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  1. M

    RCD Test failure question

    Hi there, I’m a confused landlord after a bit of advice please... I had my property renovated including electric 6 years ago. The RCD operating time for lights was tested at 16.4ms back then. Another electrician (arranges by the letting agent) has just completed the updated EICR and failed the...
  2. MarkRibbands

    Does a 3 Phase socket supplying a Portacabin's 30mA-protected DB still need its own RCD protection?

    This month I'm building a remote lab for specialist chemistry work, in a self-contained 'Portacabin' type building. The cabin will have a new, Hager 3 phase board, with an 30mA RCCD main switch. It's only a single small room so I'm not bothered about the possibility of the whole installation...
  3. C

    RCD Test

    I’ve been asked in install a new outdoor socket for a customer that has a holiday static caravan but I’m confused about the testing side after. Usually I’d complete an RCD tripling time test however the caravan has an RCD on theor own board as well as an RCD on the meter. How can I ensure it’s...
  4. M

    Exterior RCD protected IP66 double socket

    Hello. I need an outdoor socket and bought a ‘kit’ that allows a ‘soft wire’ IP66 socket. It is connected inside through the wall to an indoor socket by flex and a captive RCD plug. Unfortunately they sent a ‘hardwired’ unit which costs more but leaves no trailing leads inside. So I’d like to...
  5. Z

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to prove in a book that the highest x5 of an RCD test is sufficient please? It’s a question on my am2 testing. Thanks

    Hi, could anyone tell me how to prove in a book that the highest x5 of an RCD test is sufficient please? It’s a question on my am2 testing. Thanks I’m also struggling on how to check that my measure PFC at DB will trip the breakers in time. This question was a tick box on the exam so if anyone...
  6. P

    Hager split load board - 1 RCD tripping but not the other.

    Hi folks, My first post so hello! I’ve just put in a Hager 10 way split load CU at my in-laws and a new main isolator switch. They previously had an old rewireable fuse board, supply is via a 60A fuse and TT earth arrangement. No issues previously that I’m aware of. I didn’t get time to do any...
  7. P

    Replacing steeple RCD

    Good Morning, The RCD that protects half of our split steeple board is showing signs of overheating. The connection was loose and i've tightened it. ive contacted Denmans (who i believe bought steeple) asking for a replacement rcd. they've said that they don't make the series e anymore but...
  8. D

    EICR Code for working RCD with non-functioning test button

    Doing one more of the flood of EICR today on a rented property before a tenant change, but ran into a slightly interesting case so would appreciate other people's views. About 6.5 years ago I partially rewired the small kitchen at this property - and since the main fuseboard was a skeleton...
  9. D

    EICR Certificate not issued. Not all circuits RCD protected rated C2

    Hello, I've recently had an EICR done on my 2 bed house which is a residential let. This house is about 25 years old built by Charles Church. The EICR has not been issued due do C2's, there were no C1's Email with C2s ratings for 1) Not all circuits RCD protected, 2) Bathroom light is a bare...
  10. T

    EICR lighting not on RCD

    Hi all, as many of us are probably getting lots of EICR's to do on rental properties, I'm just wondering what you guys are coding non RCD circuits, especially Lighting. As we know,new circuits have to be 30mA covered but the older installs didn't. Personally I'm coding C3 for lighting, Immersion...
  11. SJD

    When did sockets require RCD protection?

    Can someone tell me when it became a requirement for sockets (domestic property, use by ordinary persons) to have RCD protection. Or rather, a flat completed (first sold) in Sep 2007, with no RCD protection for anything - would that have complied at the time. I don't have any earlier regs. that...
  12. Z

    Physical Orientation of RCD Spur box

    Is it OK to put an RCD on its side / upside down physically provided it is wired properly? I've never seen one that was not upright.
  13. B

    High Zs RCD for fault protection?

    Hi, kind of follow on from my last post, but my boss hasn’t explained very well hoping you guys can High Zs on circuit, Can you reply on an RCD for fault protection? He’s told me if the circuit is RCD then you can use that as fault protection, obviously you can’t meet disconnection times for...
  14. P

    Is an rcd in a box a consumer unit?

