1. D

    Can anyone explain this reading (suspected open circuit)

    Alright troops ! First post here ! Any one come over this situation before ! Yesterday i connected an existing feed for cooker good into socket but it wasn’t working when I turned on! I tested between live and earth (240v) between live and neutral (12v ) and neutral and earth (0 volt ) I...
  2. N

    Dual rate meter reading

    Hi guys, could you tell me how much the dual-rate meter reading costs, please? I have a water heater economy7 so I want to change my meter for dual instead of single. You could also send me a link or details about the one which is worth buying. I would be grateful. Thanks
  3. N

    Hi Zs reading through rcd.

    Morning all, having a bit of a fun time with my tester at the moment. Bear with me as I'm still in training. Ive got a Dilog 9083p. I know it's not regarded as the best tester out there but like I said, I'm just starting out. The problem I have is this. Ive tested Ze at the board and all...
  4. P

    Electricians Mate Looking for a Mate or Trainee position in Reading

    Hi guys I’m looking for a start with a firm preferably full time .. I have completed 2365 Level 2 and just started the Level 3 at college doing night classes.. eager to get into the industry and get my hands dirty.. I have passed the ECS Test and have a driving license and a bag of tools ...
  5. P

    UK Looking for work as a mate or trainee in Reading

    Hi all I’m looking for a firm in or around Reading to take me on as a mate or trainee .. I’ve passed my Level 2 2365 and am starting Level 3 tonight at college .. I have passed ecs test, I have a full uk driving license, a lot of hand tools and building up my power tools.. any help would be much...
  6. Dan

    Similar Threads shown at the bottom of the thread you're reading - is back

    Similar Threads shown at the bottom of the thread you're reading - is back. But thanks to those who contribute to the forum by way of Upgrading Their Account to a Subscribed Member it is now using the all singing all dancing enhanced searching feature, rather than just using the thread titles...
  7. H

    USA Low voltage reading on OFF circuit

    On standard residential house wiring (USA). Working on a single circuit with the circuit breaker in OFF position at the wall. When connecting a decent (Klein) multi-meter to black and neutral (white) wires I see a low voltage reading of .4260 (POINT four two six zero) showing on the multi-meter...
  8. P

    Electricians Mate Mate / Trainee looking for a start in Reading or surrounding area

    I’ve passed my 2365 level 2 and starting Level 3 in September at Guildford College .. looking for a start with someone if there’s anything available .. I have transport and most tools.. doing my ECS test on the 20th August .. I’m a hard grafter and looking for something permanent preferably ...
  9. L

    PFC reading

    Carried out a ccu replacement and then started testing, my PFC was 38A & 6.11 ohms. Just wanted to have some thoughts as mine was that there must be a poor connection or break in the main cpc? Thanks
  10. S

    Industrial Volt meter reading 760volts in 3phase dol starter overloads

    Hi I have been called out to a fault on a grain dryer where the motor interlocks are not disconnecting. Previous conveyors. Upon investigation I have found one starter that does not disconnect the preceding motor but when tripped I am getting 550v to earth from a1 and wait for it 760volts to...
  11. D

    Volt reading across N and cpc

    I'm in a vineyard. There is a 300m buried SWA from the ccu direct to a 2 gang socket. I'm getting 247V across N and L at the ccu.... But at the socket I'm getting 100V across E and N and 147 across L and N. Continuity as a radial tested ok IR All over 500 M Please list possible issues here...
  12. D

    Zs reading with main earth disconnected

    Morning, just checking a lighting circuit on a house, I have the main earth disconnected and still get a zs reading of 2.2 ohms. No evidence of an earth spike and bonding goes direct to henley block. Any suggestions why this could happen??
  13. R

    Zs reading does not meet current regs

    Doing some prior tests befor installing a fused spur from a radial circuit, and have found the Zs reading higher then the current regs, obviously it complys with a past reg, but as I’ll be doing a minor works for the job, when filling out their cert would I just put it down as an observation in...
  14. L

    Electricians Mate Looking for electricians mate or trainee for immediate start in Reading

    Hi there, We are looking for an electricians mate/trainee/apprentice for immediate start in Reading please PM me if interested.
  15. P

    Fluke t6 tester, non contact voltage reading?

