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  1. M

    236-1 and 3

    I achieved my 236-1 and 2 between the years 1992 and 1997. I have just received my AM2 certificate. I have been working as an electrician for over twenty years. Can I now apply for a jib card with what I’ve got or will I need to do an nvq3. thanks in advance.
  2. Dan

    Forum Trophies changed - now based on 'likes' you've received

    https://www.electriciansforums.net/members/?key=most_points You now get thousands of points for thousands of likes. :) I need to add some more really. It's very weighted towards members who have been here the longest. Not sure how to give newbies a chance on there to be honest. I think it's...
  3. robd

    QuickBooks question on invoices received

    Hi all Anyone who uses QuickBooks, I'm looking to start using it but just getting my head round it. I can see when you get a receipt you can take a pic and it will be filed my question is what happens if you receive an invoice by email can you file say a PDF into QuickBooks? I really want to do...
  4. J

    Full House Rewire - Received Schedule but No Part P

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone could give me advice about a sutuation. A couple of years ago I had a property fully rewired, no issues with the job and I paid the electrician in full. Job done. Once I'd paid I received an automated NAPIT Desktop email titled "Your Certificate". I mistakenly assumed...
  5. sham

    Email received from a company called Bizzby ltd.

    Hello, I received an email this week from Bizzby ltd, asking if I want to join them as an electrician on some App. I will get jobs via their App and I can decide if I want to take on the job or not. The customer will already be billed by them and I will not pay for leads. This is what will...
  6. sparksburnout

    Stroma Certification Scheme Stroma meltdown

    Has anyone else registered with Stroma had problems logging in and subsequent password request emails? I sent 2 requests to reset my password after not be able to log on following an "upgrade" to the member interface, because the first one didn't result in an email. I have just received 96...
  7. M

    2394/5 December results

    I know it's supposed to be 45 working days but does anybody know if they tend to come out a bit sooner?
  8. G

    EDF not recieved paperwork, but FIT application.

    Customer just rang, was at work so not got all info, but the jist is he said there was a problem getting his FIT payment as EDF say they havent recieved the paperwork, i think they have received the FIT application forms because i emailed them, i think its the PV commission sheet and Electrical...
  9. K

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) JIB Card

    Just a quick question, just wondered how long it take to get my JIB Card through the post as i need my one re-graded. Thanks
  10. P

    Energy Saving Group - rent-a-roof misselling/scam?

    My Dad came across this mob recently (Energy Saving Group | Subsidised Energy Saving Products) - a friend of his has been stung for £500 for what was supposed to be a free install (rent-a-roof type scheme). Reading the following links, they do sound a bit dodgy. It seems they just refer each...
  11. P

    NICEIC Inspecter turned up at my house with out appointament.

    Hi I had my Niceic inspector turn up at my house last Febuary for my anual inspection but they had not informed me of the appointment. I was away on a 17th edition course so he put it down as a failed visit they have been trying to charge me for the failed visit. Despite several letters we keep...
  12. A

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC legal advice? Anyone Know?

    Does anyone know if I'm entitled to any legal advice/support from NICEIC? I finished a rewire+c/u change of 3-bed terraced house just before xmas. Because there was a 7 month pregnant lady in the house allthe time, I did it all while keeping the existing installation going, cleaned and tidied...
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