1. Dustydazzler

    Right to repair legislation What do you think of this 'right to repair' legislation coming in/being considered?
  2. Dan

    Electrical Test Equipment Calibration and Repair - From 2 Day Turnaround Door 2 Door Service

    Electrical Test Equipment Calibration and Repair - From 2 Day Turnaround Door 2 Door Service are an approved test equipment calibration and repair service for many Test Meter brands including (but not limited to):- Seaward Test Equipment Calibration Service (Door 2 Door from 2...
  3. Gary Tollison

    Wago connector cooker cable repair

    Greetings After having made some floorboards in the bedroom secure after the cowboys who did the electrics in this house a long time ago couldn’t be bothered, I have duscovered that the sawn-off end of the floorboard had been hammered back under the wall, and as a result, the outer insulation...
  4. michaelw6

    kt64 continuity boom!!!

    Hi guys been a while I've had alot going on in my life with ill ness and one thing and another. Any way long story short. I lent out my tester to a so called friend and he failed to say he had broken it! I found tin foil around the fuse and the continuity no longer works. After a massive...
  5. Lucien Nunes

    Motor starter / static phase converter repair

    We've had a few threads about phase converters recently. Here's one I repaired on Monday. It's a little box that takes in single-phase 230V and feeds a 3-phase motor wired for 230V delta. It includes a manual 'soft' starter and overload relay. Unlike the units in the other threads, this one...
  6. Bubatronic

    Megger tester repair

    Hi all My Megger 1720 tester failed its calibration, can anyone recommend somewhere I can get it fixed? The place I had it calibrated were quoting £300 + vat and they’d have to send it away, I had to buy a new tester because I had my part p assessment so didn’t have time to get it repaired so...
  7. C

    Need some advice on this cable repair

    Hi guys We've just bought a house and having a few nightmares at the moment boiler packed up amongst other things ..and were having a new heating system installed.. The plumber lifted a few floor boards upstairs and spotted this repair.. It looks like someone or something rat droppings present...
  8. S

    Mains Powered Medical Headlamp repair query

    Dear Electricians, I am a veterinary surgeon and need help from someone in the know as to how to bring an old bit of equipment back to life. It is a headmounted lamp with a special mirror to allow examination of the retinas of dogs and cats, however my query relates to the power supply for the...
  9. R

    110 v site transformer repair ?

    I was given a couple of 3 kva site transformers, both have broken bases and all the sand has leaked out, epoxying a new base on is no problem, and I will only be using them myself at home, but what kind of sand should I refill them with ?
  10. UKMeterman

    Megger PDA1 Power disturbance analzyer for spares / repair

    Hi, I have an old Megger PDA1 Power Disturbance Analzyer for spares / repair, it does power up but suspect the nicads are shot. Any offers?
  11. B

    Repair attempt on a Mastervolt XS 3200W

    A mate of mine had his Mastervolt XS3200W inverter fail--it just stopped. It was replaced ( with a different unit) but the supplier said they had no use for the old one so they said he could keep it. He asked me to have a look at it. I found the fault a insect had crawled into it and...
  12. O

    IP Rated JB for cable repair ....

    Got to repair a cable (HN05 3 core flex 1mm csa) which is attached to the side of a gazebo - so it needs to be IP rated and not stand out too much... Been thinking about the small Wiska shark product or one of the IP68 type waterproof units Any suggestions? ta
  13. willy fixit

    Cable repair made easy?

    Just spotted this product - Might ask for a sample! Solder Splice -
  14. S

    Motor repair recommendations Wilts/Glos

    Evening all, My client has salvaged a car workshop ramp. The casing where the connections/ capacitor are housed on the motor has been destroyed. Can anyone recommend a local firm (South Gloucestershire) that carry out these sort of repairs? Its not a job I can do. Many thanks, James
  15. N

    Newlec NL9-AHD Hand Drier needs repair

    Newlec NL9-AHD Hand Drier has just stopped working. Power is going to it, the thermal fuse is okay and there is a low voltage supply going to the sensing circuitry. I will do a few more tests, but if unsuccessful I would be interested to know where to have it repaired. Alternative if I could...
  16. 8

    Where can i repair Fluke 1652b

    My fluke 1652b has stopped working , nothing happens at all when I turn it on .. can anyone recommend the best place to repair .. fluke in Norwich, want £107 just to investigate or £212.50 to repair, with a warning that major parts aren't included, which is as much use as a chocolate teapot...
  17. SparkyChick

    Emergency Lighting Repair

    Hi all, This is kind of prompted by the existing emergency lighting thread, but is subtly different. I do some work for a charity in Cardiff and on my last visit I was asked to investigate the failure of a light in a toilet. Turns out, it's an emergency luminaire that uses a couple of CFL...
  18. V

    Wiring repair of floor edge sander

    Hi, Can anyone help with the repair of a Bona Mini Edge sander? Replacing the mains cable, the internal wiring was damaged and I think it has been rewired incorrectly - its not working.
  19. A

    Electrician Looking for electricians nationally to carry out small repair

    Hi thanks for reading. We have more than 600 jobs to be carried out over the next two weeks throughout the UK all of which are identical. The work consists of a simple visual check and installation of an additional componenent part. The original works consisted of more than 2000 and typical time...
  20. R

    007 Electricians Coventry

    007 Electricians are a fully certified and insured electricians providing professional and reliable electrical services and testing in Coventry, Rugby, Southam, Daventry, Warwick. We make a significant effort in quality management and are well recognised across Warwickshire. From a simple new...
  21. K

