1. T

    UK Fridge tripping RCD via one socket but not another

    Hi, We have a ten year old fridge-freezer plugged into an older socket (20 yrs plus I should think). It started tripping the RCD on the consumer unit. I assumed I needed a new fridge and, to avoid repeatedly rebooting all equipment on the circuit while I sourced one, I plugged it in via a...
  2. T

    Plumber's reason for RCD tripping.

    Plumber changes boiler and RCD main switch starts tripping at various times when its firing up or soon after. (I was there doing other work). I test ring (that its connected to) and get +299Mohms on all tests. RCD doesn't trip at x0.5 and trips at x1 and x5, all fine. I've suggested to them...
  3. R

    Testing Loop Impedance through RCD.

    Hi, installed some circuits in a factory. The circuits were tapped off of a busbar that goes straight to the main switchgear. From this I installed a Chint RCD, which then goes to 2x Chint TP MCB and 1x Chint SP RCD. One of the TP MCB´s goes to red commando sockets and the SP MCB goes to blue...
  4. B

    Garage RCD conundrum.

    Can anyone help with this one I've been scratching my head over for a week? Called to a customer whose garage RCD keeps tripping. TNCS supply, three core SWA submain to RCD garage unit, two radial circuits (6A lights, 16A sockets). IR test from main board on whole garage installation 0.01 mega...
  5. T

    UK Bathroom lights not up rated or rcd protected

    Hi everyone just wondering what action everyone would take with this situation. I came to a house to look at a downlight that wasn't working above a bath it was not up rated and the circuit had no rcd protection being on an old wylex board with plug in mcb's. I told them that the fittings were...
  6. J

    RCD vs MCB...

    Does an MCB protect against fault current in the same way as an RCD does? As in, both devices trip by way of detecting imbalance in the Line conductors and thus using magnetism to sprag the switch? I ask, because if so, I can’t get my head round why an RCD is better than an MCB. I know that it...
  7. J

    RCD impedance

    Hi everyone, I appreciate this is probably a really silly question. I’ve come across the below test question and although I know how to find the answer, I don’t understand why we would need to know what the max permissible earth fault loop impedance is in relation to a 30mA RCD? I hope someone...
  8. R

    RCD and Elements

    To whom may know the current standards, if I have a element that is connected to the body of a machine, do I need an rcd in line. As the elements give a slight leakage and trip my test rcd. Do all heating elements have leakage?
  9. terry1969

    Rcd failure

    Went to a job this morn rcd trips in kitchen , went to have a look pat tested some items and IR on dishwasher was 0.47 ohms , so must be the issue everything else was ok , tested rcd on kitchen ring and rcd didn’t trip , so tested the rcd at the board mk 7800 series and it tripped but not in the...
  10. happyhippydad

    Using an front S type RCD on a TT installation

    I usually install dual RCD consumer units rather than RCBO boards due to cost, however with the cost of RCBO's coming down I have started fitting consumer units with RCBO's. On an installation with TT as it's means of earthing I would always replace the main switch of the dual RCD consumer unit...
  11. E

    9.5kw Galaxy unvented heater trips RCD

    When water is turned ON the RCD TRIPS. 10 metres from CU, 40A mcb. 10mm Doncaster Cable. Changed to 50mcb and 25mm meter tails. still RCD trips?
  12. J

    Would having upstairs/downstairs rings on same rcd speed up powerline adaptors

    Hi i'm trying to get the best speed i can from powerline adaptors scattered around the house. between the downstairs ones the speed is 784mbps, however to the upstairs ones only get 40mbps. i've eliminated all the interference i can around the house that was affecting the speed. if the upstairs...
  13. V

    1960s Florescent light instantly trips mains RCD

    Hi all, first post! I'm currently restoring a Rockola jukebox from 1964 and I'm very nearly there, there's a problem with one of the florescent lights which I can't seem to get my head around, one of the three florescent lamps the entire house out as soon as you switch the thing on. The...
  14. N

    No Discrimination

    Evening guys, Query with discrimination. Main DB with 30m/A RCD feeding another sub board with 30m\A RCD. The RCD in the main DB is tripping out before the sub board RCD. Am I able to change the Main DB RCD to a type S? (All that Main RCD is feeding is two sub boards, twin and earth fed in an...
  15. C

    RCD fused spur suitable or not?