    Hi, The supply to my MILs shed doesn't have rcd protection. The board supplying the shed is an old one and the mcbs can't be changed to rcbos is it notifiable to take the existing shed supply cable that's coming out of the CU and redirect it through an rcd or rcbo in a single module box? i...
  15. bigspark17

    Submain rcd fault protection

    If a 2 core swa was run for a submain to an outbuilding with no extraneous parts in it, but the zdb reading was well over the maximum earth fault loop impedance. Could an rcd time delay be installed at supply end to cover the submain ie increasing its new maximum zs reading? Hope thats clear 🙈
  16. S

    Rcd problem

    Hi guys. needs a little advice. got some garden lights on external sockets all coming back into to the house and terminates on a rcd spur.A light went faulty tripping a fuse on the main board.Looks like a faulty rcd spur.Question is. .I use the rcd test switch as an on off switch for the garden...
  17. K

    Rcd tripping from new 3hp tablesaw

    I have a 40amp trip on my main consumer unit feeding my workshop where I have another consumer unit with 1x6 amp 2x16 amp and 1x32amp trips. I've replaced my old 3hp tablesaw that was run from a 13 amp plug on the 32amp ring with a new 3hp one that is plugged into a 16amp socket through a 20amp...
  18. R

    EICR no RCD given a C2

    Hello, I've recently had an EICR done on my residential let. The property is a 1-bed flat in London on the 8th floor, about 10 to 15 years old. The EICR has not been issued but the electrcian has said as things stand, it is unsatisfactory with a C2 rating. This is due to the the fuse boxes did...
  19. D

    No RCD domestic lighting

    Firstly sorry if this has been asked before. Carrying out alot of EICRs because of the new rental laws. Keep coming across boards with just one RCD. Lighting circuits not protected normally I issue a C2 for this and had no problems but one landlord who thinks he knows everything has queried my...
  20. W

    Rcd Tripping On Dual Board

    Hi, ive added some outdoor led lights to the downstairs lighting circuit. there are a few 24v lights which are powered by 3 x led drivers (15w, 15w, 20w) there's a few PIRs controlling the lights as well. Ive protected them with their own rcd 30ma spur and a 1amp bs1362. the lighting...
  21. happysteve

    What would give a low N-E resistance (at DC), but not cause the RCD to trip?

    I'm familiar with RCD spurs giving readings of 0.1 to 0.3MΩ when testing insulation resistance (L+N tied together to E), but what would give a reading of about 65Ω (when tested with "low resistance ohmmeter" i.e. continuity setting) N-E? On a lighting circuit - N isolated from other N's...
  22. D

    No load fuse trip but not RCD.

    I awoke to find half of the circuits had tripped on the RCD the other day. So I when I reset the RCD and then turned off each fused circuit and turned them back on in sequence to find which one was tripping the RCD. Turns out it was the first floor sockets ring circuit which has a B32 MCB which...
  23. J

    Will an rcd operate

    Will an rcd operate on the secondary part of a transformer if the primary side is RCD protected? Thanks in advance for your help
  24. N

    US Surge Protector trips RCD

    Hi everyone, I need some advice please. I have a number of 110v equipment from the US that I need to supply power to. When using a step down 240 to 110 transformer when I plug in the 110v power Strip with built in Surge protection it trips the RCD on my consumer unit. I read up on this a...
  25. O

    Dishwasher tripping RCD even when not running?

    Hi Every few weeks in the last 6 months the RCD has been tripping in my house. I narrowed it down to the kitchen because the RCD wouldn't reset if all sockets in the kitchen were on. If I turned them all off I could reset it, and if I slowly turned each socket back on one-by-one everything...
  26. D

    Fused spur rcd

    I’ve had a water feature installed in my garden, I’ve ran an swa from the garage cu to the water feature area and connected to the pumps rubber flex (wiska box and magic gel used). Although the connections are good, if there is a fault the rcd in the house will trip out. My question is could I...
  27. D

    UK Plug and play hot tub tripping the rcd. My cleverspa trips the rcd plug as soon as i plug it in.

