Durham Price £2150.00
  10. B

    Land Rover 110 for work

    I am upgrading to a Landrover 110 Defender next year from a transit connect, and I am a bit scared generally, but my main concern is finding a racking kit or a conversion company to fit the back out. I carry a stupid amount of spares and bits alongside a load of tools and testers (with the odd...
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