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  1. N

    4mm radial from ring feeding CUs

    Afternoon all, my boss is trying to have me sign off a job someone has done. 4mm radial off a ring main feeding 2 CUs in shed all MCBd correctly. RCD protected. NOT FED OFF FUSE SPUR Is there any reg this may no satisfy. It all seems okay due to ratings of cable etc but I’m not confident thanks
  2. T

    “Phantom” Short on radial circuit

    Hi, I’ve been recently working on a living trailer for a friend, when they have the supplies connected (240VAC 16A) they have nuisance tripping on the RCD. I’ve traced through and found an outside waterproof socket to be at fault, short circuit between live and earth. Removed the socket and...
  3. M

    Suitable MCB for Radial Circuit?

    Hi all, I am installing a Radial A2 circuit which by rule it should have an MCB of 32Amps, but when I reference the table 4D1A using reference method A or B, current are 26 and 32A respectivitly.. So the question is why we go for a 32A mcb and not 25A one? Thanks
  4. T

    Cooker circuit used as kitchen sockets radial

    Hi all,I found a 6mm “cooker” circuit feeding 4 sockets in the kitchen as a radial. R1+R2 tests fine and Zs is low. Can’t see where they are jointed but it goes from 6mm to 2.5mm. If everything tests fine, can’t see a problem leaving it as is. Will have to downsize the mcb as it’s currently on a...
  5. P

    Can I join 6mm and 2.5mm cable in radial circuit

    Hi all, I’m new to this forum so please bear with me. I live in a bungalow and would like to repurpose an unused shower cable to supply one new double socket. The radial shower circuit cable is 6mm and protected by a 40A mcb. My plan is to connect the 6mm cable to a length of 2.5mm cable which...
  6. Mark Wright

    Maximum Branches from Socket on Radial that's acceptable.

    What would be the maximum amount of Branches from a Socket on a Radial that you would find acceptable? I've seen 4 I'm not talking about Design or being Tidy or keeping it nice for testing but how many would you say No that's just too many?
  7. J

    4mm radial from 2.5mm ring on 32A?

    Go easy I’m new to this but.. I’ve just come across a 4mm radial (garage) being fed from downstairs 32A MCB ring. Trying to locate the connection but question is does this comply with BS7671? I can’t tell if it’s on a 13A FS or not at the moment.
  8. T

    Kitchen on a 20a Radial

    Hi all, just looking for your thoughts on this. Been to look at a job where there is existing kitchen wiring that needs moved about etc. Having looked at it, rather than extend cables etc im going to pull a new circuit in for the kitchen. Currently the DB has no RCD coverage, so im putting a new...
  9. EastCoastPete

    Contactor for Heating Radial

    Hello All, I've a 1 bedroom flat installation. All standard but the customer will AirBB it and wants a master switch to encourage guests to turn off the (3x 1Kw) wall heaters when they leave. I'm thinking 16A contactor, any good /bad makes or takes on this route? Thanks, Pete
  10. L

    radial circuit to power washing machine, dryer and dishwasher

    Now chaps, Will a radial circuit on a 20amp rcbo be enough to power a washing machine, dishwasher, dryer and fridge freezer? At the moment the radial has a 2 gang to power 2 appliances and a 1 gang to power fridge freezer, possibility of spuring of this circuit to power an extra appliance...
  11. Nelder

    Non Domestic 20A Radial

    Hi, I'm curious to get peoples opinions on this non domestic situation please: A 20A SP&N radial Fed from a 20A MCB 70 degree singles, grouped in metal trunking fails with 2.5mm singles and even 4mm singles. I vaguely remember reading something that, if a cable is loaded to less than 30% its...
  12. K

    Can anyway help with Radial circuit maximum floor area help?

    Hi everyone I am doing level3 design andI have a circuit to design but I have confusion with radia circuit maximum floor area to understand? I have a socket to feed on the design and floor area according to my knowledge is Length multiply width so in that case it exceeds 75 m square so I am...
  13. M

    Dividing radial off FCU. Is it ok?

