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  1. D

    Fused spur rcd

    I’ve had a water feature installed in my garden, I’ve ran an swa from the garage cu to the water feature area and connected to the pumps rubber flex (wiska box and magic gel used). Although the connections are good, if there is a fault the rcd in the house will trip out. My question is could I...
  2. D

    UK Plug and play hot tub tripping the rcd. My cleverspa trips the rcd plug as soon as i plug it in.

    I have a clever spa portable spa and as soon as i plug it in the rcd plug trips. What rcd plug can i get to replace it. Is it the rcd plug thst is faulty?
  3. J

    Does workshop equipment such as lathes require RCD protection.

    Does workshop equipment such as lathes and mills Need rcd protection?
  4. M

    Weird RCD Issue...

    We have a race trailer in which runs off both single phase and 3 phase. A contactor for each, which activates when plugged in, with the single phase all phases linked. The DB has a 100ma upfront RCD incomer, then 30ma Europa RCBO's. In 99% of scenarios there will also be a 30ma RCD on the...
  5. suffolkspark

    Rcd Board with round knockouts

    Hi all, im having a mare trying to find a board that suits my requirements. Can anybody reccomend a sensibly priced off the shelf solution. I sinlmply want a 100A 30mA upfront type A rcd. 10 usable ways (no size constraint so can be bigger) ROUND KNOCKOUTS So many now seem to have square...
  6. Y

    Which rcd type do you use for general use in your country?

    Hello to everyone, Please, which rcd type do you use for general use in your country? Which legislation is the application based on? Thank you from now.
  7. E

    Load on non RCD side, causes RCD trip

    Hi Looking for advice on a intermittent fault. New dishwasher is causing RCD to trip (happened with two new dishwashers - supplier changed it for me). Thinking therefore it was an issue with the ring main, I plugged it into the cooker socket but it still trips at some point during the...
  8. C

    UK RCD adaptor issue

    I am seeking professional advice. I have no electrical qualifications. On the last 2 occasions I have cut my lawn the RCD adaptor did not trip BUT when I disconnected the mower the RCD was completely dead (ie would not reset nor test nor allow power to any device) . On the second occasion I...
  9. T

    Rcd spur for Bathroom electrics

    Hi Everyone , I hope everyone is having an awesome week, I know this question has probably been covered before on previous posts, but wanted to get everybody else’s opinion and take on it. So I’m quoting on a job and it entails replacement of existing central light in the bathroom for five...
  10. J

    RCD for boiler replacement? When is an RCD NEEDED?

    When does an installation NEED an RCD? I thought that all new circuits need one but I now believe that I am mistaken. Regulation 411.3.3 for socket outlets up to 32amps and regulation 411.3.4 for lights. Then for special locations like bathrooms. If the cables are less than 50mm deep into the...
  11. N

    Door shutter rcd!

    Hello I have an oportunity to take one big commercial job! there would be 4 -3 phase door shutter!i think 16 amps socket! should i put rcd on each shutter or one enought for 4 shutter? should i protect the ciruitS by rcd? the cable will run on very high level on the cable tray ! if yes ,where...
  12. D

    RCD Tripping

    I’ve a new self build house that I’ve moved into prior to the lockdown in the UK. 100amp supply from Scottish power. Within my Consumer Unit I’ve an 80A RCD which is serving the following: B40 MCB (garage, not connected) B40 MCB (oven) B32 MCB (upstairs ring sockets) B32 MCB (outdoor and attic...
  13. J

    Supp bonding needed with RCD + testing supp bonding

    Hello there all, I'm a fairly newly qualified electrician and have been doing more and more EICRs lately, if someone could actually trawl through my long question and answer it then I shall be eternally grateful I have tested 3 electrical installations in the last week with no RCD devices, all...
  14. P

    My RCD won't reset after testing

    my RCD's wont reset after testing. I have 6 RCD in my fuse box all in a row (and only 4 MCB - which doesn't seem usual). After pressing the test button, the RCD triggers. The RCD won't however allow itself to be reset. I have tried resetting with all the MCB turned off as well as all...
  15. F

    Oven tripping RCD

    Evening all, the wife cleaned the oven yesterday (self clean setting) and is now tripping the RCD but only when it gets up to a higher temp. This has also occurred when using the top oven? I have conn checked the heating element (38 ohms) and the thermostat seems to work as light goes out when...
  16. N

    Hi All, looking fo some support/ guidance with my solar PV causing my main CU RCD to trip randomly.

    First post on any kind of forum so please be gentle with me!! I moved into this house a couple of months ago and the vendor had a solar PV installed 5 years ago now. Recently I have had random tripping of my main RCD for what I believe to be a result of the Solar PV. I’ve attached a couple of...
  17. W

    Compulsory use of RCD

    At what occasion use of RCD is compulsory? Can you please reference to BS7671 giving particular section?
  18. Lister1987

    Wanted 6 way BG busbar & RCD

    Messing about with my test rig again, changed out the 10way BG board for a 6 way shell (old Wylex plastic unit). I know we don't mix and match brands but as I'm using this as a test rig I'm using what I have available - Obviously the Wylex unit has neutral and watching bars in different...
  19. C

    RCD x1 on fuseboard

    I'm a homeowner with no electrical skills. BG electrician came to repair something & said my fuse board is not to standard as it only has one RCD. The property was built in 1874 and most of the current systems were put in place in the 1980s. Lived here 24 years & the tripping mechanism works...
  20. C

    DB RCD protection

    Hi, In my DB there is a main switch and one 80 amp RCD. Does the RCD protect the lighting circuits also ? Thanks
  21. steamboatwilly

    Two new Wylex RCDs both failed tests

    Folks, A bit baffled (not difficult) ... added a light switch in a rental this week (empty property so no social distancing issues) and checked the RCD before I signed off. It was a Wylex 80a 30mA and it failed all tests (inc. ramp) so I like-for-like replaced it. The new one also failed all...
  22. I

    Borrowed neutral / RCD trips but circuits still live ?!

