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  1. the pict

    Remember mike harding ?

    He wrote a reply to Mrs Mayhems open letter worth a read This brilliant response to Theresa May’s Brexit letter is going viral -
  2. Pete999

    Chernobyl does anyone remember it?

    Just been watching the attempts to contain the Radio Active fallout from Chernobyl, I was in Moscow when it expoded, and can recall the monitoring of all foodstuffs coming into where I worked, worrying to say the least, as all or most of our food came from Finnland. I often wonder it the...
  3. Rosco

    Anyone remember these?

    Stubbled upon this little gem today, this is only the second time I’ve seen one of these in 12 years. Is this museum worthy?
  4. U

    Marxman hole marker

    Hi chaps have a look at this amazing bit of kit its really helped me for marking of holes when a pencil or sharpie wont mark the drill points. Marxman Pen • The Perfect Drilling Companion - The best and easiest way you will not be disappointed with it. The misses...
  5. S

    Post for the old man, anyone on here work for FH wheeler between 1966-1975

    My dad was wondering whether there was any sparks, mates, people who worked for FH wheeler which later became crown house engineering I believe between 1966 onwards. It would be great to here people's start to the industry and what's been the biggest change for them present to past. Look...
  6. C


    i know I'm a old git,but here's one for you,been quite cold lately,got some youngsters working with us,nice & warm in the offices,when it's brekkie time,I always sit in my van,especially if it's cold outside.The lads also sit in their van,but switches the engine on,to get warm. Me,I put on...
  7. K

    2357 and 2394?

    Hi all, I'm trying to apply for a ECS card with the following qualifications: level 3 2357, BS7671 17th edition, 2395 periodic inspection and testing, AM2. The problem is that it is asking for the 2394 initial inspection and testing, however If i recall correctly then having the 2357 includes...
  8. kingeri

    New way to test smoke alarms

    Saw a guy testing smoke alarms by blowing vapour into them from his e-cig today. Don't remember reading about that method in the manufacturer's instructions (or anywhere else). Hmm.
  9. Last plumber

    From the other side

    Hello, Heating engineer joining forum, thought I'd test the water and say hi !
  10. Pete999

    Old Tutors

    Just a thought, I wondered how many of the elder members ca remember their old college tutors, and how they taught their lessons. I recall one Guy ,so much so that I can even remember his name ( this was a long time ago by the way) Eric Woodward was his name, Eric taught Electrical...
  11. westward10

    You can't do that now.

    I remember in my early days of work having to light a fire under the fuel tank of an old diesel welding set which was probably army surplus to defrost the diesel so it would start, dressed in my mouldy Donkey jacket and boots also from a surplus store. Couldn't do that know. Wouldn't be...
  12. M

    2394/2395 Question

    Question is : - The insulation resistance of two circuits is of 40M? an 36? respectively. When tested together what is the total insulation resistance: answer is 19 ohms but how? can some one explain
  13. S

    AM2 help!

    Hi I am a 3rd year apprentice working at my local council coming towards the end of my apprenticeship (not a frequent poster on here) however I have came across various threads on the forum regarding the current AM2 test. Having read through many of them which have helped hugely with thoughts on...
  14. D

    Solar eclipse tomorrow

    That very rare event can be witnessed starting from 8-30 ish and the most cover at 9-30 ish in the morning The Scottish islands will be 100% but there may be a lot of cloud Here in Wales we will get 93% eclipse with clear blue sky,the Midlands should be fine as well Now the forecast is done...
  15. Pete999

    1st day at work for the old and young amongst us.

    Answering a post just now got me wondering, how many interesting stories are there about your 1st day at work, plenty, if you will only admit to them. lol
  16. P

    Volt drop question

    Hi everyone, I am intending on working in the uk shortly, i am from ireland and dont have the uk regs presently. I am trying to prepare for the exmas i will face and the cable calculations/volt drop calculations are something i cannot remember doing here in ireland in my college time so my...
  17. M

    MCS Accreditation today

    Hi All just had accreditation today 1 non conformity said that my mutli array on different aspects was not good enough to say south, east, west, wants degrees from south. to do calcs, just have to redo papper work & send in sorted.
  18. J

    ceiling rose

    Are these meant to be a standard size? I have tried to change the cover of one which was taken off years ago when I had a halogen light unit fitted. Now I want to return to the normal pendant fitting. The wiring is ok..but I need a new cover and new ones are about half a cm smaller than...
  19. P

    anyone fitted a chint board

    as the title. I know they are the cheaper end of price but its the link bars inside the boards that make them look so much better inside
  20. Marvo

    Steel conduit wall thickness

    I'm hoping a few of the older members might remember this. I need to know what the standard wall thickness used to be for the very old type threaded steel conduit (20 and 25mm equivalents). I'm guessing the diameter and wall thickness was in imperial sizes so I also need to know what the...