    I have a radial running from the CU to an FCU then to 2 outside sockets. Can I add another socket going from the 1st in another direction? I have included a diagram. thanks for the help people :)
  14. D

    Adding a radial lights

    Hi Guys, I'm trying to add 2 new pendant lights to my hallway. I originally had one pendant and have added two more in a radial configuration rather than a daisy chain. I cut the cable to the original light and added a 4 way junction box (see diagram). I have connected all the live/neutral and...
  15. J

    Low IR on new radial circuit

    Hi All, I have a very mystifying problem on a very simple circuit. It is a new radial circuit for a garage power supply, it's wired in 2.5 T&E 16A MCB 30mA RCD. The cable goes directly from the dis board up the wall in trunking to the roof space where it is clipped to the joists before...
  16. D

    Ring, Radial and Earth

    Hey guys! Hope some of you can help me out quickly! So I've got incoming PV and battery supply of 2000W at roughly 8.7A. This is through an RCBO and to a RCCB 30mA garage style consumer unit, just with a 16a and 6a MCB. The 16A serves 5 sets of double sockets with about 15M of 2.5mm. 1st...
  17. MarkRibbands

    13A and 16A sockets on the same 20A radial. OK or not?

    I’ve just had a ‘robust exchange of views’ :) with a visiting engineer about the 16A sockets in my workshop. These, together with local 13A sockets, are run from radials in 2.5mm, protected by 20A RCBOs. I say it’s fine to have say a couple of 16A interlocked sockets, and lots of 13A doubles...
  18. dokkan1080

    32amp radial

    In a school today helping an approved contractor. There is a over door fan heater on a 32amp radial fed off a rotary isolator. It then goes into a bank of 3 switches that are used to control it. The swtchs are double pole rated at 20 amps. Isn't that a danger being on a 32 amp 4mm mcb
  19. I

    Radial circuit from 20A MCB

    Not sure if this is possible but just putting it out there... Current Situation Need to tidy up some of the mess in the garage from the previous owner of the house. Wires going all over the place. Additionally, all of the upstairs lights, the garage light and an external light are all radial...
  20. J

    Thoughts on overloaded radial?

    Hi all Pretty new to working for self. Got call out yesterday for a ring circuit that kept tripping rcd. I identified the faulty cable which had low 0.05 IR reading L to N. I followed this to where next point should be but on opening circuit found only one cable...not good. On closer inspection...
  21. Spike1947

    Light circuit from 16A Radial

    Hi Scenerio : a JB that feeds a couple of lights ! , (nothing else) in a small Barn Building ( storage use only ) , it is fed via a SWA 2.5mm2 from a 63A RCCB , CU via a 16A mcb ( feeding 2 double sockets ) in the main storage barn shed , there is no isolator in the small barn , I am wanting...
  22. N

    Ring or Radial

    Hi, Been out of the industry for 20 years and have found an interesting spark on YouTube who is very entertaining, he made a comment on one of his videos, Rings Vs Radials, would be interesting to see your views this in todays world.
  23. B

    Radial circuit split 2 ways

    Hi all, working with a spark today, basically dodgy wiring in kitchen junction boxes everywhere, all ripped out, now all we’re doing is a new 6mm cooker feed and radial socket circuit, basically new 2.5mm radial circuit from CU to one side of kitchen where spark I’m with has decided to put a...
  24. A

    Commercial Radial circuit help

    Hi, I went to look at job; it is a 2.5mm2 radial coming from the CU (from a 32A MCB) to two sockets and the sockets are using two appliances which are a 3.6 kW combi oven and a 2.5 kW 2 plate electric hob, what i've been told that it trips at the CU and sometimes it doesn't trip and the...
  25. J

    What tests for new radial circuit

    Job is to install one or two new sockets in a commercial premises. Possibly on a new radial circuit or an extension to ring. If extension on a ring them a Minor electrical certificate is required together with all relevant testing. However if a new radial circuit is the way a full EIC...
  26. G

    Trainee Loft conversion wiring

    Hi there I’m working on a loft conversion, just adding two small bedrooms in existing space. Would it be ok adding a radial circuit off a 16 amp MCB ? And how many sockets could I have? Thanks
  27. S

    Radial vs Ring in a standard 3 bed

    Afternoon all. I normally cable my first fixes in a standard 3/4 bed as follows: Ring up Ring down Kitchen ring. I was at a trade show the other day and got talking to a few people and they said they only use a ring in the kitchen. Radials up and down. Got me think what’s the standard? I know...
  28. D

    Radial final circuit

    Hi guys, just started rewiring my house, and noticed the sockets in the attic wired in radial instead of ring. Can I leave it in radial? There are only 2 sockets up there, unlikely there will ever be much load on it. I was thinking of wiring it 2,5mm2, (as it is now) on a 16A beaker. Any...
  29. B

    Adding Light to Power circuit.

