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  1. B

    Crank BUT no start relay (85 socket) wiring issue

    Hello guys I own a BMW E39 which developed a crank no start issue. No codes are being thrown but my initial thought was fuel. So I checked the fuses (all ok) and then moved onto the relays. I removed the relay and its ok then checked the socket and discovered the relay base is showing 4v on the...
  2. L

    Energize a contactor/relay from multiple toggle (not momentary) switches?

    Is it possible to energize a contactor/relay from multiple toggle (not momentary) switches in a way similar to 3-way switches? If so, what components and setup would do that? The purpose is to control lighting from several sources and the reason for not using simple 3-way switches is that the...
  3. T

    Need Advise!! Help me with this wiring. NPN sensor/Solid State Relay

    Is this the correct way of wiring npn sensor 4 wire with solid state relay and solenoid valve?
  4. O

    Current limited charge relay

    Hi there, I am looking to charge an auxiliary windlass battery (130Ah lithium) that is located 35 feet away from my main bank (1030Ah lithium). My charging input will range from to 40 to 100 Amps, but I need to keep the wire size to a maximum of 6AWG. Do you know of any current limited charging...
  5. D

    Relay wiring for van AC

    Hi, I’ve been trying to retrofit AC to my Mercedes sprinter motorhome, I have most of the kit but some of the wiring is missing. I have managed to find a decent wiring diagram for the entire van but having trouble with this section. I know the symbols (ringed in blue) are called...
  6. R

    relay cause flat battery?

    Hi, Apologies if this is the wrong place for this but want to confirm something. I have wired up a 12v lightbar on my ATV using the attached wiring loom layout, but I have been told by some that this setup will cause the battery to drain/go flat over time due to the relay always having current...
  7. P

    Citroen Relay Window Weirdness

    Hi there.. I have a 2013 Relay. The electric window switches in the drivers door started playing up, only working intermittently. I took off the door panel and looked at all the wiring.. all looking intact as far as I can see. The passenger window works from the passenger door switch perfectly...
  8. A

    Trainee 5 Pin Relay Question

    Hi, I have an aftermarket ignition coil harness utilizing a 5 pin relay, the relay is corroded and doesn't work. It's also discontinued by Denso and they don't have a wiring diagram for it (P/N 056700-7240). I managed to source a similar harness from a later model which has a slightly...
  9. H

    12V DC Relay Issues (Diesel Engine)

    Hello all. I am having an issue with a 12V DC Relay I am trying to install to run a kill switch on a John Deere Diesel engine that runs a high pressure water pump. I have the relay wired in such that it will send power to the ignition when an electrical signal comes from a water sensor in the...
  10. P

    Volt sensing relay calculation

    Hello, pls do no kill me for being this stupid (i am a videographer in nature :), and i need to make an order before my electrician returns from hospital... I want to add leisure batt to my 1987 VW t3 Caravelle along with volt sensing relay and i cant figure out how to calculate the system...
  11. Jberry

    2 electric showers and melted live wire from relay

    This unit is running two showers. Unit was smoking while one shower was running, never tripped the safety switch. Power to one shower is cut off while the other is in use. Is it ok just to change out the relay that had burned? I'm not an electrician but one will be doing the work. The house is...
  12. S

    GSM Relay to gate motor

    Hi all I would like to wire a GSM gate opener to my gate motor, but I'm not 100% sure about the inputs. I would like to be able to call the GSM and have the gate open and remain open until I call the GSM again. My plan was to wire up the COM terminal of the GSM to terminal number '2' on the...
  13. S

    Relay controlled by power to an LED

    Hi, I have a 12V output from a control box that lights an LED. I want to use that output to switch power to a camera, but don’t want to lose the LED. The LED has a resistor in series. My first thought was to just put the camera in parallel with the LED, but then thought a relay with the coil in...

