1. T

    UK Bathroom lights not up rated or rcd protected

    Hi everyone just wondering what action everyone would take with this situation. I came to a house to look at a downlight that wasn't working above a bath it was not up rated and the circuit had no rcd protection being on an old wylex board with plug in mcb's. I told them that the fittings were...
  2. N

    Fire rated LED profile

    Hi, I am new in this forum thanks for adding me. I did try to use search option with not much luck. I work at Heathrow as an electrical guy but have not much domestic experience. Builders building my loft extension and not clear the ceiling roof must be fire rated or not. My property is in...
  3. A

    Can I use the existing 1/1/4” pvc pipe to fit 200amps rated wires,

    I am doing a 100 to 200amps (underground) service upgrade. Can I use the existing 11/4” pvc pipe to run the 200amps rated wires? What is the smallest size of wire I can use for the 200amps? Is (2) #2/0awg copper & (1) #6awg neutral copper ok?
  4. A

    fire rated LED light covers

    Am hoping you can help Following an integral garage conversion, I am after a couple of fire hoods to cover some LED ceiling spotlights. The lights are in a plaster boarded ceiling which has a garage roof void above (the room is part of an integral garage conversion). Lights are around 150mm dia...
  5. B

    Which fire rated downlighters?

    Evening, Feeling really confused about fire rated downlighters. We need 26 for our extension which is part flat ceiling and part vaulted ceiling. It's a kitchen/diner/family room. Have received opposing advice. Builder says just use Screwfix LAP fixed integral LED downlights. One electrician...
  6. J

    230/240vac 10.5a rated heat plate into Single Ph 32a commando socket

    Hi all, ist post: I have a portable appliance which is a temperature controlled heat plate, the input requirements are single phase 230/240vac 10.5a, the unit is designed and built in the US and is factory adapted for the UK market. The supplied flex that comes with the unit is 3.3 mm sq 3 core...
  7. B

    IP rated enclosure

    How would you guys go about coding damage to IP rated enclosures have some boxes at a local tip for controls, have 1 that’s door is cracked and has gaffer tape round enclosure doesn’t look to be any ingress inside, and 1 that’s on a stake but the bottom inserts have pulled through held with...
  8. L

    Domestic New NHBC guidance for fire rated downlights / hoods

    For many years the market for fire rated downlights has been highly confusing with many manufacturers making claims but not always having the technical data to back up these claims. The NHBC has just launched new guidance to cover the use of fire rated downlights which makes it very clear that...
  9. S

    For Sale Tri Rated Cable (Vaious Sizes & Colours)

    Hi all, I've got a load of old stock on tri-rated cable to shift: 0.5mm £7 per drum 300m x 0.5mm White 500m x 0.5mm Violet 100m x 0.5mm Yellow 0.75mm £9 per drum 100m x 0.75mm Red 1mm £10 per drum 200m x 1mm White 1.5mm £14 per drum 1000m x 1.5mm Violet 400m x 1.5mm White 200m x 1.5mm...
  10. M

    Trust a trader, checkatrade, rated people

    Hi guys, Wondering what your thoughts where on these schemes has anyone signed up to these and got any work from them? They seem really expensive and not sure if your even guaranteed the work. They seem a good idea but are they worth it? Read some reviews online saying some schemes where a...
  11. spud1

    Why are the two poles of the Hager SPD rated differently

    So I was installing a new split load Hager DB (with the integral SPD) and noticed that the SPD cartridges connected across the neutral and line poles of the SPD were rated differently. Is there a reason for these different ratings? Spud
  12. M

    Fire rated clips - any suggestions?

    Hi. Could anyone advise on the types of fixings / clips they are using to comply with: Wiring systems shall be supported such that they will not be liable to premature collapse in the event of a fire’ (clause 521.10.202). If, for example, there were a couple of runs of twin and earth above an...
  13. captaincaveman

    Fire rated downlight - How to tell?