    Adding a light to a Radial Power Circuit - the circuit is wired in 2.5mm and on a 20A MCB Now if I add a FCU to my Radial and then wire my light in 1.5mm this should be safe? But what if I don't use a FCU but wire the light with 2.5mm cable? what dangers are there.
  30. J

    What’s going on with this radial

    Called to a property which has just been sold to do an EICR The sockets down stairs including the kitchen were on a 16a 2.5 radial the issue being the Zs for the first couple of sockets were about average readings but the last few and the sockets in the kitchen went from 0.90 ohms to 1.19 ohms...
  31. B

    Electrician Radial Adding socket into radial circuit protected by 32amp RCB

    Just after a bit of advice regarding the following. First up I am not electrically qualified and know limits of what I would and would not attempt but am electrically read. The situation is that I have a radial power circuit fed from the consumer board and protected by a 32amp RCB feeding 5...
  32. Y

    Can I use a 32 amp rcbo on a radial circuit.

    Hello Is it OK to use a 32 amp rcbo on a radial Circuit. Cable size is 6mm2, cable length is about 15 m. There are 4 double plugs on the circuit. Loads are kettle 2.2 kw, washing machine max 2 kw, electric cooker 1 kw. Cheers
  33. sjhall

    4mm t&e radial circuit

    Hi Lads Do any of you guys run radial socket circuits ( with multiple points ) in 4mm ? Do you find 2 x 4mm in the back of a socket a squeeze? Only asking as I've just been passed 2 x 100m drums of 4mm off the lad doing the solar on a job I'm on for doing him a favour.... so 4mm radial...
  34. P

    Radial or Ring Final Issues

    Hi all I have just moved in and am in the process of adding some sockets. Am I right in saying that I can add to the circuit regardless of which type of circuit it is as the MCB is a 20a, obviously as long as I'm using 2.5mm t+e not speaker wire etc. I get the issues with RFC where 32a fuse...
  35. B

    6mm 32A radial to supply 2 3.65kw 16a ovens

    Hi, Doing wiring for a kitchen co. Done plenty of these recently, but we've been doing all wiring from scratch and have just run 16a radials direct from board. In this instance it's a ballache to run back to board, and I've got a perfectly decent 6mm cable from board to oven location. I'm...
  36. P

    Domestic Radial lighting not used in new build home

    Hi, My son had a water leak last night in his upstairs bathroom which resulted in the water pouring through a couple of the downstairs ceiling roses. In order to rectify the situation we turned off the power to the downstairs lighting circuit and removed the covers and pendants in order to...
  37. J

    Radial Socket Installation of 8 Double Sockets

    Hi The sockets are already in place for the upstairs bedrooms and hallway but just need to be connected to the Consumer Unit, which MCB would I need to use? Also should it be 2.5mm Twin and Earth? Thanks for any help on this :-)
  38. M

    Domestic Similar places in two circuits causing trip

    I have two line wires coming out of the top of the 'Sockets' B32 MCB. One of those line wires connects to 3 sockets in the bedroom and the other wire connects to 5 sockets in the living room. Each socket takes two line wires, one to power the socket and the other to pass the current onto the...
  39. GBDamo

    odd one seen today, three FCUs each for a 3KW immersion on one 6mm radial

    As title, Megaflo hot water cylinder has three 3KW immersion elements. Each fed from an FCU in 2.5mm 3093Y flex. On the surface all looked good. Initial testing showed no earth continuity on two of the elements. Closer inspection showed all FCU covers were loose. Further inspection showed...
  40. M

    Ring circuit or radial . Is this positive

    I was talking to 1 of the QSs today and was told that in amendment 1 of the 18th he thinks it will say about going back to doing radials rather than ring circuits. I'm not sure how true this is but the guy is friendly with NICEIC people and seeminly this was discussed at a recent road show (...
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