    Fluke 87 LCD repair

    Hey. Does anyone have a source for replacement fluke LCDs ? I have 87v here with a cracked display and I'm struggling to find a UK source for a replacement part. I've contacted fluke they've told me they won't supply a spare but will fix it if I send it to them, it's a 5 minute job to repair so...
  22. N

    Plug Socket Showing Up Without An Earth

    Hi guys Have a problem with the tumble dryer that wasn't working and when the technician came out to check the socket with his device it showed up that the plug socket hasn't got an earth. How would an electrician go about fixing the problem? Thanks in advance Nathan
  23. S

    Fluke 1651 Error 1

    Hi coming to the end of my self employed electrical business and my damn testers has got another error code.. A while ago it got error 5 - High noise.. so off it went for repair where the cost prob could of got me another set of intsruments.. So anyway, i went to finish a job off the other day...
  24. P

    Repair to Ceiling pull cord fitting and replacement switch cable

    Got called to do a job today for a Landlord friend of mine to replace a Light pull cord fitting in "a room containing a bath or shower" Look like someone has been hanging from the fitting and even had to replace the switch cable!! Just checking this is still a repair and replacement and...
  25. GMES

    Drill Repairs

    Hi Guys Hope I am in the right section. As the title suggests I have a dewalt 24v cordless sds, which as stopped working on the hammer function, just wondered if any body knows of a shop that could repair it( if it is cost affective) I have had it about 4 years and given it some hammer ( no pun...
  26. W

    Megger repair?

    Hi guys, does anyone know of a company that repairs megger multi testers in dorset.? Would be good if they are cheap and don't keep my tester for 4 weeks!
  27. timo1

    Fix Megger 1552 ?

    Hi, I am thinking about buying a megger 1552 MFT which is described as not working. It turns on and self tests but no tests can be performed, but I don't have any more info until I see it next week. My questions are...Has anyone had a similar problem, and does anywhere do a fixed fee repair...
  28. P

    Training advice please

    Hi all i am new here. i have spent a lot of nights on here researching but nothing really relates to my situation. so i want to retrain as a sparky at 24 but heres the problem, i have multiple sclerosis, a 3 year old and house so college/apprenticeship isnt really for me due to financial &...
  29. I

    MFT Faulty

    I have recently bought a second hand Kewtech KT64 and it appears to have a fault. It does Continuity, Insulation Resistance and Voltage ok. But when I try to do Loop, Pefc/Pscc and Rcd the scene highlights a wiring fault (L-N). Test leads are ok. Does anyone know:- 1, What the fault might be. 2...
  30. J

    Inaccurate RCD test results from my 1653

    My 1653 has suddenly started giving inaccurate results when testing rcds. On a ramp test, it indicates that its giving 33mA and not tripping the RCD, but another tester the same RCD is tripping at 24mA, which is about normal for a 30mA. Fluke are quoting a fixed repair cost of £216 + VAT, to...
  31. M

    Commercial Vending Machine fault codes

    Hi, I am a spark but not used to repairing vending machines. I have an Encore Auto coin operated coffee machine in the office for the staff but it has developed a fault E101. There is a basic manual within but might as well be thrown out. I have contacted the manufactures for a wiring diagram...
  32. UKMeterman

    Megger BM203 bin or repair

    Hi, I have a Megger BM203 which has a faulty display. Should I just bin it, or send it for repair, what do you think? Thanks
  33. Tuttle

    Megger 1710 Warranty Repair - how long will I be without my MFT?

    Tried to get my Megger 1710 calibrated last week, only a year old and apparently it's faulty :bigcry: The 100mA RCD test won't trip, the calibration guys have sent it back to Megger for repair under Warranty, but they didn't know how long it will take. Anyone had a Warranty repair on a Megger...
  34. UKMeterman

    Testing of 12VDC power supplies after repair

    Hi, If I repair say a 12VDC SELV floating mains power supply in a metal class 1 box what tests should be applied after a repair. I am thinking earthbond 100mA or 25A and IR test L+N to E with output also connected to E. What voltage should be used for the IR tests LN to E 500V DC or 1.4kV AC...
  35. darkwood

    Zoning and other trades ......!!!!!

    :sad3::sad3::sad3::sad3:..... crap morning but saved by been prepared, was pad-sawing out a socket box in dot and dab about 1m from a window with a radiator under it, then psssssssssssssss water squirting out, was hot so isolated boiler to drop pressure and bashed out a large section of wall...
  36. L

    Fluke query

    got a fluke 1653 with "err 1" when turned on does anyone know whether this can be rectified at a reasonable cost or is that good night vienna ???
  37. M

    megger mft1730

    hi i priced a mft1730 today and the wholsaler said that theyre having problems with them and to buy somthing else? has anybody heard about this? cheers mike
  38. G

    Domestic Underfloor Heating Repair or repair kit?

    Hi Folks, I've had a quick search for a thread on this but there are so many queries on UFH. I've been asked to repair some UFH where a carpenter has sliced through it with his stanley knife. I've never worked with UFH before but what i have been told is that this stuff is called elements e...
  39. S

    What should trip RCD or MCB

    Hi Guys i am wondering whether you could clear something up for me,in the event of a line neutral short circuit on a lawn mower cable should the rcd or mcb for that circuit trip? Basically got a dead short on a very poor attempt on repair on a severed lawnmower cable,the mcb tripped at the DB...
  40. mechelec

    megger repair advice

    My Megger LCB2500/2 loop/RCD tester has developed a fault that when ever you do any test the overheated indicator shows that it has overheated even when cold. I presume it will need to go in for repair but can anyone recommend a cheap but reliable repairer. Thanks in advance.
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