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  1. E

    Hello! I'm trying to replace a floodlight

    Hi everyone, I've just joined the forum today and I'm looking for some advice. I recently bought a new pir sensor LED flood light for the back garden. I removed the old fitting after taking a photo of the wiring but (like an idiot) I've managed to lose said photo. What's throwing me is that I...
  2. L

    Kitchen grid switch replace

    I am looking to replace my kitchen 12 gang grid switch. It consists of 6 switches, 5 fuse holders, and 1 empty module. I am ordering some new Schneider modules. Thinking to DIY or hire an electrician. For electrician in Essex, how much would be the usual cost for replacing this 12 gang grid switch?
  3. 4

    The home we own has 4 exterior light. We bought new fixtures to replace the original outside lights. It appears three of the fixtures have recessed ol

    What type of dremel oscillating blade should I use top notch out a recess in house brick, for a 31/2" electrical box?
  4. S

    Schneider RCBO to replace MCB

    Hello, I am currently working on a project that previously utilises a charger for a battery system that is connected via single phase 240V AC mains. The existing charger has the 15A inlet running through a 1P 16A schneider MCB with the active line connected to the MCB (with earth and neutral...
  5. K

    Is it ok for competent person to replace CU then get third party to test/certify

    just want to upgrade old fuse box in home myself and get third party to test/certify ,possible?
  6. J

    How can I replace LCD with RGB display?

    Hello memberrs, hope you are safe and doing good. I am looking for experts to review my question and solve. It is a humble request to all. Actually, I have built a project that displays custom pictures on LCD. The problem is, LCD is not visible in sunlight and I have found a solution to use...
  7. haptism

    Hard wired internet in house to replace wifi

    Please can someone give me some pointers. In my house atm Im using wifi. For a project while on corona lockdown I want to hardwire connection points in most of the rooms and get rid of the wifi. Ive never installed such a setup and Ive got a few questions. Whats the best cable to use, thinking...
  8. L

    Swapping an old ceiling fixture. Replace the box? Add a ground? Thoughts?

    I just took down an old chandelier. I'm looking to swap it out with a different old fixture, but I am interested in making it as safe as possible. I attached a picture of the fixture box as it is now and would really appreciate opinions on what needs to be done. At the very least, I feel like...
  9. M

    How do I replace a bulb in my bathroom?

    18 months after buying the house, a bulb has gone, and I can't for the life of me figure out how I need to change it. (Yes I feel like an idiot) I've attached the pictures to show - I have no way of turning the bulb from the light normally to pop it out like I do with my kitchen ones. I've...
  10. C

    Replace MR16 with GU10 LED - Help with Lamp fitting??

    I'm about to change 40 x MR16/G5.3 fittings, do away with transformers and replace with mains GU10 Lamp holders double insulated and GU10 LEDs. I hoped to keep the existing Lamp fittings but was concerned as label states G5.3 12v 50w max.Is it safe to use GU10 LED in these fittings?
  11. N

    Commercial Metal Halide still not working after control gear replacement

    So I've got incoming mains splitting (forking) off into 3 light fittings. They are HID metal halide lamps. The middle one (thats not working) is 70W, and the other 2 are 150W. I've replaced the control gear and bulb. It still just flickers blue and doesnt actaully start. It also buzzes at the...
  12. D

    Replace lounge light switch help

    Hi Advice please . replacing lounge light switch first 2 pics switch opperates 2 lights big light and a wall light will the connections in the blacked back switch work on the new switch ? Many thanks dan
  13. R

    LED don’t work

    Trying to replace 12v halogen downlighter with led but the replacements don’t work.
  14. C

    16A device on a 15A breaker, do I need to replace the breaker?

    I'm going to have to replace my faulty EVSE car charger with a new one. The Clipper Creek one is pretty pricey, so I'm looking at a much less expensive Zencar. The concern is that it says it requires 16A. My garage has a single 15A breaker for it that's in the house, but I don't know the size...
  15. H

    USA Hazardous Old Wiring...??

    I’m a new homeowner and found this old wire in the panel (the red and black one)... It’s on a 60 amp breaker. It is clothed sheathed outside the panel and is freying in parts (see 2nd photo)... Hazardous? Thanks for any advice!
  16. T

    Domestic Help with light switch replace

    I just tried to replace the light switch but I didn't took a picture or even try to look how it was wired. I'm getting out of my mind I've tried 3 new switches and it keeps turning down the main circuit breaker when I try to turn on the light what am I doing wrong ? I connected brown to brown...
  17. R

    Wondering what panel and breakers I can use to replace this old federal pacific?

    Would a Square D Homeline 100 Amp six Spot 12 Circuit Panel work? With six 20amp single pole homeline breakers?
  18. R

    Replacing this panel

    I'm an apprentice electrician and i'm doing some groundwork for a job. What panel and breakers would I use to replace this panel etirely? I just want to know what we'd use to tell my master. Would replacing this with a Square D homeline 100amp 6-space 12-circuit breaker panel and 6 square D...
  19. B

    LED Gu10s to replace Halogen lamps not working

    Hi, In the past I've replaced MR16 halogen spots with LEDs and had issues getting them to work. I understand this is driver related. This time, I'm having problems switching GU10s halogen with LED. I can't understand this as my understanding is there will not be a driver involved and this...
  20. S

    cost to replace an immerser element

    have been asked to quote to replace an element. ive done a few back a while back and i dont want to short change myself. probably fit an 11in screwfix 17 pounds odd. lower element with good access, drain tank maybe 20min or so. travel 30min there and 30min back. many thanks.
  21. W

    Need to replace this holder

    This is for a wall ceramic wall light. What type is this and where can I buy it in UK please?
  22. R

    Cost to replace the base pipe at the meter?