    Good Evening All, I have been asked by the family of some elderly neighbours to install a socket in an understairs cupboard for a small chest freezer and add a lighting point in the same cupboard. Installation is protected by a Wylex 3036 rewireable board so had no rcd protection and the...
  16. N

    Hi Zs reading through rcd.

    Morning all, having a bit of a fun time with my tester at the moment. Bear with me as I'm still in training. Ive got a Dilog 9083p. I know it's not regarded as the best tester out there but like I said, I'm just starting out. The problem I have is this. Ive tested Ze at the board and all...
  17. H

    RCD protection

    Good afternoon all. So question for you; if you were doing some minor works on property and noticed lighting circuits are not on RCD protection would you advise the customer? I looked at a small job and mentioned changing mcbs for rcbos. I know there’s people who would just do the work and go...
  18. B

    RCD tripping time (in factory)

    Hi, bit confused, have an RCD Main Switch 250A with variable settings for mA and mS, now this is set at 1000mA, 1s time delay, I’m getting 99ms with set on 1000mA and no time delay my tester does not do 1s delay, now this board feeds another, so will I put 1099ms for tripping time? I was just...
  19. The apprentice

    rcd keeps tripping

    hi there there split rcd board with rcd keeps tripping maybe once twice sometimes 3 times a day turned the washing machine on tripped straight away got rid got another’s one now it’s tripping jus now and then
  20. C

    Time delayed RCD

    My guys were testing a 500ma time delayed RCD today with our Fluke tester, can’t remember the model, 1556??? I had a go and couldn’t get it to trip either. The tester was set to time delayed setting, 500mA, did the 30s countdown but didn’t trip. Am I doing something wrong?? And yes I was...
  21. D

    Megger 1552 (Hi current test not tripping 30ma rcd)

    Hi guys, I own 2 megger mft 1552 testers. I recently found that loop readings on both testers give me high Zs readings on final circuits protected by 30ma rcds on low current. If I select the hi current setting I get a reading I expect to achieve, but the hi current test never trips the rcd...
  22. F

    RCD Tripping Randomly When PC Plugged In

    Hi everyone I have a frustrating problem which has recently developed. I kept finding that my power was tripping. I could just reset it then everything was fine for a while then it would happen again. It might happen once per day or it might happen a few times or it might not happen at all for...
  23. M

    Domestic RCD trips when street lights come on, but ...

    Hello everyone, This is my first thread, and with English as a second language, I hope I can get you all trough my post without losing anybody. So, as the title states - my current problem is as follows; My neighbors just moved into their newly built house. One big house, separated into two...
  24. msattitude

    RCD 1 Tripping When Kettle Turned On

    Hi, Have an issue with the RCD1 tripping each time I turn on the kettle. Have tried 3 different kettles and they all trip it yet all 3 kettles work fine. The confusion is, the kettle is plugged into socket that is run via RCD2 NOT RCD1 This is the set up: RCD1 trip controls: Oven Boiler Kitchen...
  25. T

    RCD protection for cables above a plasterboard ceiling

    Are there an reg for cables being above a plasterboard ceiling? Pricing a job to move a kitchen to the other end of the house. I thought about running a 16mm T&E to a submain board instead of running 4/5 circuits back. The old kitchen ceiling ceiling is coming down and the rest would be ran in...
  26. RutlandFox

    Modern wiring help rcd trip

    Hi all. Newbie please be gentle... My daughter in law moved into a new [2007] build. All socket circuits 20A radial MCB. One socket circuit trips rcd intermittently when the Wi-Fi router psu plugged in. Psu is double insulated and pat tests ok. Radial tests out ok with 50M ohm at 500v. Nothing...
  27. happyhippydad

    Why isnt the RCD tripping?

