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  1. Murdoch

    PL and PI Insurance renewal

    So got my renewal notice last week from my insurer .... so I logged onto their system and got a quote for about £36 less then my renewal Very unimpressed...... My insurance broker is Simply Business, and the insurer is maltings Suggestions please Thanks.
  2. spinlondon

    JIB/ECS card online renewal

    Applied online yesterday for renewal. Apparently despatched the same day.
  3. L

    CompEx renewal help please

    Afternoon everybody, I'm about to start my CompEx renewal tomorrow and was hoping someone could advise me on the minimum glanding requirements for Ex d,e and n. The main reason for asking is that you have to use the minimum requirements on the course, whereas that isn't something we do on the...
  4. Dan

    Anybody got any quotes yet?

    Anybody got any quotes from our insurance thing yet? I want to know how they perform compared to your current provider!
  5. T

    anyone tried calling the JIB about your new card

    I have been trying for days to get though to find out where my card is. You get put in a clue 6/9 and sometimes it says we have a high level of callers at the minute. After an half an hour it just cuts you off. So send an email! A week ago. Still waiting, its just an renewal done the test logged...
  6. B

    Scheme renewals??? R u renewing???

    I've never had a problem with NAPIT and they are in my humble opinion the most honourable scheme, everything is relative though!!! I'm too, now searching the depths of my soul on the renewal question. In light of the Part P/notifications watering down debacle and 3rd party inspections I've...
  7. yellowvanman

    Liability insurance

    Anybody got any recommendations for insurance companies to cover: £5 million liability for PV and Electrical Contracting Professional Indemnity to cover Periodic Inspections Renewal is due in a couple of weeks.
  8. a12jpm

    P.I. Insurance - Any recommendations?

    Been trying to find a competitive quote for PI insurance but numbers seem a bit steep to me. What are you guys paying and for how much cover? Thanks
  9. bcm_spark

    JIB Waiting times

    I sent my card back to the JIB for renewal about a month ago but still haven't got it back. I called them last week and again today and both times they said give it a few days and you should have it. When I told thgem I need it next week they weren't bothered! What a waste of space they are...
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