1. T

    RCD protection for cables above a plasterboard ceiling

    Are there an reg for cables being above a plasterboard ceiling? Pricing a job to move a kitchen to the other end of the house. I thought about running a 16mm T&E to a submain board instead of running 4/5 circuits back. The old kitchen ceiling ceiling is coming down and the rest would be ran in...
  2. R

    Modern wiring help rcd trip

    Hi all. Newbie please be gentle... My daughter in law moved into a new [2007] build. All socket circuits 20A radial MCB. One socket circuit trips rcd intermittently when the Wi-Fi router psu plugged in. Psu is double insulated and pat tests ok. Radial tests out ok with 50M ohm at 500v. Nothing...
  3. happyhippydad

    Why isnt the RCD tripping?

    I have just completed an EICR. The install is TT, Ze is 308 ohms. Zs on all circuits is <1.5 ohm due to bonding. There is an up front 30mA RCD which trips with the push button but does not trip when tested either at a socket, light or actually in the RCD itself. I know the RCD is faulty as I had...
  4. happyhippydad

    Type A RCD by BG?

    I'm looking for a type A RCD by BG, it could also be a type B (BG). I can find Wylex and Hagar ones but not BG, any helpful links guys? :)
  5. Markyd

    RCD switched fused spurs

    Hi everyone...i remember reading on here not so long ago about rcd switched fused spurs not being allowed for an addition to a circuit that didnt have a rcd as the regs now require that when you have an addition to a circuit the whole circuit must be protected not just the addition,,,could...
  6. S

    RCD tripping under high load on 2 circuits

    I’m in desperate need of someone with great fault finding knowledge. I have a dual rcd consumer unit as seen in picture. The left hand side rcd trips when anything with a high output like a tv for example is turned on in any sockets protected by the left rcd. The left rcd also trips when trying...
  7. P

    Domestic RCD trips every morning between 08.00 and 09.00

    I live in rural Italy. You get to chose your max KW here and pay accordingly. Most home have 1.5-3.0 kw, I pay extra for 5kw. I am at the end of the low voltage lines, one of only a few on this circuit. I constantly have voltage problems, according to my fluke multimeter it can go from 190v to...
  8. S

    Domestic Nuisance RCD advice

    Hi I hope this is the right forum to ask some advice for what I hope is a straight forward question. Short version: Is an RCD required in domestic installation where there are 2 consumer units, each with its own RCD? The layout of the system is Meter > RCD (BG 80A/30mA) > split > CU1 with...
  9. E

    RCD Selection Tips

    Hi Guys found this link today, someone may find it useful. Practical tips for selecting Residual Current Device (RCD) for your application | EEP -...
  10. H

    Requirements for RCD protection

    Good morning all. So question; if you’re making additions to an existing circuit, but the new cable is not min 50mm deep in wall or mechanically protected and the current circuit is not RCD protected do you tell customer that RCD protection is required as per the regs? My thought is yes and...
  11. C

    Testing 300mA RCD with Megger 1552

    Hi, am I right in thinking that a Megger 1552 can’t test RCD’s at more than 1000mA? Therefore a 5x test on s 300mA RCD can’t happen?
  12. M

    Water Pump requires Type A differential switch (RCD?)!

    I am installing a DAB Divertron 1000 water pump in a rainwater harvesting tank and was surprised to discover that the enclosed "Safety Instructions" booklet states "The differential switch protecting the system must be correctly sized and must be of the "Class A" type. It must guarantee...
  13. B

    RCD trip time greater than 300ms

    Got sent this, RCD Failed x1 greater than 300ms maybe if they changed the supply at top of RCD, currently have neutral on the left and line in the right , also the RCD is fed from 63Amp MCB is that all good just feeding an RCBO 30ma board
  14. M

    Rcd rating....may be a stupid question

    ....what mA is this rcd??
  15. V

    Landlords EICR and t&e sub mains without RCD

    Hi All Been doing a lot of EICR for landlords recently due to new legislation and agents i guess. One common issue im finding even with relatively new (10 years) old installations is a T&E sub main. Now some of these have a 100mA rcd .. or no RCD .. some are even wired in concentric cable...
  16. gazdkw82

    RCD testing - metrel MI3000

    Been noticing that when I run an auto RCD test I sometimes get a failure on the x1 and sometimes x1/2. However when performing the tests individually everything is fine. Has anyone had these issues?
  17. R

    Best MFT to avoid RCD uplift?

    just wondering if anyone can recommend an MFT that doesn't suffer (much) from RCD uplift? my megger 1710 is definitely not on the list :angry:
  18. B

    Domestic RCD cutting without physically tripping. a

    Hi I’m new. I have a flat in Madrid which was re-wired in 2011. The fuse box has a single pole 25A breaker, plus a 2P 25a breaker. These feed an RCD known here as a “diferencial”. When I use the oven plus hob plus aircon the power goes off but none of the consumer unit switches physically trip...
  19. Weezy

    Industrial RCD protect Forklift? Yes or No?

    The Job: We are going to wire a forklift point in 6mm swa surface wiring inside a warehouse. It’s a 3Phase forklift point 32amp. Wired from a 3phase eton C32 MCB. Will surface clip swa along existing cable tray down to a rotary isolator and 32amp commando outlet. Jobs pretty simple however...
  20. FatAlan

    Domestic Lighting - RCD protection

    Coming across a few installations with no RCD protection. How are folks finding it out there when doing minor alterations / additions to existing lighting circuits with no RCD protection bearing in mind 18th Edition requirements. Appreciate every installation is different. Are folks replacing...