    wind up IR testers

    just some pics i got from net..
  22. M

    temp substation work

    Hi, I done a bit of wireman contracting for an agency a good few years ago in various substations around the country and just wondering what the works like now? e.g. there was a big shortage at the time for us so it was decent money £20 an hr I remember. Having been out of it, which are the...
  23. S

    Socket fixing

    Just a quick one for any tips. While drilling screw holes for a socket box the hammer action of the drill pushedd the brick into the cavity. Although not completely lost, to fis with cement etc will take a while to set before trying again. Does anyone have any quick fix tips so the box can be...
  24. K

    AM2 Advice?

    Hello! I have my AM2 in 2 weeks and I am bricking it! I just wanted to ask for some advice for exam from guys that have already done it :) I have a few q's : 1) I have read somewhere about motor overload settings. I have never worked with motors (or 3 phase for that matter) but what does this...
  25. N6rul

    megger 1730, functions, zs, ze, pfc

    Hello guys, just bought a megger 1730, I'm a bit confused on what range to put the turning knobs, for the ze, zs, and pfc. As I'm used to the fluke mft, I bought this as my first MFT, as advised on the forum. But it has so many functions????? Please can someone help. Thank you.
  26. G

    Threading conduit with WD40 instead of Tallow

    Anybody else tried using WD40 when threading conduit? its also good for cleaning the threads as well after you have filed the end with a round file (or used your pliers) and cleans away metal dust better than an old rag....also less messy than Tallow :innocent:
  27. C

    Fluke 1653b

    Hi helpers I have just purchased a fluke 1653b tester. Having a play with it tonight ( the tester ha ha ) and I am having trouble with testing zs. I plug the 3 leads into the tester , plug the socket tester in and press test and get a reading of <2000 . I have not got a manual and I have googled...
  28. B

    Trade Test

    Hi lads , sitting my trade test shortly , any advice would be grateful.
  29. P

    CONNECTIONS ADVICE ampy teleswitch

    Hi anyone out there help please we have a ampy teleswitch for economy 7 but electrician on site cant remember how it was wired! at mo it wont switch over to econ7 have we missed something??
  30. S

    Domestic Rcbo

    Have just fitted 4 new RCBO'S RCD on all fried on first test, Am sure have fitted correctly am a newly qualified electrician is it me or faulty kit please help.
  31. F

    Firemans switch

    Can someone refresh my mind I have to get supply to new neon sign tommorow I no the drill swa cable to firemans switch then on to me on sign we have one of these due to high voltages in the neon light but were do we get these high voltages from if we're only giving it a 230v supply I've had this...
  32. spark 68

    Insurance companies

    A Mechanic once told me "it drives just as well without it" I'll get my coat:behead:
  33. UKMeterman

    Panel wiring standards

    Hi, Are there any published standards for panel wiring, in particular colour codeing and the seperation of LV, and SELV. Thanks
  34. E

    5.3 kw double oven on a 20 amp fuse with 2.5 cable

    evening all, I was told to run 2.5 cable from fuseboard to supply a 3.5 kw single oven. Job is done.... Now they've said theyre going to put in a 5.3kw double oven in. Question i have is can I apply diversity to this and keep 2.5t+e or do i need to run a new 6mm, advice would really...
  35. W

    feeditgreen - wirral based solar company - any info appreciated good or bad

    considering a system from them so wanted any feedback before i made a decision
  36. R

    Supplier's fuse, disconnection time and max Ze

    Have a job where Ze is 0.36 ohms on a TNC-S with 80A BS1361 suppliers fuse. The general rule, as per OSG (page 11), is if Ze is below 0.35 ohms then this is acceptable, but that relates to a 100A fuse (OSG fig 2.1 on page 15 refers). Now I believe that this installation should comply, so have...
  37. R

    Spot the mistakes - Billy Bulls**t circuit sheets i think

    I went to look at a hotel today, the first thing is the old boards which have various gaps and 3Ka breakers JB's everywhere, and look at the recorded results !!
  38. L

    Constuction site generator fed

    Anyone have any reference material (or know where I can get some) for feeding site distribution from a 3ph Generator. We have some on a site project & I would like to know more about how they should be managed. It's a 60kva 400v genset fyi
  39. L

    Zs fault

    Another question i remember from my exam - and i did answer it but want to check if i got it right!! what to do in the case of a Zs fault - :p
  40. R


    Hi all its late and i`m tired:confused:, Just fitted a new shower in my own house, question is, i have installed a new circuit for shower. can i get away with a minor works? been so long since i`ve just installed one circuit anywhere i cant remember if it`a minor works, or full EIC cert. and...
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