    Earth Leakage Relay connection with normal CT

    Hi Can I connect normal Current Transformers (CT) instead of Core Balance Current Transformers (CBCT) to Earth Leakage Relay.. Thanks
  15. J

    Relpol relay (non-latching) - help needed!

    Hi, I purchased a relay and relay base in order to control my doorbell whilst using a Nest Hello: the Nest product takes 24V, whereas the doorbell only wants 8V. So the relay closes the circuit when receiving power from the Nest and the doorbell is separately powered by an 8V transformer. All...
  16. O

    Interior light problem - relay?

    Hi folks, I did post months ago about my Isuzu pick ups interior lights not coming on when doors open but I never did any more about it in the summer. Now that the nights are closing in I must get it sorted. I have a dome and a reading light, both work fine when switched to on but neither come...
  17. J

    Overload relay with aM fuse

    Hi Can we use an aM fuse with overload relay,? If yes can an aM fuse protect the conductors from damage incase of short circuit Since i suppose aM fuses are used only for motor protection and cable. How will cable protection achieved when aM fuse is used with an overload relay Please explain...
  18. Tardigrade

    Could a relay switch be causing the havoc in my home?

    Hi guys, Don't know if I picked the wrong builder, products, am desperately unlucky or its the relay switch...all help much appreciated! Background facts • Back to bricks refurb of duplex flat, all new wiring etc. • Upstairs en suite utilises same in line fan as existing bathroom. Builder...
  19. I

    Vesda vls relay disabling

    Can you guys tell me how to disable relays in vesda to make it normal working condition .thanks alot. Hoping i will get some good knowledge from you superiors.
  20. P

    Chinese Universal Car Alarm System - !!!Immobiliser Relay wire issue!!!

    Hi guys I bought kit of ,,360 Degree Universal Car Remote Control Central Locking System Kit Car Security Alarm Immobiliser Shock Sensor for 2 Doors,, for my Nissan Navara 1991 and I am struggling with Immobiliser Relay wiring. I am posting here wire diagram of my alarm and I will really...
  21. M

    24vDC relay to Switch 230vAC light circuit

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, and probably posting this in the wrong place but hope you can help. I have a garage door control panel that has a 24v dc output (4 W max) that activates when the door is in operation. I want to use this to activate my relay and switch the live to a 230v light circuit...
  22. Leesparkykent

    Fibaro relay and two way switching.

    Any one used one before? Picked up a job with a complete cockup on the wiring of the switching. Basically it boils down that I don't have enough cores to get the two way working...after a bit of googling I found this Vesternet APNT-92 - 2-Way Lighting using Fibaro Relays | Home Automation...
  23. N

    Domestic Adding a relay to Thermostat

    Hi forum, I am trying to fit a relay to my boiler and then to a raspberry pi zero. The pi has a humidity and temperature sensor to moderate the heating. This is basically a DIY 'Nest' project. The current setup is an age-old thermostat and analog timer. I've wired my relay with Common...
  24. F

    Does such a relay exist? Or be built?

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if the following relay exists, or can be easily built using off the shelf parts? I need to monitor 3 x 240V inputs and switch 1 x 240V output. However, every time one of the inputs is activated, I need the output to disengage for a period of time before...
  25. B

    Starting car relay issue???

    Hi all thanks for any help in advance!! I’m having a issue with a car that will only start if I use a bigger starter motor relay, the car originally uses micro relays from the factory, the car so far has had a new starter motor, new ignition switch and a brand new micro relay none of which have...
  26. S

    Simple relay for secondary pump circuit

    I am looking for guidance on adding a second pump for the underfloor section of my central heating. I am using a blending valve for the UFH supply by teeing off the main boiler feed into the 3 way valve and then to the pump and UF circuit valves (2). I am ok with the wiring I simply need a relay...
  27. poumpouris

    Central heating controlled by raspberry pi and relay switch

    Hey guys, im not a professional electrician, I just have a basic knowledge of some stuff. In order for me to be able to explain what i want to do, I will first explain what is in place at the moment. We have a 3 zone programmer which we never use as a programmer, we just turn on each zone...
  28. H