    I have a clever spa portable spa and as soon as i plug it in the rcd plug trips. What rcd plug can i get to replace it. Is it the rcd plug thst is faulty?
  28. J

    Does workshop equipment such as lathes require RCD protection.

    Does workshop equipment such as lathes and mills Need rcd protection?
  29. M

    Weird RCD Issue...

    We have a race trailer in which runs off both single phase and 3 phase. A contactor for each, which activates when plugged in, with the single phase all phases linked. The DB has a 100ma upfront RCD incomer, then 30ma Europa RCBO's. In 99% of scenarios there will also be a 30ma RCD on the...
  30. suffolkspark

    Rcd Board with round knockouts

    Hi all, im having a mare trying to find a board that suits my requirements. Can anybody reccomend a sensibly priced off the shelf solution. I sinlmply want a 100A 30mA upfront type A rcd. 10 usable ways (no size constraint so can be bigger) ROUND KNOCKOUTS So many now seem to have square...
  31. Y

    Which rcd type do you use for general use in your country?

    Hello to everyone, Please, which rcd type do you use for general use in your country? Which legislation is the application based on? Thank you from now.
  32. E

    Load on non RCD side, causes RCD trip

    Hi Looking for advice on a intermittent fault. New dishwasher is causing RCD to trip (happened with two new dishwashers - supplier changed it for me). Thinking therefore it was an issue with the ring main, I plugged it into the cooker socket but it still trips at some point during the...
  33. C

    UK RCD adaptor issue

    I am seeking professional advice. I have no electrical qualifications. On the last 2 occasions I have cut my lawn the RCD adaptor did not trip BUT when I disconnected the mower the RCD was completely dead (ie would not reset nor test nor allow power to any device) . On the second occasion I...
  34. T

    Rcd spur for Bathroom electrics

    Hi Everyone , I hope everyone is having an awesome week, I know this question has probably been covered before on previous posts, but wanted to get everybody else’s opinion and take on it. So I’m quoting on a job and it entails replacement of existing central light in the bathroom for five...
  35. J

    RCD for boiler replacement? When is an RCD NEEDED?

    When does an installation NEED an RCD? I thought that all new circuits need one but I now believe that I am mistaken. Regulation 411.3.3 for socket outlets up to 32amps and regulation 411.3.4 for lights. Then for special locations like bathrooms. If the cables are less than 50mm deep into the...
  36. N

    Door shutter rcd!

    Hello I have an oportunity to take one big commercial job! there would be 4 -3 phase door shutter!i think 16 amps socket! should i put rcd on each shutter or one enought for 4 shutter? should i protect the ciruitS by rcd? the cable will run on very high level on the cable tray ! if yes ,where...
  37. D

    RCD Tripping

    I’ve a new self build house that I’ve moved into prior to the lockdown in the UK. 100amp supply from Scottish power. Within my Consumer Unit I’ve an 80A RCD which is serving the following: B40 MCB (garage, not connected) B40 MCB (oven) B32 MCB (upstairs ring sockets) B32 MCB (outdoor and attic...
  38. J

    Supp bonding needed with RCD + testing supp bonding

    Hello there all, I'm a fairly newly qualified electrician and have been doing more and more EICRs lately, if someone could actually trawl through my long question and answer it then I shall be eternally grateful I have tested 3 electrical installations in the last week with no RCD devices, all...
  39. P

    My RCD won't reset after testing

    my RCD's wont reset after testing. I have 6 RCD in my fuse box all in a row (and only 4 MCB - which doesn't seem usual). After pressing the test button, the RCD triggers. The RCD won't however allow itself to be reset. I have tried resetting with all the MCB turned off as well as all...
  40. F

    Oven tripping RCD

    Evening all, the wife cleaned the oven yesterday (self clean setting) and is now tripping the RCD but only when it gets up to a higher temp. This has also occurred when using the top oven? I have conn checked the heating element (38 ohms) and the thermostat seems to work as light goes out when...
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