1. T

    Does EVIOS EV Chargepoint need a special 6mA DC trip device installed?

    Hi, If i buy an EVIOS EV chargepoint, do i also need to buy a 6mA DC detector for the mains feed? Or does the EVIOS contain that? And does the EVIOS contain a type B RCD which can detect imbalance from 3mA to >30mA?...or do i need to buy one and get it installed first? EVIOS chargepoint...
  2. H

    What’s the point of earth loop if your rcd performs ?

    Hi guys was having a conversation as a apprentice I’m still not sure and was wondering why earth fault loop impedance is important if you’ve proved your earth because the rcd trips proving your rcd performs ? Can anyone tell me thanks so what my question is in short what’s the point of it if...
  3. M

    Wet UFH Tripping RCD

    Hi. I’ve recently had installed a manifold (including zone valve and pump) for the newly installed Wet UFH in my extension. The system is split into three zones 1) Hot Water 2) Extension UFH 3) The rest of the house which is the original central heating system. All work fine when switched on...
  4. S

    Why is split RCD not appropriate for TT?

    OSG Pg.40 says: '[Split CU with 2x RCCBs] is not suitable for an installation forming part of a TT system as there is insufficient fault protection of the single-insulated conductors that connect the load side of the double-pole main switch to the supply-side of the RCCB's.' Why is there...
  5. J

    Bathroom refit, do I need a RCD?

    Hi all, I'm refitting my bathroom in my first floor flat (top floor) built around 1989. It has 2 CUs, one for night storage and one for 24h electrics, they are of the 1980's era Crabtree, the label on the side says BS5486:PART 13 CM16. The hot and cold are run in plastic from the Immersion...
  6. G

    Oven Tripping RCD help!

    Hi all, Was wondering if anyone has come across this before and could maybe help - Its a new one to me! Customer recently altered layout of their kitchen slightly and bought a new AEG single oven and a new AEG micro / grill oven after doing away with some gas appliances. 1 of the new electric...
  7. W

    110v 55-0-55 RCD's C16

    Hello, Anyone know of any RCDs for CTE 110v sockets that dont cost a small fortune? Need some for some high EFL 110v sockets in a factory I do work in after an EICR.
  8. P

    Outdoor weatherproof socket IP66 with RCD

    Hi, I am a basic DIY'er, with basic electrical skills, NB, I can change a plug/fuse, change a ceiling light fitting, change a socket face plate, install a ceiling fan, immersion heater, extractor fan, etc. I already have one external outdoor weatherproof IP66 double socket at one end of my...
  9. S

    How to properly do an RCD time trip test

    I've seen several videos on these, half of them show an MCB in the 'on' position protected by an RCD also in the 'on' position, earth lead on the earth bar, neutral on the neutral bar, and live on the MCB's line screw terminal. But then i've seen other videos where the earth bar and the...
  10. A

    Will an RCD offer any protection in a building with NO earth circuit?

    I live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and people die here regularly by electrocution. There is no earth wiring in the buildings, just live and neutral. I am a member of an expats forum and the question arises: Will using an RCD device offer any protection at all? I understand RCD's will go off with...
  11. R

    Is a 300mA RCD protection against direct contact (Portugal)?

    Hi friendly people, As you may be aware, I'm a plumber, so quite possibly what I am seeing is correct, though it seems a bit odd to my untrained eyes. Hoping someone might be able to explain a few things to me as I need a bit of reassurance regarding RCD ratings. I'm currently at a relative's...
  12. Rockingit

    The importance of RCD selectivity and type

    I quite often contribute on other's posts about issues with RCD's, thought I'd tell you about what happened to me yesterday as a little bit of a tail and maybe a lesson..... Huge stadium show lighting rig, fed in three sections, each section being about 300/3 draw, mostly all LED fixtures...
  13. R

    Damaged 415v 5 pin socket needs replacing for RCD type.

    I’m replacing a damaged 415v 5pin socket in an engineering shop which is been used for welding, this will need to be replaced with RCD socket to keep up with the regs. but my question is will the welder trip the RCD.
  14. Calebp43

    How to test RCD when RCD is RCD protected?

    Got a sub main board with an RCD inside. Need to test that but whenever I test it it sometimes trips the RCD from the main board. I need to test the RCD from the sub main board. Any suggestions? My thoughts are to bypass the RCD at the main side with connector blocks momentarily but surely...
  15. fourtytwo

    Is this thing in my fusebox labelled RCD actually an RCD ?

    I have my suspicions it is not as it has neither a trip current rating nor test button, please see picture
  16. Neptune

    RCD Testing with Megger 1711

    I'd like some information on the RCD test features and process please. Firstly, does this only apply to sockets or lighting circuits too? Clearly both could be on the RCD With sockets, do we have to run the RCD tests (half, full, five times, ramp) at all sockets or is one socket adequate...
  17. R

    100ma/30ma rcd for hot tub

    Hi I posted recently about a hot tub supply I was needing advice with. One reply I got was directing me to a video by dave savery. Having watched the video I have a question. On his install he puts a 100a 100mA rcd and 32A 30mA rcbo in the same enclosure at the house supply end. Meter tails...
  18. Calebp43

    Why is oven tripping rcd?

    Every time oven gets to temperature it trips the RCD. Thought the oven must be knackered so got a new one. That does the exact same thing. Any ideas? I should add that this is a brand new house. Just moved in yesterday
  19. G

    Does a Digital Shower Mixer Valve require an RCD ?

    Im considering installing a Digital Shower (not pumped, just controlled) during my Bathroom Refit. Im looking for the best option for powering the valve. The Manufacturer recommends runnig a 30mA RCD circuit, however as my Sockets are already protected with an RCD can I connect the valve into a...
  20. N

    Marquee power help please!

    Hi there, I’ve hired a marquee for an event next month but am a bit lost on how to power it. There are 2 sockets 50 metres from the marquee and 2 sockets 80 metres from the marquee. We also have a 10kva generator, which provides over 7kva of continuous power and has 7 sockets. We need to power...
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