    Protecting a boiler with a relay

    I am fitting a Heat only boiler that just serves the radiator circuit, the boiler has its own dedicated block terminal connector on the PCB but I cannot connect the pump to it as we normally do, the pump is a commercial type and Worcester Bosch have stated it will damage the PCB because of the...
  29. M

    Electrician Relpol Relay 8 pin with a zone valve and circulating pump

    I have some problem to hook up a circulating pump with a zone valve and 1 thermostat to control it, can you help me to hook up this correctly.
  30. the pict

    Boiler relay options

    A new. 10k boiler has been installed where there is an existing shower normally i use a RL1 voltage relay but is there perhaps a current sensing relay which can be used instead Pict
  31. A

    Relay wiring for pool switch

    Anyone able to throw some light on this, Have power to the relay, the pulse switch switches the relay, but not getting any power on terminals 1 3 or 5, am I missing something?
  32. 8

    Electrician Need a specific relay - If exists???

    Gents I am requiring a 12Vdc Relay that is normally closed, but I also require the relay to delay before returning to closed position (when de-energised). Are there relays on market that do all this combined or do I require a seperate time delay module of some kind?
  33. C

    AC fan stays on at all times?

    Hello, I have a 1988 Toyota Celica Alltrac (4WD Turbo) and ever since I've owned the car, the front secondary fan (mounted on the front of the radiator and blows into the engine bay) stays on all the time at low speed when the key is turned to the start position (engine off and engine on). Also...
  34. B

    Rf relay controlling 100a contactor. Chatter over time.

    Hi there. I'll explain the setup first. 25mm 2 cable single phase tncs Into 3ph 100a contactor. Only switching line. Out of contactor into supply side of a consumer unit. Coil Is controlled by separate 6a circuit with a lightwave inline Rf relay. I've changed the contactor as upon...
  35. W

    split charge relay to charge two 6v 4.5ah batteries

    I have two maplin 6v 4.5ah batteries wired in series to power my dashcam while parked. The batteries are similar to this one : Will this split charge relay be ok to re-charge the batteries while driving? Maypole 292 20A Caravan Dual Charge Relay Kit: Car & Motorbike -...
  36. J

    Powering on 10 Meanwell HLG 240 LED drivers.

    Hello guys. I have 10 x HLG-240 1400A drivers, which will run at 250W each. The problem is, I did not know about the surge upon starting each driver, apparantly I cannot start more than 2 drivers at once per UK plug socket... Please see attached. I guess I could buy 10 different plug in...
  37. S

    Vintage car, new indicators and relay very erratic when engine is running

    Restoring a 1938 vauxhall DX positive earth 12v Installed indicators and a relay works fine with the ignition on but flash very erratic when the engine is running 12V ELECTRONIC INDICATOR FLASHER RELAY POSITIVE EARTH GROUND 2 or 3 PIN OPTIONS | eBay -...
  38. L

    12v AC door release conundrum

    I need to put an exterior grade switch with a timer, to switch a 12v AC solenoid which is fail-secure- so it needs a momentary voltage to open the gate. All the electronic switches I am finding are 12v DC- but I need AC. I can't just use an ordinary push to make as I need a timer, so the...
  39. G

    Thermostat swithching

    I've fitted a 300ltr thermal store a year ago and have just recently added solar water heating evacuated tubes. What I'm wanting you do next is get the stats to turn on the rads when the water achieves 65c. As the water from the rads returns it lowers the temp to around 45c while the fire is...
  40. J

    12v Dual Supply Relay Problem

    Hi all, first of all sincere apologies for the lack of experience and inappropriate use of symbols! I'm putting together a remote mobile broadband station for use at events that can take a mains supply (transformed to 12v DC) or leisure battery. I've obtained a 12V switching relay which works...
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