    Doing an EICR today, in a multi occupied house, I was chatting to the landlord advising him to get fire rated downlights in the celar bedroom thinking the existing ones weren't such. I then showed him in the toolstation catalogue options for them - to come across one new fitting which doesn't...
  14. M

    Fire rated back box advice

    Hi all, I was wondering what some of you recommend with regards fire rated back boxes. this is an install in my own home and want the best option available (cost not been an issue) scenario : timber frame house semi detatched and currently no outlets on party wall (double boarded) I will be...
  15. A

    MID CLASS A rated meter

    Hi all. This is my first post on this forum. My question is.... what meters are you using to monitor heat pumps under the new mcs rules. It states MID CLASS A rated. But I'm struggling to find any. Ideally looking for a din rail mounted one. Thanks in advance Adam
  16. G

    Using a USA furnace blower rated at 115v in the U.K.

    Good afternoon I have a furnace blower from USA that I’m using as part of a filter box, the blower is a 115v and 1.35amp DAYTON Rectangular Permanent Split Capacitor OEM Specialty Blower, Flange: Yes, Wheel Dia: 6-3/16", 115VAC - 1TDR7|1TDR7 - Grainger -...
  17. L

    Fuse switch sizing for a vsd

    Hi, Following on from my question about reusing a fuse switch to supply a control panel containing a vsd. The rating of the drive is 18.5kw. We will need to use a motor rated fuse. We are planning on using a 10mm cable from the switch to the control panel. My query is would a gM32m 40A motor...
  18. N

    flex for fire rated downlights?

    I'm a bit confused about using the bit of white heat resistant flex for downlights. Do we really need it on fire rated downlights? Isn't it just an extra unnessasary connection? Why not take the 1.5 standard T&E straight from the Hager (or similar) junction box to light? I'm still trying...
  19. T

    Fire Rated Clips In Trunking

    Hi all, From January 2019 when we are doing an EICR, how would you tackle trunking which has no fire rated clips in it which is in an area where there could be an issue regarding the cables falling in the event of a fire? Would you advise to retrofit the clips in the trunking? Or state that...
  20. T

    Fire rated clips in trunking

    Had niceic guy out today and has advised that behind kitchen units i dont need to fit fire rated clips in trunking. I was under the impression that they were to be fitted in all trunking? Any thoughts?
  21. J

    new build zero rated vat

    evening doing my 1st new build- which is zero rated for vat (apprantely) do i just invoice awith zero % vat- and just ask the client for a copy of the zero rated new build cert- and put that in my records to show why no VAT was charged- or is it a bit more complicated then this? cheers
  22. D

    Spade connectors - are there different rated ones

    I am adding a fuse box to a campervan to run lights etc off the leisure battery. The existing circuits are fused at 15 amps so I am using 21a cable. But the spade connectors I have are rated at 15a? I thought all spade connectors were the same as most don't give a rating? Will these do or will...
  23. O

    IP Rated JB for cable repair ....

    Got to repair a cable (HN05 3 core flex 1mm csa) which is attached to the side of a gazebo - so it needs to be IP rated and not stand out too much... Been thinking about the small Wiska shark product or one of the IP68 type waterproof units Any suggestions? ta
  24. T

    Fire rated SWA cable in a residential building

    My question is if the cable (in red) as shown in the picture below from DB-LL to ATS (1 x 4 core x 50mm) is needed to Fire rated or it can be a normal SWA cable? I know that the cables in fire route and the cables leaving from the generator must be fire rated but I am not sure about the specific...
  25. F

    Ovens now rated in Kwh

    Hi there A customer has asked me to install a new freestanding cooker. I asked them what power it was. They said 0.79Kwh. I thought they were confused and ask them to send a link. And yes, Curry’s now list power consumption in KWh. Am I wrong in thinking they have misplaced the decimal and it...
  26. J

    none fire rated recessed lighting!

    Why do people still make none fire rated down-lights? Got to do a quote for a new build where the client wants fittings that are not fire rated. Still waiting for quote from my wholesalers- but doubt they are cheap! Round Trimless Magnetic Downlight -...
  27. F

    Tysoft Easy Cert - Confused. Fire rated downlights to minimise build up of heat?