    Anyone got one of these yet? I’ve got the older t5 version and the fingers on the end are really handy with ac current detection. The new one supposedly gives you non contact voltage reading as well. Was in eddies and there was one in a stand on the counter to try out, it wouldn’t work when I...
  16. Blehstor

    Tachometer reading four times as normal

    Hello everyone. I installed a new instruments panel with a tachometer for my old car (Fiat Uno) the board is for a Fiat Palio but the connections are the same and the panel fits perfectly. The only problem is the tachometer, it displays 4000 rpm when the car is turned on but idle, and goes all...
  17. Tom Crabbe


    Hello, has anyone noticed in the new GN3 that any reading below 20 Mohms now has to be investigated or is this a printing mistake as it used to be 2Mohms? Thank you Tom
  18. K

    Multimeter showing reading when nothing is plugged in

    I want to talk about the context to this first, I'm in my first year at college studying level 2 electrical installation and for Christmas my family got me a toolkit which had some tools , multimeter and a soldering iron. They didn't really know much about things like that and they wanted it to...
  19. FatAlan

    A little holiday reading. What a sad person am !

    Quite nice out here in Antigua though ;)
  20. P

    Electrician Looking for work in Reading

    Hi I’m looking for work as a mate or labourer in Reading or surrounding area ... I started my 2365 at college in September and all going well so far .. im just itching to get on with some graft and gain more work based experience .. thanks in advance
  21. M

    PFC reading of 8ka on domestic installation

    Hello , ive just got off the phone to niceic regarding a pfc reading of 8ka. Ze reading of 30.2 ohms on a tt installation and pfc of 8ka. MCBs rated at 6ka so obviously I was not happy with the higher test result. Niceic said all was ok due to 230 divided by 30.2 = fault current of 7.6A and...
  22. haptism

    Low insulation reading

    Testing a ring earlier and found 0.8M ohm at 250v between (L&N) - E. This wouldnt be a neon causing this would it as im testing between L N (joined) to E ? I have not yet tested between the three individually. This low reading is making me hope somethings still connected, there is a digital...
  23. David77

    Electrician's Mate based in Reading seeking work in the N.Berks area.

    Good evening all, I am seeking any work opportunity to help me make a career change to become a fully qualified electrician. To begin achieving this goal, I will be starting a Level 2 electrical installation course in 2 weeks time at Langley College. I have my own transport, am ready to start...
  24. B

    fluctuating resistants reading megger met 1710

    Hello I'm getting fluctuating resistants readings when using a megger mft 1710 meter, Does anyone know whats causing this / how to mend it. Ive tried taking it apart to have a look inside but can't even take it apart does anyone know how too (ps its not the same as the older testers)
  25. M

    **Wanted** Trade buddy Co-Worker Reading Berkshire

    Hi there, Fully qualified but only 2/3 experienced taking on some fairly difficult jobs working alone. Learning very fast but I could really do with some local guys/gals to team up with from time-to-time. Ideal person would be on top of their theory & regs with a good standard of workmanship...
  26. happyhippydad

    Different reading when using continuity and IR?

    This is one of those slightly embarrassing questions that I feel I should know the answer to. I can feel the answer lurking under my skin but it's just not surfacing and needs a push! Pre-work visit for a CU change. There was 65K Ω resistance between N-E on the continuity setting, however when...
  27. Rick Ellmore

    Am I being asked for a Ze reading before any work?

