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  1. B

    Rating of CU main switch

    Hi all, I noticed on my consumer unit that the main switch is rated for 100Amps, however the total load of all the MCBs is over 150Amps! I appreciate that diversity COULD (?) be applied in that not every circuit would be simultaneously running at full capacity, but is the installation...
  2. Gary Tollison

    Kitchen ceiling lights fire rating

    greetings :) Was curious about the ceiling lights in the kitchen if they were fire rated or not. Google was no help with model info. There’s an F in a triangle symbol on the side, but I don’t know if that means anything. Any ideas? Thanks, Gary
  3. darkwood

    Tagging a post for a rating.

    As most of the tags/ratings you can add to the post are positive we don't need to reflect on them but with regards to the negative ones, specifically the 'Dumb' and 'Disagree' options, can we ask you add a follow up post to express your opinion and why you are in an opposing stance. What we...
  4. C

    Switch gear / Panel board Rating

    The Incoming breaker model is Terasaki - S250-PE, 250 Ampere Frame rated for which Ics is 70kA, Category A breaker The outgoing breakers model is Terasaki - H125 NJ, 125 Ampere Frame rated for which Ics is 85kA,Category A breakers The bus bar rating is 65kA for 1s. How should this panel board...
  5. happyhippydad

    What power rating would this garage door be?

    I have a roller garage door that my friend has fitted which i've noticed is connected to a socket to give it power, but then has a flood light attached to the control panel which is also connected to the lighting circuit. In other words you need to isolate sockets and lights to make sure the...
  6. spud1


    Hi chaps A Wholesaler told me me this week that the RCDs in the new '18th' split load boards have to be rated at 100a because the 100a service fuse is only means of upstream overcurrent protection. But I was once told that service fuses, although marked as 100A on the cutout label are actually...
  7. S

    Christmas lights transformer rating

    Hi I’ve got a set of filament lamp Christmas lights, which I think is quite old. It is a set of 80 lights, and the lamps are rated at 2.4V, 0.29W, 120mA. The transformer is rated 24V(AC), 0.7A, 16.8VA. It had 8 ballast lamps installed, so I assume 1 ballast lamp for a string of 9 normal...
  8. C

    Bus Bar Ampere Rating of MCCs, Sub distribution Panels

    Is it mandatory to have the bus bar rating equal to the Ampere Frame (AF) of the Incoming Breaker (MCCB) in the MCC, sub distribution panels. Is it okay to have the bus bar rating equal to the AT ratings?
  9. B

    MCB rating advice is appreciated.

    Just a quick question got a new boiler going in soon and noticed that the MCB that will be used for the dedicated feed ( on kitchen ring ATM ) is 16amp is this correct rated MCB? or does this need replacing with a 6amp MCB with a 3amp fuse at spurr? Cheers
  10. B

    Industrial what is electricity rating for

    Hello I have seen electricity meter that show rating of 5-30Amp why it is not less than <5Amp
  11. Joshua

    Earwig, a new upcoming agency rating website.

    I hope this is in the right forum I thought I would share this, it's a website that's due to be released by the end of the year. It's a Service for agency workers to review agencies and rate how good they are. Hopefully it'll benefit someone in the forums. You can sign up here earwig -...
  12. R

    Long method de rating factors

    Having used Amtech for so long I can't remember if the de rating factors are applied to the design current or the tabulated regs current, can anyone give me a refresher example calc, I guess it has to be tabulated if it's a current reducing factor
  13. D

    UPS - input rating vs output load

    with a single UPS rated at 8KVA, 230v, stating maximum input current of 44A, would the over current device, cable size etc be based on the 8KVA installed load (the UPS), or, the actual load of 8A, connected to the output of the UPS ? this is a fixed installation, supplying computer based loads...
  14. L

    Induction hob plus oven wiring - rating?

    Hi guys, I need to have an induction hob and oven connected up. Units are: Hob: AEG HK654400XB Induction hob - HK654400XB | AEG - https://www.aeg.co.uk/kitchen/cooking/hobs/induction-hob/hk654400xb2/ Oven: Miele H2561BP Miele Ovens | H 2561 BP Oven -...
  15. haptism

    Does BS7671 allow fuse rating to exceed cable rating

    Does BS7671 allow fuse rating to exceed cable rating where it is not required to offer overload protection ?? As in the case of a 100A fuse/16mm tails: supplying a CU with just a few final rcbo circuits ?
  16. T

    SWA cable rating - 2 core or 3 core?

    Hi guys and girls, When calculating current carrying capacity of SWA; if you have 3 core swa but one core is being used as the cpc, is the SWA classed as 2 core? Many Thanks
  17. lurch

    Rating factor within an enclosure?

    I seem to recall there is a rating factor that can be used within an enclosure effectively uprating the current capacity of the cable. Does any one know what this is and can it be found in BS7671 or is this a rule of thumb (?) for switchboard manufacturers?
  18. S

    Mobile equipment not exceeding a rating of 32a for use outdoors.

    Could someone please give me examples of what this would cover. I'm assuming it's irrelevant to portable equipment like a lawn mower on a domestic installation and more to do with industrial. Thanks in advance.
  19. S

    Minimum IP rating for wall mounted external industrial socket?

    What is the Minimum IP rating for wall mounted external industrial socket? It's to be outside & only used for plugging in a generator that will give house temporary power through a changeover switch in the case of power cuts.
  20. L

    Cable size issue with size of shower

    Hello Looking for some guidance please. Lived in current house just over a year now and had couple issues with our pull cord switch (45A) sticking. Also at its worst, experienced the neutral burnt out. My relative (industrial electrician) has put some potential issues across to me so was...