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  1. M

    SunnyBoy @ 240 volts

    Hi Might seem a dumb question, but is it likely the Sunny Boy inverters will be OK with an incoming AC voltage of 240volts, given the nominal AC voltage is 230volts?? And given that, what is the Nominal AC voltage range...(according to spec 220, 230, 240 V; 180 – 280 V)? Does it...
  2. M

    Domestic ALTO AL5181 and Custom 3 gang 500W Dimmer

    We have a 3 x 8 light fittings in an L shaped kitchen area less than 40m2. We are fitting ALTO AL5181 "fire rated downlight fixed" 12V 50W. http://www.wf-online.com/pdf/ALTO_Lighting.pdf My builder insists they must be fitted with 50W bulbs, as that's what they come with. With 8 lamps per...
  3. B

    Range Oven Isolator Position Deemed Code 1 on a PIR ???

    Have been asked to provide an honest opinion on this one. A Range oven has a 45 amp double pole isolation switch fitted into the wall behind it. Access is via a storage cupboard which is a built in part of the range with an open back. So, you open the door, reach in side, and turn it off. Ok so...
  4. A

    Legrand Light Switch

    I'm trying to find out what range this module light and dimmer switch are from. The dimmer has the ability to be remote controlled and I think it is also parallel wired. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. M

    100ma rcd tripping times please???

    Does anybody know the tripping times for a 100ma 100a rcd, x1 and x5 many thanks for your previous help earliar.......................;)
  6. C

    Need timeswitch for heaters.........

    I have a customer who has some outdoor heaters (halogens, 2x 1400W) and requires a system where the heaters turn off after 15 mins whenever they are activated I plan to use a relay/contacter to do this but need some kind of 'time delay' switch to operate the coil, and was thinking of using one...
  7. J

    RGB LED strip light possibilities

    Hi, I need your help with a question about RGB LED strip lights. What I am not sure about, is what strip lights I can use with DMX drivers. If I want a wide range of colours, than I need a DMX for sure. But can I just buy any RGB strip light? Or there are ones which allow only a few colours...
  8. lurch

    combined smoke/carbon monoxide alarms

    Hi Can someone advise where best to get combined mains powered battery back up smoke/carbon monoxide alarms. Thx in advance.
  9. B

    wireless door bell

    Hi all can any body recomend a wireless door bell which has a plug in reciever unit with a range of 100 m /ish throgh brick wall and if poss a repeater unit that can be put in a garage most units i have tried have poor performance when receiver is in back room cheers beaver
  10. C

    Alarm Systems

    Does anyone have any recommendations on Domestic Burglar Alarm Systems? Have tried the 'diy shed' types but am after a manufacturer that offers a good range of wired and wireless units that offer flexibility for my customers.
  11. pushrod

    insulation testing

    when doing insulation testing the reading starts climbing but then goes to "OR" with an arrow above it pointing up and a "1" beside. Have some instructions with it but they don't explain this reading. get the same thing no matter what the voltage is set at and with all the M.ohm settings(20, 200...
  12. S

    Best combi drill for the money?

    I know the Dewalt XRP is unbeatable, but for the money, longest lasting, what is your opinions, price range £50 - £150 Thanks Si
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