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  1. P

    Advise please on a new re-wire

    Hi all, I would appreciate some proffessional advise on a recent re-wire my friend has had. Im not 100% up on regs for domestic property and also sure about workmanship practices but I know this is a bad job. I want to go back to the contractor but Im gathering some 'truths' first before I...
  2. Dannyboybl00

    Pro Electrician West Sussex Qualified Electrician - Matrick Electrical Services Ltd

    West Sussex Electricians - Matrick Electricial Services Ltd I’m an East Grinstead based electrician and have lived in the area for over 30 years. I’ve been involved in the Construction Industry for 20 years and have Project Managed and Site Managed around the UK for almost 18 years. During this...
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