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  1. Davehaywire

    led lighting affects low range wireless signals 30hz to 800 hz

    installed led outside 10w fitting outside entrance door to a wheel chair users house with a remote controlled wireless front door. after installing led fitting the wireless front door would not operae when light was on or intermittently. so looked into it a bit deeper and found that the led...
  2. B

    180 stand alone pir

    I need a 180 stand alone pir to cover a large area possibly up to 30 metres. Is there anything available for this distance? For outside use
  3. S

    250 Panels less than one metre wide

    Just wanted to know what panels are out there less than a metre wide. I know panasonic are about 87 cm used them quite alot. But wondered if there was any mid range panels less than the metre. Thanks
  4. M

    Bahco Tools - safe working Tools @ Height range

    Hello All A great front page image on the December issue of Professional Electrician - not least beacuse it shows part of the range of products from Bahco of the Tools at Height range
  5. R

    Wylex RCBO B6 NSBS6-B/1 Product recall

    Hi Colleagues, has anyone else heard that Wylex (Electrium) have recalled their range of Wylex RCBO NSBS range?I have just spoken with my retailer and this is what he tells me. If this is so there seems to be a lot of potentially "dodgy gear" on the likes of ebay. :shocked:
  6. T

    Makita BHP458 Combi Drill And Impact Driver

    What do people think to this combo set ?
  7. vxwestie

    Converting Double socket to a spur socket, how?

    A bit of a dilema guys, I have a customer who has fitted a sink directly in front of a dual socket,... well the drainer is, and within 300mm of the bowl edge. This is now used to feed a wall hung instant water boiler (kettle thingy) so I need to keep the supply there.... BUT .... The splash back...
  8. V

    rise and fall sockets

    Hello I have been asked if I can fit a rise N fall socket above a kitchen Island I have been looking but have only been able to find those great long industrial ones with 15-25 m of flex anyone know of any and where and how much ? Thanks in advance waiting with bated breath
  9. D

    fluke 10 multimeter

    am asking the older electricians out there if anyone has a fluke 10 multimeter that they want to sell or donate/swap as my apprentice needs a new meter as in just under a year we have broken the one i bought him, the reason i want this particular model is that i have limited brainpower and its a...
  10. P

    Testers failed calibration but perplexed now :-(

    My MFT failed calibration on some insulations resistance measurements but i am a little confused. I used a different more local calibrater as i needed the least downtime but his certificate is very different from the manufacturers one that was done before (now i have had time to compare side by...
  11. S

    Eversolar TL3500 Inverter with 10 Year Warranty

    Hi Anyone experience of the above? I've been offered a package which includes a TL3500 - can anyone confirm as to whether it is twin tracking as I have a split roof - x1 SE facing and the other SW facing and couldn't find evidence of such. Regards
  12. P

    Panel heaters

    just wondered what your choice was when installing them? got a couple to put in for someone. Been looking at the Dimplex Girona, any good? INSTALLED HEATING - PANEL HEATERS
  13. B

    SMA Sunnyboy 4000TL and Sunnybeam / bluetooth repeater setup

    Hi, my first post here. I've got a Sunnyboy 4000TL in the workshop which is at the bottom of the garden. I have a Sunnybeam in the house, and the range isn't good enough, so we bought a bluetooth repeater to extend the range. It won't work properly and says that the netID is 1 which according...
  14. S

    Cordless SDS Drill

    Hi All This is my first post on here so thought I'd introuce myself, Im 27, a first year Adult Trainee in Scotland and really loving my new career as an Electrician. I came accross this forum via one of the guys from college. As i've just started out im in the process of building up my kit...
  15. R

    For Sale [South]: Megger LT300 Loop Tester.. VGC £100 ono

    Hello folks .. MEGGER LOOP TESTER LT300 EN BS MODEL (MAINS PLUG LEADS MODEL ) LT300 Loop Tester The LT300 combines high current-loop testing over a wide range of frequencies and supply voltages with simple operation. This is a HIGH CURRENT ONLY tester, designed for installations where...
  16. W

    Wireless Network For Small Holiday Park

    Hi, I need to install a wireless network for a small holiday park. The extremities of the park are around 700m from the proposed position of the antenna, and the system needs to be set up with a Macintosh. There could be up to 16 wireless users at any one time. Can anybody help with the...
  17. sythai

    IP66 RCD spur.... any other options?

    Anyone know of any other makes for an IP66 rcd spur..? Have had a look at so far : timeguard, greenbrook and BG, anybody rate these ? shame MK don't do one Cheers Sy
  18. W

    Grid voltage - what voltage are you finding?

    Not getting too much of an issue on the few domestics we do but the commercial ones are nearly always at 245 -252v which kind of makes it a bit close for voltage rise on export. Any dropoff in local demand and in general we will be looking at the G59 booting us off the network! What's...
  19. SRE

    Huge Cuts Confirmed for Commercial Fit

    Government confirms deep solar incentive cuts - 09 Jun 2011 - News from BusinessGreen
  20. Doomed

    single plate grid switch

    Trying to find a replacement for a load of no longer made MEM grid switchs. Two switchs and a key switch all in a single gang plate. My local stockists can't help, can any of you help me?
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