    Hi Guys and Gals, currently I am finishing off my NVQ & i'm being asked the question on One file "Check the safety of electrical systems prior to the commencement of inspection, testing and commissioning".... Is this just fancy wording to say check Ze before you do anything else? Any advice...
  28. John Lundrigan

    Help with reading site plans for wiring regs

    Hi All, I am hoping to that someone might be able to point me in the direction of a suitable resource that will help me interpret the details of site electrical plan that will allow me to get the necessary details that I can use for cable calculations. I came across this issue when I was...
  29. NDG Elecs

    Fluctuating IR reading.

    Hi One and All. Fault finding today. Narrowed it down to one leg of RFC between N&CPC. What puzzled me was the fluctuation in the IR test. Normally I find the reading stabilises after a short period (5-20 seconds). Today the reading was constantly jumping between 20Mohms with an occasional...
  30. B

    No R2 reading on ring

    Hi guys, New to testing but been doing installations for about 5 years now. I've come across a problem where the ring I'm testing has no R2 reading, I've split the ring and done a r1+r2 test to find out which leg it's on. Problem is I don't know how the ring was wired. Is there an easy and...
  31. A

    Hight r1 + r2 reading

    Is 2.07 a satisfactory readinf for light lights r1+r2 and plus got a reading of 1.02 for zs on sockets.
  32. A

    R1+r2 reading and r1,r2 and rn on ring final

    Hi there Been stuck on this for a while. What is the maximum r1+r2 reading possible on a lighting circuit in a domestic property. With a type b 6amp breaker. Also if you guys could tell me about r1+r2 and rn Maximum readings for ring final. Thanks
  33. Gavin John Hyde

    Lower Ze reading than expected

    On a job today and when testing got a Ze of 0.03 ohms on a tncs. Using a Kewtech 64DL. Installation has main fuse in hallway outside the 2 bedflat then a switched fuse feeding a submain cable to the actual CU. I did Ze at both immediately before switched fuse and in CU with earth disconnected...
  34. S

    Looking for Job in Berkshire

    Hello, I have recently relocated to Slough. Currently looking for Electrical Engineering related job anywhere in Berkshire & London. I am trying hard to get a job but not yet successful. I am wondering if anyone could suggest or recommend me any engineering job. Even I am happy to work as a...
  35. S

    Urgent, advice needed about reading the FRAM on an Ampy 5235A meter.

    Hi, Please can anyone advise me as to who would be able to read the internal memory via the IEC 1107 port of an Ampy 5235A meter. I had one installed as a check meter years ago which was left in place & I believe it holds the data I need to claim back from my supplier all unused exported energy...
  36. A

    TNCS High ZE at origin

    Hi there Testing at origin of a domestic property, I have found: L-N: 0.44 Ohms L-E: 9.89 Ohms I had the DNO attend clients address, there response was that it was quite high and confirmed readings of 0.44 for ZE. (Pleasee attached document with their response) My concern is they don't seem...
  37. S

    Hiring for Electrical testing engineers in Essex, London, Cambridge and Reading

    Electrical Installation Engineers needed to carry out testing and minor remedial works in domestic properties. Vacancies in London, Hertfordshire, Reading and Cambridgeshire on a permanent basis with immediate start available. Engineers must hold their 17th Edition qualification, ECS and...
  38. P

    Strange earth reading on ring main

    Hi guys. I have just tested a ring main. The readings end yo end on the 3 conductors were all fine. When I cross connected the live to neutral and tested around the sockets all of the readings were correct ie R1 + rn÷4. But when I tested with live earth cross conceded the readings got higher...
  39. M

    looking for work in oxford or reading

    Hi all, I am electrician mate lives in oxford, looking for work either in oxford or reading MY CSCS card is out of date (ordered replacement)
  40. O

    Unusual Zs reading when testing circuit with RCBO

    Been testing a modified circuit today. Ze = o.20 R1 + R2 = 0.77 Zs = 1.77 So the reading is about 0.80 higher than I was expecting... Nothing on this (lighting) circuit switched on..... I was testing at the end of a smoke alarm addition. I've read elsewhere, that its a good idea to do a Zs on...
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