1. HappyHippyDad

    Looking for a solar installer who is MCS registered.

    I have a customer who wants to get solar panels installed. He wants to take advantage of the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) meaning the install has to be done by someone who is MCS registered. Does anyone on here do that, and works in the Stroud area, or fancies a job in the Stroud area? Does...
  2. J

    UK What can and can't I do as an unregistered electrician trying to become registered?

    I've been working as a domestic electrician for 6+ years now alongside two NICEIC approved contractors and I hold my 1/2/3 City & Guilds NVQ, 18th edition and 2 million public liability. I started doing the odd side jobs a while back but my work seems to have snowballed to the point where I am...
  3. HappyHippyDad

    Being registered.............

    Just thinking aloud. Retirement is a long way off, but when it does happen I may well carry on doing smaller jobs once or twice a week. I don't think I would stay registered, but I may end up doing the odd CU change, or lets say I was even on a job where a building inspector was involved. Now...
  4. M

    Do I need to be registered with a competent scheme to be entitled to issue an EIC?

    I recently achieved my 2391-52 but i haven’t done the AM2 yet nor I’m registered with any competent scheme. I don’t have the experience on installing new circuits and issuing EICs. I work for a big corporation and I have been asked/forced to undertake the job of installing two new circuits for...
  5. P

    Hi guys ! what do I need to get registered as an domestic electrician?

  6. C

    Become NAPIT registered

    I called NAPIT to know what are the steps to become registered with them. I have been told I must have NVQ Level 3 as minimum or apply as experienced worker. Barely in mind I got all electrical qualifications until NVQ but not NVQ yet(City&Guilds lev.2, lev.3, 18th Edition and EAL...
  7. P

    NAPIT Certification Scheme NAPIT registered in England - what work can I do in Scotland?

    I am registered with NAPIT in England for domestic installation and testing. Am I able to change a CU in a flat in Scotland? And am I able to issue an installation certificate for the work? Also, am I able to issue EICRs? As far as I can see from the Scottish building regs, changing a CU does...
  8. L

    JIB Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) I am a Gold Card JIB registered electrician but I don’t have the 2391 course. Can I issue a EiCR?

    I know how to test and but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to do it without the 2391 course.
  9. J

    Registered electrician advice?

    I currently work for a registered company but want to do notifiable work on the side. Do I need to create a business to be able to join a competent persons scheme like Napit or NIC. I’m really confused and would appreciate any help/advice.
  10. P

    NICEIC Certification Scheme NICEIC assessment how do I notify domestic work before being registered?

    Hi, looking for some advise please. Ive applied for NICEIC registration and I’m awaiting my assessment, my problem is that I’ve been advise by the NICEIC that the assessor will need to see 3 jobs on the visit and the certification needs to be in my company name. As any domestic work needs to...
  11. Michael J

    UK Council Registered

    Has anyone registered as an electrician with their local council? If so what are the benefits
  12. P

    ELECSA Certification Scheme Does a rewire have to have the electrical installation cert done by an NICEIC registered electrician ?

    Hi everyone first time asking on this so sorry if it’s been asked before. I’ve been asked to carry out a rewire in a private house and I’ve recently started my own company so I’m not registered with NICEIC or SELECT as I’m in Scotland. I’ve read conflicting reports that I can and can’t provide...
  13. D

    Stroma Certification Scheme Is there any way of getting around being registered to sign off work?

    I've bought all the power and hand tools, and am planning to start up on my own doing small electrical jobs for people as a sole trader with small steps, the problem I think i'm going to have is being able to sign off the work when i've done it, my friend at college is working for someone so...
  14. I

    Kiwi Sparky's in Aussie

    G'day - am after some registration advice under the TTMA - anyone have info? will be greatly appreciated.
  15. S

    MCS registered electrician needed.

    Hello everybody! I have just bought a new house in Kignsley, Stoke-on-trent and as the rear aspect of the roof is facing south almost perfectly- I would like to install a PV system. I am qualified electrician and I have done around 150 installs myself working for big PV companies so I would...
  16. M

    Newly registered here - mainly for soaking up info & learning!

    Just registered - mainly here for soaking up info & learning. Happy to help others if I can, but I'm no sparky, so probably unlikely :( Will help if I can though. Mainly here for solar motorhome chat, as currently mid-way through a van conversion. Cheers :)
  17. D

    NICEIC Certification Scheme Terminate NIC EIC membership

    HI - I am currently registered with the NIC EIC - Domestic installer, which also includes the Part P certification. I am muling over the idea of terminating the membership, but I wish to remain Part P registered in order to still practice legally. Is this possible and how do i go about it...
  18. A

    UK Unregistered electrician's work to be checked by his registered colleague

    Hi, I am in the middle of completely refurbishing a two storey house (in London, UK) including re-wiring the entire house (new wires, sockets, new circuits, new consumer unit). My builder (let's say "Jack") said he has an electrician who can do the work and I would get the certificate at the...
  19. S

    Registered here to ask about electrician who can replace Helvar

    Hi, I'm after an electrician in East London to replace my late '80s domestic Helvar system with and updated version. Can anyone recommend someone please? Regards Andrew
  20. Dan

    OFTEC Self-Certification The benefits of using an OFTEC registered 'competent person'

    The benefits of using an OFTEC registered 'competent person' One way to avoid these problems is to have your heating equipment installed by an OFTEC registered heating technician. Before joining OFTEC, all technicians must complete an approved training course and are inspected regularly by...
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