    I need to put an image on but not sure how on here, it's quite limited. I'm just using Tysoft Easy Cert to compose a DEICR and one of the questions refers to using a fire rated downlight to minimise the build-up of heat. That's not what they are for. Every time I see this question it...
  28. B

    2nd floor flat non-fire rated downlight

    Hi Guys, Just after a bit of advice, Just done a EICR of a second floor flat nothing major to report just a few C3's But... What i was wondering there a few downlight's (Gu10) in the property Kitchen/Living room all of them Non- fire rated do they need to be fire rated as its in black of...
  29. haptism

    Tri rated 10mm Earth Cable

    About 75m of tri rated 10mm earth cable, still on drum. £60 including postage.
  30. Midwest

    Fire Rated LED down lights

    I know this gets done to death, but just some light debate (see what I did there!). Been fervent installer of JCC FGLED down lights, mainly because of push fit connections and ten year warranty. I have used some other manufacturers, Scolmore Inceptor, but mainly JCC. However, recently my...
  31. S

    Confused about whether downlights need to be fire rated or not.

    Hi I'm sure this question has been asked before, but here goes:rolleyes:: I'm thinking about installing down lights in my hallway. This is on the ground floor of my house, and above is the first floor, all of which is my own house. There is no insulation the the ceiling void. So my question...
  32. B

    Recessed Fire Rated Down Lights

    Hi This maybe a daft question but I want to be 100% sure. Do fire rated recessed down lights require Insumescent covers? Or will a 200mm air gap surrounding the fitting suffice? Thanks in advance Regards Soapy
  33. O

    Small IP rated cable connection...

    Need some ideas please chaps. Ground workers have damaged a 12V cable running to a light - so I need to put a joint in to it. Its 12v DC so only 2 cores to worry about. So far I've considered: Wiska Shark - the 6A version and The TubeTee IP68 inline connector Are there any others I...
  34. N

    Rated people - What a Joke They are!

    I thought would try rated people as they were offering free membership, and having spent well over an hour on the phone to them I got transferred to 5 different people who frankly didn't inspire much confidence in me to deal with a simple issue (their website actually says free membership in my...
  35. Prog

    IP20 in Bathroom Zone 1

    I'm hoping for a bit of advice from the experts here. Our electrician has fitted an IP20 rated downlight above the shower in our new bathroom. He says this is fine as the GU10 LED bulb is a sealed unit and therefore "won't explode." I'm not convinced that it's entirely safe as I would expect...
  36. M

    LED lights from dimmer flickering. Load is below dimmers minimum rating.

    Hello. So I've learned a lot about dimmers on this last job. The customer wanted everything downstairs on dimmers and boy has it been a learning curve. I've split a lighting circuit and the customer has asked for 2 x st64 led bulbs on pendants to be put on a dimmer. The problem is they're...
  37. Soulsurfer

    Fire rated LED downlight vs non fire rated low profile ?

    Hi all I am trying to get some new LED's such as the Elite / Aurora E8's etc.. from local wholesalers to fit into a top floor apartment which has been constructed with each floor and on top floor ( the apartment ) in the metal deck and poured concrete slab into it system, supplier reckons that...
  38. F

    Swa current carrying capacity

    hi I've been asked to pick up a job where the previous builder went into liquidation and the property management company is asking me to complete the electrical works, relocate a fuseboard. Everything the previous company has done is exceptionally neat but I'm concerned on the design front...
  39. S

    For sale JCC LED tilt down lights

    17 x JCC FGLED6 Tilt fire rated downlights for sale. Model number JC94481BN. Left over from a job, I can't return to wholesaler as they have gone bump! High quality down lights 10 year manufacturers warranty (5 year for commercial installations). These sell on-line for £39 each, I paid £32. I'd...
  40. J

    GU10 Question

    Hi, Apologies if this isn't the correct place to ask this. I had some builders in who I asked to change my old 12v MR16 with transformers to 240v GU10 LED lamps which no longer needed the transformer. I didn't think anything was wrong until I had an electrician come and take a look at a...
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