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  1. FatAlan

    Anyone recognise this brand of light switches?

    Anyone know who makes / made these switches?
  2. J

    Hi there, Fisher and Paykel dishwasher Dw60FC6X1, has a blown resistor on the control module. Can’t recognise the bands!

    Blown resistor, how do I work out what it was to replace it?
  3. Gavin Lewis

    Light fitting for extractor hood

    Hi, I'm looking for a replacement for this light fitting from my cooker extractor hood (see pic). Unfortunately, neither the hood or part have any brand markings on them. Anyone recognise it, or have any ideas where or how I could go about getting a replacement for it? Many thanks!
  4. S

    Anyone recognise this?

    Anybody recognise who makes this range of accessories?
  5. H

    WTF is this or I don’t recognise this unit

    Hi folks, some identification help required. Customer has helpfully lost the alarm but has retained the base plate. She thinks this was interlinked with some Kidde Firex smoke and heat alarms still in situ elsewhere in the house. I’ve not got wander lead out yet to see if the interlink...
  6. N

    Anyone recognise a manufacturer for this

    Hi, I thought this was a dual channel finder timer relay, but I cant trace the part number, anyone recognise the manufacturer. The output has given up, I've been asked to replace it, however I'd like to swap with a like for like as I had it in the past where one dual module isn't quite the...
  7. E

    Anyone recognise this fan?

    Have been to a quote in a block of flats (built in the last 10 years). They want their existing fan replaced as they think it isn't powerful enough (damp patches on the ceiling - its an internal bathroom, no windows). I've not seen this particular fan before and can't tell from looking at it...
  8. Gavin John Hyde

    Anybody recognise this tool thief from West Midlands?

    Was sent this video showing a van tool thief in the Midlands area. Somebody will recognise him... hopefully they catch the scum. cant upload just the video for some reason so shared a link to the page its on. Shameless thief busts open van with 'screwdriver' to steal £2,000 of tools -...
  9. pirate

    Anyone recognise this socket?

    It's a new safety design. If you just pull the plug out without switching off the appliance...(no switch on socket) it just flashes a warning blue flash...and falls out of the wall!
  10. O

    Anyone recognise this ????

    spotted last Friday!
  11. NDG Elecs

    Anyone recognise these sockets?

    Hi Folks, I am trying to source the sockets and switches as seen in the photos. There is absolutely 100% no branding on any of them, which seems a little odd given that they probably cost a bit. I have had a look at a few brands in wholesalers and had no luck thus far. One thing I felt was...
  12. D

    Qualified but cant find a job. Please help !

    Hi all, I am 31 years old, and completed my City and Guilds Parts 1 + 2 in electrical installation over a year ago now with credits and distinctions, but have been struggling to find a job ever since. I have posted my Cv to numerous companies and have applied for several positions but with no...
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