1. D

    Cable ratings - constant load?

    For argument sake, lets say a cable is rated at 100A clipped direct, ambient temp 30 deg. Does this mean it can take a constant load of 100A in those conditions or is the rating based on cyclic current? The reason I ask is on a recent install, following current cable guidelines we fitted a 35mm...
  2. J

    Why 2 hob ratings per ring

    Hi all. Could someone clarify why there is two hob power ratings on AEG IKB64301FB Electric Induction Hob - Black - https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/household-appliances/cooking/hobs/aeg-ikb64301fb-electric-induction-hob-black-10186499-pdt.html Also what would be the total wattage. Hoping this...
  3. A

    Loft insulation and ratings

    Hi guys New build small 2 bed bungalow to have 300mm of insulation in loft space. Obviously all circuits to be ran in loft and dropped. Circuits to be used are alarm circuit 6amp, lighting 25x 4w downlights 6amp, 2 x 32amp ring mains, 16amp boiler radial, 32 amp hob/oven circuit (undecided if...
  4. James

    Forum Ratings your thoughts please

    if there was to be any sort of indication on your profile or posts as to how good your recent advice had been, how would you like it to be decided.
  5. E

    UPS voltage Rating Specs

    Hi Guys, In IT UPS back up systems is there a general upper voltage rating before the device will compensate for overvoltage or is it down to each manufacturers spec. Have been experiencing reports claiming they have been alerted of overvoltages. This I will need to check out. Many Thanks!
  6. NDG Elecs

    Ratings plates for compressor

    Just a quick query as to what an aspect of a rating plate refers too. What is: n/1 - value 2750 Piccy:
  7. M

    Description of IP ratings in BS 7671

    Hi Can someone point me to the description of IPXXB and IP2X in BS 7671. I know what they are and the requirements of each of them are, but I cannot locate the description in the Big Blue Book. Appendix 5 on page 450 has the details of IP 0, 3, 4, 5 & 6X but not the other 2. Cheers
  8. diyterry

    Bathroom zones and ip ratings

    Am I right in thinking that zone 1 is in the shower and zone 2 is above the shower cubicle? and how do ip ratings relate to the zones?
  9. Richard Cook

    Wago connectors and amp ratings

    Hi folks, I'm not an electrician and don't intend to do anything above and beyond the standard DIY changing of sockets/lights etc but I have a question that I'm interested in learning more about. I recently came across the Wago connectors (which look to be a lot easier to use than the standard...
  10. R

    Ip ratings ip54/65. Which one?

    hi. Anyone able to explain why an adaptable box I bought says ip54/65 on it? Just wondering which one actually is it? I'm guessing when I drill into it to put a coupler on it will it drop to ip54? Thanks
  11. Andy-1960

    IP ratings of outdoor light fittings

    Just stumbled across this on YouTube and I have to say I agree with this guy... how can this fitting be suitable for outdoor use?? I had a quick surf and found the fitting for sale at Screwfix and they state IP23 and weatherproof.. how can it be IP23 AND weatherproof, the two things contradict...
  12. R

    Back box fire ratings

    I carried out an install on a kitchen in a village hall a while ago I installed some deep back boxes on the brick wall but the builders then installed batons the wall and used insulation board so even my deep boxes weren't close to flush with the wall, I put in some long screws to get round it...
  13. charlie76

    7.4 - Suitability of enclosure(s) for IP and fire ratings (416.2; 421.1.6; 421.1.201)

    Quick question. I have carried out a partial rewire, the client did not want a new consumer unit and so remains the plastic one. I noted on my EIC under comments on existing installation: The existing consumer unit whilst in fair condition does not comply with regulation 421.1.201 if BS7671...
  14. Dan

    Likes and ratings feature has been repaired!

    My bad this was, I screwed up something when updating the forum. The likes ended up dying. They're back again now and it should be working okay again. :)
  15. S

    courses about guidance to filling out new EICR

    Anybody been on these two day courses about filling out new EICR and can they recommend any if they have
  16. B

    want sum help with fuses

    hi all been doing sum elec tes on dom properties an i would like 2 ask if any body has a bs ref guide to fuse for older fuses/cb,s and the like does a 3871 comply to 30898 would like sum guidance in this or a paper or guide to fuses from pre dinosour to now if u cactch my drift what i basically...
  17. M

    help in understanding RCD ratings

    Hi All, I am due to start year 2 of C&G2330 L2 in September and wish to get my head around RCD ratings. I think I have grasped the principle of how they work eg: ensuring the line and neutral currents balance. However, I am not sure about the ratings printed on the units themselves. Looking...
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