1. T

    help needed with RCD identification/wiring

    Hi I'd like to install an RCD in a shed, I have 2 good units that were removed from a working installation long ago that I'd like to use instead of buying a new one. The problem is that they don't have the 1-2-3-4 indicators on how to wire them and can't find their datasheet online/google Would...
  2. P

    Two Lutron RA2 Switches - both switched on, and RCD trips, either on and no problems

    Only a DIY'er here, usually safe and competent enough to fix straight forward problems, but this one has me stumped. I have two outside lighting circuits running through Lutron RA2 dimmers. Both go back to a Hager MTN106 RCD. All been working fine for over a year, but now the breaker keeps...
  3. Stamps44

    Replace rcd without replacing whole CU?

    Hi, could I ask for a second opinion please? My RCD failed routine 6 monthly testing using the test button. I'd like to get it replaced, and spoke to an electrician who said that he couldn't replace it without replacing the whole consumer unit because it didn't meet the the latest regs. It...
  4. S

    RCD keeps tripping. Perhaps i've wired it incorrectly?

    Good afternoon! In my house, I have a three-phase power system and this RCD that's rated for 40 A max and 30 mA leakage current. It keeps constantly tripping on loads larger than a phone charger (ie an electric kettle or toaster). This house is to EU standards (I live in Latvia). I'm wondering...
  5. mikeyking

    RCD tripping... What other problem determination can I do?

    Unfortunately my electrician is too busy installing EVs so I've kinda been left on my own for now! I have an issue where the RCD labelled #1 in the attached picture trips as soon as I attempt to turn the immersion heater on. I've had the immersion heater replaced (well, I couldn't get it out...
  6. N

    Rcd protection for caravan hook ups

    I'm sure this will have been covered before but please bear with me. Have been asked to replace a main Distribution board for a fairly small caravan site and add in some new hook ups ( space for 8 x 16A sockets currently but upgrading to 12 x 16A and a 32A). Now this is all fed from one 100A...
  7. Malcolm

    Compatible Series E RCD

    HI. Is anyone able to let me know if there is a compatible 80A RCD for a Series E board? I have tried the tinternet for a replacement but coming up short. Thanks For any help.
  8. M

    Using armouring as earth and RCD protection

    Hi, If an SY cable is used to supply a consumer unit, and there isn't a guaranteed depth of 50mm for the wall it is in, would using the braiding as the earth negate the meed for RCD protection of that cable? Thanks
  9. I

    Nuisance tripping - faulty RCD?

    Had a real headache of a fault finding job which has left me scratching my head - RCCB on a split load board, supplying 3 circuits (shower, immersion and downstairs lights) constantly tripping. The frustrating thing about this was while it would sometimes trip within seconds, mostly it would...
  10. P

    Type AC RCD with solar inverter

    A friend of mine asked me to look at here PV system as she is not getting any power (and thus money) from it. First real issue is the Aurora inverter has a E031 fault which I suspect is burnt out relays, so I can probably fix that with a big iron and a couple of new relays (at last for another...
  11. L

    How to determine the RCD rating in order to comply with 411.4.204

    Hey guys. I am currently studying for 2396 city and guild electrical design exam and I'm stuck on this question. Its asks to determine the residual current rating of an RCD in order to comply with regulation 411.4.204. The circuit in question is a final ring circuit protected by a 20a type C...
  12. J

    RCD tripping straight after smart meter install

    Hello, Firstly, I'm aware other people have posted similar topics on this forum, I'm not trying to create a duplicate, but more looking for advice as to the distance between my smart meter and the tripping RCD. I had a smart meter fitted yesterday, and straight after the installation, the...
  13. R

    Category for lack of RCD on sockets in 27 year old building

    There is a difference of opinion in that a testing company carrying out an EICR has classed lack of RCD protection as a C2 where I understand this type of fault to be a C3 according to Guidance Notes 3 Table 3.5. Their opinion has been formed in reference to a publication called EICR Code...
  14. Davew182

    Why would an RCD trip 3-4 minutes after a light has been turned off?

    No lighting has been changed in the house for at least 12 months. Last night a small pop similar to that of a small firework in the distance came from one of the rooms in my house and the rcd for the front of the house ceiling lights tripped. This happened within a few minutes of me turning off...
  15. N

    rcd rating is this suitable

    quick question, 80a/30ma rcd protecting 5 32a circuits 2 ring mains 1 oven 1 shower 1 hob ive been told the shower and hob need upgraded to 40a mcbs is the rcd still suitable one ring main supplys 4 bedroom sockets the other kitchen/living area with 7 sockets.
  16. A

    Laptop Power Supplies Trip RCD

    Hi, The RCD which protects my 16A ring main always "trips" when I plug/unplug a Laptop power supply. No other type of appliance causes a problem. I have 2 laptops with the external power supplies on leads which both cause this problem. I also have a similar 240v to 12v switching adaptor for a...
  17. W

    Intermittent Tripping Rcd fault

    Feel like I’m posting on here every week for advice :) is a reading of 0.18 megaohms between neutral and earth enough to trip and RCD. Sent to an intermittent Rcd tripping, everything else seems clear bar this one cable. As always nothing tripping while I was there. Ramp tested the RCD and 15ma...
  18. HappyHippyDad

    Getting a bit confused with this EVCP install!

    Following on from another thread I have some more pictures and some more information. There are 2 questions in bold. The customer has bought the avant rapid charger 400V/16A (moder number A426117), this is to charge the Avant Electric compact wheel loader, model e6. The charger looks like it...
  19. R

    Very strange RCD tripping

    Hello I'm wondering if someone can shed any light on a peculiar RCD tripping problem please. It's feeding four socket rings along with garage and the PV system is also connected through it. What happens is the RCD sometimes trips between 09.00 and 09.30 in the morning and only in winter. A...
  20. P

    Do I need to install an RCD for a Hypervolt EV charger

    Hi, Am I correct in saying I can install a single pole Type A 30ma RCBO to feed an Hypervolt EV charger? the supply cable is SWA and the Hypervolt has in built 6ma DC RCD protection. The consumer unit is a Lewden board so would ideally like to install a SP RCBO type A, any issues with this? its...