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  1. T

    Best Rcbo board at reasonable price

    Hi all! As the title suggests,I’m looking for your recommendations on the best rcbo boards available at a reasonable price. Doing my best to move away from dual rcd boards, but a lot of customers just wont pay the money for Rcbo’s. Any recommendations very welcome.
  2. L

    What is a reasonable price to pay?

    Hi, I studied and completed my 2330 Level 2 and 3 a good part of 10 years ago and have been in and out of different industries since. The past 2 years I have been working on sites, with commercial, industrial and domestic companies to get my skills & knowledge back. I have decided to take my...
  3. M

    Domestic Is this a reasonable quote for a couple of jobs?

    Hi, I need to get some work done so that I can get an electrical safety certificate for property. I called in an Electrician and he suggested that I need to do the following; 1. Replace old fuse box with Consumer unit (£350) 2. Upgrade Gas and Water main earthing and bonding (£90) 3...
  4. J

    reasonable priced ground lights

    had a look at collingwood- but there 130quid online UK Electrical Supplies - https://www.ukelectricalsupplies.com/collingwood-gl038a-f-ww-straight-to-mains-warm-white-led-ground-light-6w.htm something closer to this but dimmerable: Mini Recessed Walk-Over LED Light IP65 - White -...
  5. G

    Working times

    Hi guys Does anyone know what between what times of day you are allowed to work and make noise etc including the weekends. In domestic commercial sorts of premises where there are the public nearby. Always feel bad working late and making noise but was told that on a weekday between 7-9 was...
  6. Guffer

    EICR's - How long should it take ??????

    Hi Currently carrying out an EICR program for social housing and expected to carry out two a day. This can be a struggle some days if full 10 ways and off peak too, never mind faults ! Speaking to other sparks some say one cant be done in a day and others say shut up whingeing doin four a...
  7. driverman

    Eicr reports

    Is it a statutory requirement by law that Caravan (touring) Parks and Marinas be inspected / tested each and every year? If so, who implements that this must be done? The reason I'm asking this, as you know BS7671 is not statutory. I know it carries a lot of weight if any thing should go wrong...
  8. D

    DeWalt combi + pair of 4Ah batts... but it's 14.4v...

    Hi chaps, I'm in the market for a new combi. Been getting buy on a Bosch green for quite a while (which has been great to be fair!) but thinking of upgrading. Just seen Screwfix advertising a DeWalt with A PAIR of 4Ah batts for £180 which seems like a bargain. Was about to buy when I...
  9. L

    Working live question

    I've just come across this C & G 2357 sample question & in my opinion after a quick look at the regulations I would say non of the answers are valid or are they just badly worded....or is it just me! 1. Under the Electricity at Work Regulations live working is only permitted: a) when other...
  10. C

    Domestic My spark wants me to find an 8kW shower, any ideas?

    hi all, My shower blew up in my face the other day, and after ringing my spark he asked me to buy an 8kW shower and he'd fit it when I have it. Any particular models or brands you recommend please? TBH I can't see any 8kW ones, just 7.5 or 8.5?! BTW I've been quoted £60 for fitting...
  11. Z

    Pricing in Norfolk

    Hello everybody, I am strugling a bit with pricing up a small job. How do you guys do it, how much do you charge here in Norfolk area?
  12. D

    Calibration in London???

    I have a Fluke 1651 multi tester and need to have it calibrated. Does anyone know somewhere in London that is reasonable or somewhere I can post it off too that offer good rates? New to the trade and hoped for some inside info instead of trawling the net for the best price. Thanks:)
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