    I was just told by my electric company that I need to replace the base pipe at the meter. What kind of cost am I looking at to do this? My power is surging in and out. Unfortunately, I just had a massive basement emergency project that sucked up all my emergency funds so I will have to wait on...
  23. B

    Replace Fuse in Fiat Ducato

    We have a Motorhome There is a starter battery in the Fiat Ducato (prime mover) There are 2 deep cycle House Batteries. The Starter battery is connected to the House batteries via a VSR (Voltage sensitive Relay) which enables the alternator to charge the house batteries when the starter battery...
  24. fatah

    Domestic Newbie who wants to replace bathroom extractor fan

    hey, so im a DIYer and learn most stuff from youtube tutorials. At the moment am doing a bathroom renewal, and want to replace the extractor fan for a stronger one. I've a very basic understanding of house wiring and electricity, however i think i could do something straightforward like...
  25. N

    Domestic Replacing a Legrand grid switch

    I have a bank of DP Legrand grid switches and one has become faulty. Is it easy to replace? Thanks.
  26. D

    IP67 Push Switch to replace plastic outdoor light switch and bell

    Hi Guys, Please can I have some advice on IP67 switches. I would like to use outside to replace bulky plastic switch boxes available on the market. One will be used for a light switch and another for a door bell. I plan to use a stainless steel push switch mounted on the face of a small sealed...
  27. D

    new to this i need help asap

    Hi everyone i am David i need some help please ASAP i have replace a socket put everything keeps tripping has anyone got any ideas please
  28. L

    Replace Menvier M12 with Nest Protect installation

    Hi, I am currently replacing 1 of 4 Menvier M12 with a Nest Protect and need some expert advice on the (old) wiring. I have a Menvier M12 with the following wiring: Black - 0v (neutral) Red - 12v (live) White/Green - tamper zone Blue - zone (interconnect) Yellow - fire As per the Nest Protect...
  29. S

    trying to replace a old A1-66 with like

    I've a 54 year old house. It's a grandma unit with a few guests here and there. Thermostat went out so I ordered another one. Apparently this is a line voltage thermostat and the original has four terminals. The 2 top screw terminals say "line", the two bottom screws say "load" In the junction...
  30. S

    wiring new lightswitch to replace old MK 4526 2 way 2 gang

    Hi I am replacing all the lightswitches in a C1950 bungalow. The photo below is of a 2 way 2 gang MK 4526. It has a row of terminals at the top labelled: Common, 2,Common,2. The bottom row is unlabelled. I need to know how to connect a new MK lightswitch. A drawing of the existing wiring is...
  31. K

    Needs to replace my extractor

    Hi, My extractor is failing and i need to replace it. It can take a while to spin up sometimes and can make a high pitched noise while it is doing so. Giving it a tap normally sorts it out. Its a Steeple brand and has a timer. I need to order another one but I'm not sure if its a standard or...
  32. M

    Can I replace inverter for larger unit without informing DNO or FiT

    Hi, Looking on Ebay I can pick up a used inverter for a lot less than what the supplier is asking for a new different unit. Do I need to inform the FiT people or the DNO. when the FiT paperwork was filled in it had the model and serial number of the inverter, which would be different if...
  33. H

    Replacing 13A flex outlet with 16A

    Hi, I'm replacing a microwave oven rated at 13A with one rated at 16A. This plus a conventional oven are fed from a 32A MCB in a consumer unit, via a single 6mm2 T&E cable to two 13A fused flex outlet switches. The original installation was professionally done seven years ago. Can I replace...
  34. O

    Do I need an Electrician to replace a 30A Hob?

    Hi, so 4am this morning our bedroom fan went off which woke me up - whole upstairs socket ring was out - I went downstairs and the lights ring was out. Checked the C.U and one of those double switches was in the off position - tried to reset but couldn't, decided to go back to bed! So this...
  35. Bob Geldoff1234

    Would you replace a 25 year old fire alarm panel if still working?

    Have there been any major changes in fire alarm systems in the past 25 years? The reason i ask is i have just had a customer on the phone that is saying that the company who service the fire alarm system for a church hall says that the panel must be replaced as it's 25 years old. Now as far as...
  36. D

    Replace kitchen tube lights with LED lights

    Hello, I need some advice for a small DIY project to replace about 8 kitchen tube lights under the cabinets with LED lights. Attached are some photos of the existing tube and power connections. Can you recommend a LED lighting product that would be able to use the existing power connections...
  37. K

    Advice on old style junction box for cooker - need to replace cooker, told box illegal?

    Hi everyone, there is an electrical cooker already in situ and still connected to this junction box. Have been told box is illegal. I have no idea why, box has been checked inside and is earthed. Can anyone tell me what the issue is please so that I know how to install the new cooker? Big thanks...
  38. J

    Nest to replace Potterton Programmer and thermostat

    Hi, I have bought a Nest thermostat recently. The quoted price for installation is above 90 pounds in my region. Heard from lots of people that the nest installation might be not difficult, thus, would like to give it a try with your advice. My CH and HW system: Y-Plan (3-port), Potterton...
  39. Sibley14

    Nest Installation Advice to replace Honeywell CM927 / BDR91

    Hi there, i have zero electrical experience, but am looking to replace my wireless honeywell CM927 / BDR91 Control unit with the Nest 3. This is to control a Ferroli combi boiler. I could pay a professional, but It doesn't look to complicated to fit.....but then what do i know :-) Looking at...
  40. T

    Just had to post this! Western power replace main fuse twice and it popped both times

    Called to inspect power completely off. As title suggests main fuse had popped and DNO said call an electrician. You will not believe this job! The boxes are rotting away. The cables full of verdigree and corrosion. Soaking wet. All at a chinese take away. The cellar has no light. The only way...
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