1. M

    UK starting to test in a prison. can not leave d/b to do ramp tests on rcbos. when i try attaching leads to rcbos in d/b they do not trip. any advice

    starting to test in a prison. does anyone know why the rcd trip test does not work when done directly on to the rcbos
  2. Lister1987

    Wanted Old/Used/Faulty BG RCBOs for wiring practice rig

    As title; am after old/used/naff BG RCBOs to throw one or two in my wiring rig and as they wont be used IRL I can't really justify the £10-20 price tag new ones attract so figured I'd be cheeky and ask. On a side note; do many sparks reuse old/removed kit if its still in workings order...
  3. Baddegg

    CED rcbos?

    Got a CED plastic board in a house, customer needs some new sockets so as it half empty thought I’d run a new radial from it.....only place I can an rcbo is Wales! Anyone know if any of the big wholesalers stocks em? Rang Edmundsons and the chap on the phone reckons he’s never heard of...
  4. Drackley


    Hi all, Does anyone have any apps/conversion charts that are handy for swapping out circuit breakers to rcbos without relying on electrical stores to check conversions/fittings. Im quite fresh out my time so a lot of the common ones are not common to me as yet. The problem I am having is, I...
  5. Lucien Nunes

    Recommend me a small CU with DP MCBs / RCBOs

    I need to go shopping in the morning for a small metal CU, about 5 outgoing circuits, but they have to be fitted with DP OCPD including some C-type. One overall RCD is OK but if I can get suitable RCBOs that is a possible. It's so rare that I fit a small single-phase board, I've no idea which...
  6. A

    Domestic Questions about choosing RCBOs

    Hello, I have been reading the topics on this forum which have been very helpful. I am looking to change my consumer unit to a full RCBO unit - I am not going to fit it myself, I am just trying to gather knowledge as to what is available so that I am informed as to choice. I have gathered that...
  7. MarkRibbands

    6kA (Not 10kA) RCBOs in commercial TP boards: Why not?

    I'm fitting two replacement sub-mains panels as part of a long-term upgrade from split-phase to three phase on a part-domestic part-commercial site (my own gaff). I'm using all RCBOs because I like them, but am less keen on the cost of the commercial variants ... Fellow spark says one MUST use...
  8. E

    Class A RCBOs - list of manufacturers

    I'd find a list of manufacturers who are currently producing single module class A RCBOs (and perhaps class A RCDs) quite useful. To my knowledge so far there are: Hager Doepke Schneider Does anyone know of any others?
  9. E

    Electrician Changing garage Mcbs for Rcbos

    My garage has a small consumer unit fitted with elcb and mcbs for the socket and lights. After cutting through a circular saw cable it did not take out the garage elcb but the elcb in the house consumer unit. If I get an electrician to changed the mcbs for Rcbos would this prevent the house elcb...
  10. T

    Board change (RCBOs) Lights trip sockets

    Evening all, I changed a board today in a ground floor flat. 3 circuits with separate RCBOs (Shower 40A, sockets 32A, and Lights 6A) Switching on any light switch causes the both RCBOs for the lights and sockets to trip. Insulation resistance results are in the 100s between conductors on...
  11. S

    RCDs then RCBOs tripping.

    Wondering if anyone can shed any light on an electrical problem I am having. It started about 8 weeks ago with brief power interruptions causing some of my appliances & electronic devices to trip. This stopped but the 2 RCDs in my fusebox then started tripping simultaneously. I had an...
  12. W

    Rcbos and mcbs split load board

    hello just checking a mix of rcbos and Mcbs on the same neutral bar is this okay ?
  13. A

    Converting split load CU to Main Switch (RCBOs)

    Hi folks, i have a 16 way British General CU which was configured as split load. I'm converting to all RCBOs which is fine apart from one small detail, i don't have a single neutral bar long enough. The earth bar is fine - plenty of ways for CPC doubled with RCBO functional earth. The neutral...
  14. B

    EICR IR testing on whole installation with circuits protected by RCBOs

    EICR IR testing whole installation with circuits protected by RCBOs... Say it's a single phase consumer unit, plain main switch no RCCBs, all circuits protected by RCBOs, Is this method acceptable?.... L+N to earth only. Main switch off (safe isolation), all breakers on. Temp link...
  15. kingeri

    100mA RCD on PME system

    I am going to a job this afternoon, new shower circuit. I noticed yesterday that the Wylex CU has a 100mA S-type RCD as the main switch and all the circuits are on 30mA RCBOs. PME system as far as I could tell (certainly not TT). Didn't give it much thought then, but was thinking about it...
  16. Andy C

    RCB or RCBO in a Distribution Board.

    I am getting back into the electrical game after a few years and wondered what peoples thoughts are on the above. I am happy installing fully RCD protected DBs or Split boards but the use of RCBOs I had never seen. What are the main reasons/advantages/disadvantages for using them? I know they...
  17. driverman

    61009-1 or 61009-2 RCBO's

    Afternoon guys, Just wondered what the difference is, if any between a 61009-1 RCBO and 61009-2 RCBO? Are the characteristics different for any reason for different applications? I noticed that 61009-2 came out 1995? Thanks
  18. Pat H

    Ebay Consumer unit (new) thoughts

    Looking to upgrade my onw CCU Looking at: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=162069397926#ht_687wt_1169 Gives me 12 usable ways after the 2 RCD spaces taken. Its metal so current. What do people think? Not used that brand before.
  19. Leesparkykent

