1. Z

    UK Rcd tripping cause?

    Daughter’s new house. Garage has very old wylex distribution box connected to a double socket and a lighting circuit with one neon. put an RCD’ed extension cord in socket and the RCD trips instantly. Measured leak current at main fuse area. The neon light was switched off. Leakages house as is...
  2. R

    UPS's tripping RCD

    Dear Forum, I am hoping you can help as not only have I already had a qualified electrician out who couldn't find the problem, I've put in hours of research myself so far and still not entirely sure what the solution should be. I work from home and have a number of APC Back-UPS 850 UPS devices...
  3. J

    UK 3 Phase RCD?

    I have recently started on a site where there is a 16A 3 phase Atex socket which is supplied by a 16A 3 phase MCB. It was picked up on a recent inspection that it needs an RCD. For the life of me I cannot find a 16A 3 phase RCD. I started to think does it really need an RCD? The socket is only...
  4. D

    Time delay RCD or Mechanical Protection

    Okay! So, I’m looking to plug a knowledge gap. The set up is a DB in a main dwelling and a second DB in an outbuilding. The supply from the main dwelling to the outbuilding is 16mm2 split concentric. It is buried in sealed ducting at 1500mm at the deepest point (under the lawn). It comes...
  5. C

    RCD size

    Hi all I was wondering if there exists RCD´s (especially type A) which are smaller than the regular DIN rail mountable. It should preferably be a 4 pole version. I have had no luck finding any smaller versions online and I am wondering if they even do exist. It is needed for an EV-Charger...
  6. mc1903

    Intermittent RCD tripping. Benefit of changing over to RCBO's?

    Hi, We have recently had some electrical work completed in the house to add a new circuit for air conditioning. We are now experiencing intermittent RCD trips, at all hours of the day and night, in the section of the consumer unit that the new A/C MCB was installed into. No MCB's trip - just...
  7. S

    Main Ring / Cooker Ring Trip RCD

    Hey everyone help needed please. Moved into a new home, and have just had all the first fit installed for a new kitchen. During first fit, the electrician changed a socket on the kitchen ring and then moved onto another part. Within a few minutes the whole house tripped on the RCD. He retraced...
  8. M

    RCD selection

    Hello, I'm planing to use 3P 32A MCB for 22kW charging station (3-phase unit), but I want to use RCD also. The question is how to select right RCD? Should I use 4P 40A RCD (22.000W/3 and then devided from 230V = 31A) or Should I use 4P 63A RCD (22.000W/400V = 55A)? It's a shame, but I...
  9. G

    C2 on EICR due to RCD Protection

    Hi everyone, I had an EICR certificate done recently and it came back with a C2 for RDC protection on the freezer socket (as below). A picture of the consumer unit is also below. The question I had is what do I need to do to fix it, what is the easiest solution? Does this require the circuit...
  10. A

    EICR unsatisfacory

    The home buyer surveyor recommended an EICR on a property I intend to purchase, because the sellers made some changes to circuits. The house is built in 1973/74 and had a garage conversion into an office and a wall removed to convert the kitchen and dining room into an open plan kitchen in...
  11. P

    2 RCD's - are they needed

    Hi I’m looking for advice on the following: I’ve yet to contact my local council about installing a light in Zone 1 of my bathroom (this due to height restrictions) but reading up on it in order to get ready for the off I thought it wise to check out my understanding / intentions first. The...
  12. RyanAspire

    New circuit design question

    Hi guys, Have a job on next week for a friend, my usual industry is maintenance so want to be sure I am checking all the boxes here. He intially measured the run out at 122m, which would require a 70mm cable due to volt drop, however its changed slightly and I have other queries... He now...
  13. D

    UK Why does my RCD keep tripping?

    We've been having some windy weather here in Oxford recently. It's occasionally causing the lights to flicker and sometimes it causes the RCD in the attached photo to trip (the one I've put a red box around). First question - is that normal? It happens when we're not "doing" anything in terms...
  14. OnlQQker

    So How Come A 30ms Rcd Is Supposed To Trip In Ms..

    Yet when you accidently touch it with human hands it is way longer. I've done this a few times in my clumsiness and it certainly does not trip in milliseconds! Just wondered what anybody else thinks.
  15. S

    Weird Electrium Consumer Unit B4471/2?

    Hi, I am having weird behaviour from my flat's electrics which I think will need an electrician. The flat is empty whilst it is being redecorated and there is nothing plugged in. With no load the RCD trips some days and will not reset but other times is fine. I have discovered that if I switch...
  16. GBDamo

    TT commercial unit upfront RCD

    Have been doing some small jobs on a commercial unit converted for storage, changing lights and broken sockets and the like. Units look to be c.20 years old. The interesting thing is the unit is Three Phase TT, the rod being directly beneath the DB and incomer all in a small cupboard. There...
  17. Weezy

    UK RCD protection to Meter Tails?

    About 20Meters of 25mm meter tails are routed though the floor boards feeding a sub main. To protect the tails under the floor i was going to fit a Mini Metal Unit with RCD protection Fused at 50A at the mains position, Just wanted to check to ensure it’s a 30ma ‘S Type’ RCD i need? As the c.u...
  18. C

    RCD test results

    I did a board change this week and fitted a BG dual RCD. Carried out all my testing before hand and everything checked out ok. Fitted the board and did my post live tests and both RCD's trip at 4.8ms at x 5 and 8ma on the ramp test. So I though maybe a dickie batch of RCD's, swapped them...
  19. L

    Radiant ring 5 turn trips rcd

    Creda Starlight replaced 7" radiant ring with 5 turn version which trips at RCD. Tried with 2 new rings , same result. Replaced with 7" radiant ring with 4 turn version which works perfectly. What is explanation for this .
  20. J

    UK Standardising on site to TP & N Sockets rather than TP and no N

    Hi I have a site where they have some sockets fed via Three Phase and Neutral and others TP with no N. Rather than both types of sockets for both types of appliances, was looking at 'standardising' and upgrading all plugs to TP and N. And where the appliance did not need a N, it would be left...