    I have just completed an EICR. The install is TT, Ze is 308 ohms. Zs on all circuits is <1.5 ohm due to bonding. There is an up front 30mA RCD which trips with the push button but does not trip when tested either at a socket, light or actually in the RCD itself. I know the RCD is faulty as I had...
  28. happyhippydad

    Type A RCD by BG?

    I'm looking for a type A RCD by BG, it could also be a type B (BG). I can find Wylex and Hagar ones but not BG, any helpful links guys? :)
  29. Markyd

    RCD switched fused spurs

    Hi everyone...i remember reading on here not so long ago about rcd switched fused spurs not being allowed for an addition to a circuit that didnt have a rcd as the regs now require that when you have an addition to a circuit the whole circuit must be protected not just the addition,,,could...
  30. S

    RCD tripping under high load on 2 circuits

    I’m in desperate need of someone with great fault finding knowledge. I have a dual rcd consumer unit as seen in picture. The left hand side rcd trips when anything with a high output like a tv for example is turned on in any sockets protected by the left rcd. The left rcd also trips when trying...
  31. P

    Domestic RCD trips every morning between 08.00 and 09.00

    I live in rural Italy. You get to chose your max KW here and pay accordingly. Most home have 1.5-3.0 kw, I pay extra for 5kw. I am at the end of the low voltage lines, one of only a few on this circuit. I constantly have voltage problems, according to my fluke multimeter it can go from 190v to...
  32. S

    Domestic Nuisance RCD advice

    Hi I hope this is the right forum to ask some advice for what I hope is a straight forward question. Short version: Is an RCD required in domestic installation where there are 2 consumer units, each with its own RCD? The layout of the system is Meter > RCD (BG 80A/30mA) > split > CU1 with...
  33. E

    RCD Selection Tips

    Hi Guys found this link today, someone may find it useful. Practical tips for selecting Residual Current Device (RCD) for your application | EEP -...
  34. H

    Requirements for RCD protection

    Good morning all. So question; if you’re making additions to an existing circuit, but the new cable is not min 50mm deep in wall or mechanically protected and the current circuit is not RCD protected do you tell customer that RCD protection is required as per the regs? My thought is yes and...
  35. C

    Testing 300mA RCD with Megger 1552

    Hi, am I right in thinking that a Megger 1552 can’t test RCD’s at more than 1000mA? Therefore a 5x test on s 300mA RCD can’t happen?
  36. M

    Water Pump requires Type A differential switch (RCD?)!

    I am installing a DAB Divertron 1000 water pump in a rainwater harvesting tank and was surprised to discover that the enclosed "Safety Instructions" booklet states "The differential switch protecting the system must be correctly sized and must be of the "Class A" type. It must guarantee...
  37. B

    RCD trip time greater than 300ms

    Got sent this, RCD Failed x1 greater than 300ms maybe if they changed the supply at top of RCD, currently have neutral on the left and line in the right , also the RCD is fed from 63Amp MCB is that all good just feeding an RCBO 30ma board
  38. M

    Rcd rating....may be a stupid question

    ....what mA is this rcd??
  39. V

    Landlords EICR and t&e sub mains without RCD

    Hi All Been doing a lot of EICR for landlords recently due to new legislation and agents i guess. One common issue im finding even with relatively new (10 years) old installations is a T&E sub main. Now some of these have a 100mA rcd .. or no RCD .. some are even wired in concentric cable...
  40. gazdkw82

    RCD testing - metrel MI3000

    Been noticing that when I run an auto RCD test I sometimes get a failure on the x1 and sometimes x1/2. However when performing the tests individually everything is fine. Has anyone had these issues?
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