    Three phase TT install with distribution circuit and RCBOs

    I have an Install where a 16mm 4core has been installed previously. ATM the SWA is coiled up either end At the supply which is a barn converted in to an office for the homeowners business and plant room in new extension to the house. There is no PME available as over head, in the middle of no...
  20. J

    Using powerline homeplugs across separate circuits

    I have just bought an Innuos music server not realising it has no built in Wi-fi capability, but needs an ethernet wired connection to the router. This could be done only by placing it in the cupboard where the router lives, whereas I wanted to place it alongside my Naim streamer upstairs. So...
  21. J

    New DB loaded with RCBOs

    Could someone tell me how much you would charge for a 12way Wylex DB loaded with RCBOs as new customer has been charged £1900 which I think is a bit steep
  22. 123

    Consumer Unit Changes, options for Customers

    Hi all, does anyone have any fact sheets, flyers or the like for Customers...Explaining the benefits of an RCBO Board over a Dual RCD Board?
  23. J

    hager rcbo/ c/u

    Evening chaps think they will- but not really used much hager... will the attached pic of rcbo fit fine inside 3rd ammendment hager c/u (link below) Hager Design 10 Metal 20 Way Consumer Unit - 100A Main Switch (Amendment 3) VML120 - The Electrical Guys cheers guys
  24. LeeH

    Domestic Need a nice to work with CU

    Seeing the PV install is going to be starting soon I thought I'd treat my bungalow to a new CU and replace old 3036 one with an 8 way RCBO board. The only RCD's in the place are the plug top type I have on the extension leads. (Only been in here for a year) I haven't had any dealings with a...
  25. D

    Domestic Removing MEM breakers

    Hi folks, Well today I attended another house to perform a bathroom upgrade. Upon visiting the mains board I noticed it was a MEM. Not ideal I thought as my previous experience taught me that RCBOs were not possible with these mcbs. I then noticed that a previous spark had fitted a hager RCBO...
  26. akwoody2

    Series E board

    Hello chaps, A little help please. I have an old GE/Sector series E board and I need a RCBO. Anyone know where I can get one? Thank
  27. D

    Main 100A switch tripping

    Visited a job today. Small shop. 'Lectrics are tripping out. Ok! Newly rewired due to the problem that still exists. New board 100A main switch. Not rcd. Board has 12 rcbos. Intermittent tripping. When it does trip it takes out main switch and ALL rcbos. Tncs system. Not widely experienced so...
  28. S

    Sports pavilion rcbos or rccb incommer

    Hello guys. I was asked to quote to replace a 3 phase db in a sports pavilion. All cables are twin and Earth in the wall. Because it's a building open to the public I decide to go with rcbos on every circuit, to give extra protection and discrimination so they don't lose everything if a fault...
  29. P

    S-type RCBOs

    Does anyone make S-type RCBOs? For discrimination you should use an S-type RCD to protect a sub-main feeding a CU with a normal 30mA RCD or RCBOs. This can be handled with a 100mA 100mSec S-type RCD. It would be convenient if this were combined with a type B or C 63 amp MCB. This is in a...
  30. G

    RCBO earth reference tail

    What is the purpose of the white lead from RCBOs? What does it do?
  31. J

    All Rcbos

    Someones told me that to comply with the latest regs then a split load board with half the circuits as rcbos & the rest on mcbs with an RCD is no good & all rcbos is the way to go. I can see the point but it seems overkill ???
  32. O

    Domestic Looking for some C Type 20A MK RCBOs - Anyone having a clear out?

    So adding a couple of circuits to the garage/workshop (socket radial either side) but having an issue locating some 20A MK C Type RCBOs at a decent non RRP price (I ain't paying £30 odd quid each - yes for my own garage I'm a cheap git :P ) (sockets are for compressor / other stuff with decent...
  33. jengo22

    Control gear direct rcbo

    My suppliers are pushing there rcbo £14.00 anybody used them are they ok
  34. N

    Hager 1361 to rcbo

    Hi guys Does anyone know if the old Hager boards with the 1361 fuses will take a RCBO and if so what type ? I have found Hager RCBOs but not sure if they are compatible. Thanks to any replies in advance.
  35. R

    hellooo from london

    now i have a question that will test one of you i have a number of dorman smith 32a type b rcbos in one of the buildings where i work, they are in the off position however there is still power out the load side the switch will not stay up at all. ive put it down to the rcbo defective but ive...
  36. K

    Contactum RCBO, Old 71 type MCB replacement

    Any one got or know where I can get two 6A Contactum RCBOs (90603SP/B) to replace 71 type MCBs. The new Contactum RCBOs do not fit and and no one I have talked to has the old ones in stock. I am being quoted over £80.00 each + VAT for a wholesaler to order them from Contactum. At that price I...
  37. mrloy99

    don't use rcbos for TT

    Manufactors instruction leaflet states {on schneider electric rcbo) Do not use on installations that require double pole switching eg IT or TT.
  38. W

    RCBO neutral & earth tails

    Can anyone tell me what the CSA of the small earth tail and neutral are one an Single module RCBOs, the ones in question I'm looking at are the new Schneider Acti 9s but seems to be of same size on most RCBOs. Just wondered as i haven't got any on hand currently. This is so i can buy the right...
  39. G

    Type of rcd

    Anybody know what Rcd this is. Previous report suggests 61009, I'm thinking more 4293? Nothing on the rcd itself
  40. B

    retro fit rcbo's

    Had some rcbo's to retrofit to some dorman smith 3 phase db's earlier and it occurred to me as I was fighting past the other cables in the 72 way board that they are actually a nightmare to fit in a busy as heck board. Why they so bloody long?!?!
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