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  1. J

    EICR report and £900 remedial work - seems fair?

    Hello, I felt hot sockets in my house. I called an electrician who said the fuse board was dangerous - just by looking at it. Horrified was the word used. He carried out testing and did some other work. £120 for the report £140 for bonding to gas and water services £80 for T&E cable to front...
  2. T

    Best way to price remedials

    Just looking for some opinions on how best to price some remedials on an EICR that has been done recently. I didn’t carry out the report but do have access to it. It’s a big warehouse with numerous final dbs so there’s quite a lot of paperwork which will take some going through. There are quite...
  3. Sparky_marky2

    EICR classifcation remedial work form

    Hi, just been called to do remedial work on a electrical installation condition report to correct some C2's. My question is, is there a form or document I can give to note down the C2's I've corrected? Thanks in advance, Marky
  4. leep82

    remedial work after an EICR was carried out on a residential property

    Today i have been carrying out some remedial work after an EICR was carried out on a residential property. Aswell as the list of remedial works to be carried out i also had draft copies of the EICR which was carried out in November of last year. When i started to read through the list of...
  5. L

    EICR on a Sunday

    Working Sunday's suck! Let alone doing condition report for someone that thinks your waiting to find faults and rip them off! People out of the trade just don't get it do they! You point out things that are unsafe/dangerous and they look at you like it should be rectified in the price?? I'm...
  6. andyb

    PIR Observations & Recommendations

    I've been asking for a while now for the installation certificate for work completed at our village social club, we rent a small part off the village hall and the village hall management had a pir undertaken in 2011 that resulted in a lot of work for the contractor. Eventually I was handed an...
  7. sparksburnout

    Format of inspection report

    Just a thought/scenario. Domestic customer contacts you to go and look at a house they have purchased, to do a condition report. This is nothing to do with any Napit/niceic scam, you are just doing it independently. They have already suggested you will be doing any remedial work. Upon...
  8. A

    Periodic inspection as was

    I have been asked to go to a site where a periodic inspection was carried out in 2013. There were some 1,2,& 3's on the form which was not corrected at the time. The electrician his no longer about. The local authority has asked the owner why the items were not addressed and wants them...
  9. Les Macaulay

    EICR - Follow up

    How should a failed EICR be followed up by the contractor and/or the client?
  10. L

    EICR Payments

    We are currently in dispute with a customer who has not paid for any EICR certificate's we have provided. The first batch(12) were forwarded with the invoice for the cert and remedial works required to gain a satisfactory certificate. The second batch was invoice only and no certificate. Their...
  11. N

    EICR Retest

    I carried out an EICR recently on a HMO. This raised a number of non conformances. The customer was issued with the EICR along with a quote to correct all the issues listed on the EICR. They've now had the remedial work carried out by another spark who's not registered with any of the governing...
  12. Goody

    Domestic Customer complaint procedure & form.

    Hi, where could I find a template for customer complaint form and details of complaint procedure? :dizzy2: ...and a template for Guarantee Certificate for the work carried out. Thanks in advance.
  13. B


    Now we don't have to notify a PIR and therefore we don't have to be with one of the self-certification schemes to do them. However what happens when the PIR shows up some faults? I assume if the faults require repairs which are notifiable then we're back to square 1 and we need to be a member or...
  14. S

    Wessex Foods Burns Down!!!

    Anyone seen this on the news? Well a friend of mine was the electrician whom carried out a PIR at that factory and he asked some questions on it on here..... http://www.electriciansforums.net/inspection-testing-certification-electrical-installations/4811-periodic-testing-remedial-works.html...
  15. O

    After the PIR

    After you issue a PIR and you class it as unsatisfactory and you are asked to make good the defects what paperwork should you issue ?
  16. E

    periodic testing

    Hi i have recently done a periodic test on a nursey and had to fail it on several points, i have gone back and completed remedial work and issued certs for remedial work. Can i now just reissue a periodic cert with a satisfactory pass as they need a PIR for the insurance,,
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