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  1. R

    Requirements for new ring main in garage

    I need to fit a number of new 13A sockets in my garage to power some new equipment. I am planning to put in a new ring main and a new consumer unit to connect these sockets. The garage is a few metres from my house where the main CU is. Do I have to carry the ring main all the way back to the...
  2. D

    Regulations/requirements regarding communal lighting

    Hi, I've just bought a new build flat in a 8 storey building. The communal lights from floors 1-7 are permanently on as well as two staircases. The ground floor is the only floor with PIR's installed. It's such a poor design and I can't see how this can be allowed in this day and age. In no...
  3. F

    18th edition board requirements ?

    Hi, Could I ask as I’m newish to this industry, I’m trying to get a definitive or generally accepted layout for a typical 18th edition domestic board. SPD, increased RCD rating etc. What’s the requirement for a new domesic install??? Thanks.
  4. J

    Domestic Changes to the requirements on recording RCD disconnection times

    Hi everyone, long term visitor to the forum but first time posting a question... be gentle This question is with regards to the changes to the 18th edition certificates, which only require one disconnection time recorded. When recording the highest value taken when carry out RCD tests, Reg...
  5. M

    18th Edition Bonding requirements

    Was talking about this with a couple of guys on site earlier and differing opinions were had. It seems the line quoted below has introduced some confusion. "Metallic pipes entering the building having an insulating section at their point of entry need not be connected to the protective...
  6. M

    Domestic EV charger installation: RCD requirements

    This has been discussed before but I'm still not clear and would appreciate input. I'm installing a home EV charger (Andersen A2) and need to decide on the right RCD/RCBO to terminate the connection at the CU. - The system will run at 32A, the charger is connected to the CU via ~20m of 6sqmm...
  7. Gavin John Hyde

    Smart EV charger requirements

    I install EV chargers, often under the OLEV scheme. next year all chargers subsidised by the government will have to be 'smart' we all know how the smart meter roll out is going! but it seems only a matter of time before they determine that cars can only be charged at certain times etc or must...
  8. Ian1981

    SPD’s requirements in electrical non domestic installations

    Well just as I thought I had this spd requirements down I attended the Niceic tech talk, with a speaker from the jpel/64 panel who is mainly responsible for the requirements of SPD’s and go figure a manufacturer of the product. So I learned that installing a type 1 device at the origin and type...
  9. Massive1

    BS 7671:2018 - Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations (New 18th Edition)

    As per the title. Took the wrapper off that's it. BS 7671:2018 - Requirements for Electrical Installations, IET Wiring Regulations (New 18th Edition) £50
  10. Pasi

    Looking for advice on qualification requirements, courses, timespans

    Good evening all I am posting here, feel a bit out of place as currently I have no electrical qualifications. I am looking for advice on courses to advance my career within the company I work for. I have been given a list of acceptable qualifications to achieve my goal and get the job role I...
  11. Noaksie

    Robin KTS1620 MFT Surplus to requirements

    I have a Robin KTS1620 MFT that I no longer require. A1 condition with all leads and original case. Needs new calibration certificate. Perfect working order. Contact me if interested.
  12. P

    Communication cable bonding requirements

    Hello new here so please be kind. Im not qualified but have had work checked and signed off by qualified electricians. I have installed communications and video cabling throughout house using shielded cables and these require bonding from cabinet to earth to drain static etc. Can this earth...
  13. B

    Water ingression - testing requirements

    Quick ? We all know that if there has been water ingression then the circuits showed be fully inspected and tested before being re-energised. However does anybody know the reg or legislation that states this please? Thanks Billy
  14. R

    Domestic Cooker / Hob Power Requirements

    Hi I just have a Question you may be able to advise me with I have 2 32A cooker Mains cables running back to the Consumer unit on 2 32A Barkers My question is ( To conform ) Can i use 1 (32A) for the ceramic hob and the other (32A ) to run 2 independent Single Ovens Or do i need to...
  15. G

    LED Strip Lighting Requirements

    Hi, I am looking for some advice on what would be required for LED Strip lighting in my kitchen. The electrician ran cables from all the points (4) to the light switch. After looking online, I think I will need the following, and the electrician be able to connect it in the following manner...
  16. happyhippydad

    Understanding minimum CPC requirements?

    My assessor said that the minimum CSA for a Main earthing conductor for a TT was 16mm. I questioned this as I thought it was 4mm. Regulation 542.3.1 states every earthing conductor shall comply with section 543. Section 543 refers mainly to the adiabatic (reg 543.1.3) or reg 543.1.4 (table...
  17. 1

    Requirements for Level 3 NVQ

    Morning all just joined the forum and after some advice. Last year I completed my EAL Level 2 Electrical Installation course and I've now been working as an agency sparks mate for 6 months after getting Electrical Labourer ECS card. Now ImI to get my gold card so need to do my NVQ + AM2 + 18th...
  18. S

    Help needed re simulator parts power requirements

    Evening all, I have built a 2 DOF VR Roller Coaster simulator. I am now adding additional realism, specifically wind. This is the specification of the inline air pump that I am going to use, Inline Blower | 270 CFM 4″ In-Line Bilge Blower Fan -...
  19. D

    Minimum requirements to produce and sell bespoke ceiling lights?

    Hi all, I would like to start making my own lamps and ceiling lights to sell to the public, but currently I have no formal electrical qualifications. What requirements would I have to meet as far as training and legislation to be able to safely and legally produce and sell within Britain or...
  20. M

    Fire Alarm MCP (Manual call Point) requirements

    There seems to be a lot of confusion around at the moment as some engineers are flagging up a non-conformity which i had previously never thought about. Basically I've been sent to a few jobs where its been recommended that an MCP is put on the exit gate to a loading yard? Yes i suppose this is...
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