    I’m just a homeowner, so please forgive me if my question sounds stupid .... i think the lights in the hall of my small bungalow are using a borrowed neutral. I recently went to fit a new light on the ceiling in the hall using the existing connections and turned off the MCB that said “Hall...
  23. J

    RCD didn't trip when live conductors cut

    I recently cut through the live 240V power cable of a plane the tool is double insulated, the blade exposed and combined both conductors. The supply is protected by a 30ma RCD and 30Amp MCB (10 yera old installation), the RCD didn't trip, it does trip when the test button is pressed. Could it be...
  24. B

    Main rcd tripping

    Hello, my contactum b8003/2 30mA RCD feeds about 6 MCBs for light and power. Nothing had changed but suddenly my dishwasher seems to be the common denominator in tripping the main rcd. However, if I turn off all other MCBS, it doesn't trip. Please help me with my logic. This makes me think that...
  25. R

    Formal Calculation of RCD Size.

    I have had a good search for this information but can't find it anywhere not even in my on site guide 17th edition. So imagine you have a CU with 10 MCBs but no RCDs. You decide you want to install an RCD. You do your max load and diversity calculations for each MCB circuit and you come out...
  26. S

    UK Driveway light

    Ive got a driveway light on armoured cable. The cable comes into the house under the stairs. Can I put a plug on this cable and plug into a RCD socket.
  27. R

    RCD Tripping

    Hi, odd one this, I live in an old house and the wiring is confusing to say the least. I keep well away as rent and not my place to fiddle with it. Has anyone experienced the following? The house has several circuits as is split into a house and a small flat downstairs. Yesterday, some of the...
  28. OnlQQker

    So I'm In A House Today And I Notice A 30ma Rcd On The Wall

    It feeds an outdoor socket. On the comsumer unit is a 60ma Rcd and everything is covered by this. I'm just wondering if the 30ma Rcd would trip before the 60ma Rcd trips (if that makes sense) It's just my mind wondering about stuff, the chap who owns the house said it's never tripped out, yet...
  29. T


    I have isolated the MCB feeding my garage when switched on trips the RCD. There is no load on the garage I have an internal switch in the garage that switches all circuits off. So the fault must be between the MCB and the garage switch. The armoured cable is under the patch so to dig up would be...
  30. D

    RCD Tripping

    So the garage is without an electrical supply, so I decided to install one. I laid about 20M of 2 core 2.5mm2 armoured cable and terminated it in the garage with a consumer unit. Added a metal clad double socket again supplied by 2.5mm2 - all mounted on a large sturdy wood board and encased...
  31. T

    Air con units and it equipment on RCD?

    Hi , I usually do domestic work but i have an office job to price and i was wondering if the following items should be RCD protected, the reason i ask is for nuisance tripping. Air con units 3ph and single Sockets for the office computers Comms/Patch panel Thanks
  32. D

    18th edition RCD max disconnection times!!

    Hi all. I am seeing different figures here all over the net, table3a (p363) states a 30ma RCD has a trip time of 300ms max. So at 5x is the maximum 60ms? I seem to recall 200ms and 40ms for a 30ma and these are the figures I am seeing over the net... Please I just want the correct figures for...
  33. M

    Question Regarding a RCD on 3 Phase, with a single phase sub-circuit

    I am installing a micro-brewery in our barn in France; as you can guess that, means that I am a brewer, not an electrician :-) I did 'fess up to being a DIYer when signing on. The brewhouse runs on 3-phase, both for the 12kw heating elements and for the pumps. All use a delta configuration i.e...
  34. Vortigern

    RCD or not RCD?

    So I have to supply a single socket for a morgue fridge and thinking no RCD for no doubt obvious reasons. What does the hive mind think?
  35. EricMark

    Wrong type of RCD is it even part of EICR?

    I have noted more and more items ask for a type A RCD rather than type AC, with electric car charging units it is often even better than type A required, but with car charging units it is hard wired so clearly should be part of the inspection and looking up one make of charger unit not really a...
  36. L

    RCD tripped by central heating which is on a separate circuit

    My central heating is on a dedicated RCBO. The house has two other RCDs, one including the fridge, freezer and cooker. The other RCD is tripping virtually every day after the central heating has been on for 40 minutes or so. It will then often trip again after a few minutes. It can be reset...
  37. S

    No RCD Protection

    Hi all, I got job which client ask me to replace 20 down lights and install new bathroom extractor fan but DB is not RCD protected.(client dose not want change DB ) can I do my job without changing DB or I must change DB? Thank you
  38. littlespark

    Faulty RCD??

    Just done a little kitchen rewire, onto the testing, minor works. Dead tests are fine, all ok. Power on. Tried to do ELI... main rcd trips. Check tester, set to no trip... strange. Screen comes up with “trip” Tried rcd test. Again, trips with same message... doesn’t give me a ms reading. Tried...
  39. Y

    About RCD Handbook

    'Hello everyone, I want an ask question. About The RCD Handbook. There are some statement. There are two marked items in the picture It say there "Class 1"..... and "Class 2". Are these about IEC 61140 Class I and Class II Basic Insulation and Earth Connection or Nec Class 1 and Class 2...
  40. G

    Puzzling tripping issue

    Struggling to work this one out. My house downstair's electrics keep tripping: - only started after old meter was replaced with a smart meter; - always happens (bar perhaps one time) when the oven is heating up, will be on a minute or two so isn't instant, but it's before it reaches...
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