1. T

    RCBO tests

    Anyone an idea why an RCBO measures >40ms on a 5x test on the second half of the sine wave but all other tests are within requirements? Sorry, it's not a single RCBO, there's 2 RCBOs in this board and both have similar results leading me to think not a faulty RCBO but an issue further upstream...
  2. sythai

    Wireless/ App switching.... what do you recommend

    Hi All We've recently got a foot in the door with a decent garden company who are promising lots of work. There's been talk about wireless/ app controlled lighting, pumps etc. To be honest I've not been down this route just yet. Just seeing what makes any of use/ recommended please? Only...
  3. STM

    RCBO for Vynckier CU

    Hello all, Do any of you know if vynckier made RCBO'S, or if another similar brand RCBO fits a vynckier consumer unit. Had a little look on ebay, but not having much luck. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers :)

    RCBO with Functional Earth Lead.

    I have read somewhere, (but I can't locate the source), that because the RCBO's electronic control operates at a very slightly higher potential than earth, there is a very small leakage to earth through the functional earth lead. Is this correct or is my memory playing tricks?
  5. polo1

    RCBO for Wylex NSB range

    Hi peeps, anyone know if the current Wylex standard size rcbo will fit a board populated with the NSB range of mcbs? If not, anything that does? TIA
  6. K

    RCBO Tripping

    Hi all, new here, looked over the forums and on google couldn’t find much Info. I have a consumer unit where the sockets, cooker and shower are protected by an RCBO. I had to replace to sockets with ones that have built in USB. So switched off the MCB for sockets (as you would) I would have...
  7. happyhippydad

    Does this proteus RCBO fit this board?

    Morning all.. As in the title does the RCBO below fit in the proteus board shown in the second picture. I'm sure it must do but I just wanted to be 100% sure before I turn up to the job. Also, in case I buy a different proteus RCBO, do they all fit this board? The reason I ask is because...
  8. R

    Domestic RCBO trips different RCBO

    I've just change a CU and installed RCBO's. There is a 32a SP RCBO suppling a ring final circuit. There is a 6a SP RCBO radial lighting circuit. When the 6a radial circuit is energised the 32a RCBO trips. With the 6a dead the 32a stays in. I expected to find a shared neutral but there is no...
  9. A

    Domestic Questions about choosing RCBOs

    Hello, I have been reading the topics on this forum which have been very helpful. I am looking to change my consumer unit to a full RCBO unit - I am not going to fit it myself, I am just trying to gather knowledge as to what is available so that I am informed as to choice. I have gathered that...
  10. M

    Domestic Consumer Unit - RCBO Upgrade??

    Hi all, Looking some electrical advise. I've been told by an electrician that I need to install 5 Nr RCBO's to this consumer unit. Is this correct or is the current set up ok? He has provided me with a condition report stating a 'C2' on the cables concealed in walls. If an upgrade is required...
  11. M

    Wylex Type A or above rcd/rcbo... where to find them?

    I'm a bit stumped, feels like I'm hunting bigfoot. Anyone know a supplier for these?
  12. Andy C

    Domestic TT earth, Dual RCD or RCBO and Main Switch

    I have a replacement consumer unit coming upon which is currently off a TT system with a nice low reading on the earth. There is no chance of the DNO converting to TNCS. No SPD or AFDD as per client. I intend fitting a new Dual RCD consumer unit. I have researched this site and there was talk...
  13. G

    RCBO socket circuit tripping.

    I'm stuck here fellas. I have a radial with only one double socket outlet in 2.5mm T&E on a 20A RCBO running five meters in surface mounted trunking. TN-S, R1 and R2 good, 243V measured, Ze 0.12, Zdb 0.29, Zs 0.36, IR all +200MOhms. RCD trip tests all ok at 0 and 180 and ramp 24mA. Now these...
  14. P

    Best RCBO consumer unit

    Hi everybody. In the not too distant future I would like to get my current consumer unit replaced. I want to select the brand for my electrician as I’m a pain and like to research things. I was looking to see whether my thought process seems reasonable so would welcome and appreciate any help...
  15. L

    RCD RCBO over current

    Hi, I know the basic differences between MCB, RCD and RCBO. I was wandering what happens to a RCD if the current reaches the RCD's limit? Why do RCDs have got ampere rating if they don't protect against over current? In case of RCBO, how do I know at how much ampere they shut down? Is it the...
  16. littlespark

    RCBO to fit Seimens Stratum200 DB

    I'm looking for a 32A RCBO to fit an old Seimens Stratum200 DB. I'm going to be doing some work in the kitchen first, then replacing the DB later in the year before other works. If its another make, it wont matter for the short time its going to be used. Same reason for not installing a...
  17. Bobby34

    TT system, RCD or RCBO

    At the risk of asking a silly question could someone advise me on the following: Client has a TT system with only half the circuits covered by an RCD, they want a light adding on a light circuit thats currently not covered by the rcd. Now with half circuits not going to meet the disconnection...
  18. Crumps

    General RCBO installation

    Hi all I work on site as a contractor and my colleague was talking to one of the in house electricians on site. He does some work of site for somebody else and the conversation turned to RCBO installation briefly. My colleague stated he was installation last week and this in house electrician...
  19. rolyberkin

    RCBO Test data - 40 milliseconds

    Okay may be a thick question but I have an RCD tripping on 5 x test 180 at 40ms. Pass or fail? GN3 says must not exceed 40ms BBB says within 40ms My tester says computer says no. To be honest I am recommending it be changed anyway but it will be a call back on a new build for another spark so...
  20. rustynails

    Domestic RCBO tripping next door RCBO

    Testing an RCD on one rfc upstairs tripped the upstairs and downstairs circuis, which was the RCBO next door to it. Turned off the power to all circuits tested downstairs RCBO on its own RCD failed 1x and 5x tests. Disconnected conductors from this RCBO tested RCD at the board worked ok. Put...