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  1. M

    Loop tester different results

    Hello, I have a dedicated loop tester (Martindale EZ2500) and also a Fluke 1662 MFT The reason I have the additional loop tester is often at work I will need to measure P-E & P-N loop impedance only while I am in a harness climbing, or have walked for ages (large concert touring) the EZ2500...
  2. M

    Step Down Transformer from Receptacle - Expected Results?

    Hello, I have a 125/250v - 50amp twistlock receptacle in a 3phase building (so, 208v between hots). It's a 4-wire receptacle. Currently, when needed, I split the phases/hots to attain two lines of 120v, each capable of 50amp current. If I installed a knock down transformer (208->120) into the...
  3. H

    Seeking some advice following am2 results

    Good evening, So I have recently sat my am2 and just received my results. I passed with the installation, theory, fault finding etc but failed on the testing due an issue with insulation resistance and also the initial safe isolation section. I can only think that I didn't carry out all the...
  4. P

    EICR - Holding back test results?

    A customer has asked me to quote for some work and he sent a copy of the EICR that was done a while back. As can be seen, the person who did the eicr is holding back the test results until the C2's have been resolved? I don't do many EICRs mainly because there are locals doing them too cheap...
  5. H

    Test results, lighting circuit

    Evening all. I’m struggling al little bit; doing a light installation (extra outdoor light). Upon undoing existing fixing I found there’s no CPC. Seems no CPC on any of the lights (even though there’s an earth in the DB). So, how would I get my R1 and Rn readings? I’m proper stuck so any help or...
  6. Spoon

    18th Edition Results

    So I presume lots of people here have done the Level 3 Award in the Requirements for Electrical Installations BS 7671:2018. I have logged into the City & Guild site to see my cert. All it tells me is that I have it. My questions are: Is it possible to have a PDF of the cert with your name on...
  7. Diver233

    Anyone know how long C and G take to send out results?

    Anyone know how long C & G take to send out certificates?. I passed my practical 2391 testing practical 12 June but not got certificate yet, is over a month normal ?
  8. E

    Insulation Resistance Results

    Hi, I’d like some clarification with regards to insulation resistance results I’ve got. Carrying out initial verification on a new ring final circuit. New cable, 9 new MK double sockets. r1 - 0.43 rn - 0.42 r2 - 0.68 R1+R2 - 0.28. Carried out insulation resistance test: L-N - >2000 MOhms L-E...
  9. Z

    Went to quote, discovered recent EICR has fabricated results. How to proceed with client?

    I went to quote for remedial work in a flat yesterday. The client is selling the flat and wants an EICR for the purposes of the sale. The last week they had an NIC electrician who performed an EICR, which they then sent to me. Worth mentioning at this point that a neighbouring flat had caught...
  10. Strima

    Commercial Multiple Earth Electrodes Test Results

    I need to clarify something that's rattling around in my head. I was taught when testing lightning protection systems that the maximum permissible combined electrode readings shouldn't be over 10 ohms. So we would test all the electrodes individually then work out resistance in parallel. We...
  11. N

    Schedule of results when adding to installation

    When adding just a couple of circuits to an existing installation, what exactly do you put on the schedule of results with regards to the old circuits. Just the circuit number and name or do you add the breaker details also like bsen, type, breaking capacity, rating. Obviously can't add ref...
  12. J

    Weird IR results? At a Switched Fcu in RFC

    So I am doing an insulation resistance test on a new flat and I get a dodgy L-E reading on the IR. I won't go above 20Meg and it fluctuates. Identified where the problem is and its a switched spur. When cables are removed all test +299 including the load which is 2 sockets. When all are put back...
  13. T

    how should ring cont results relate to R1R2

    Sorry if this has been asked . How should the results or ring continuity relate to r1r2 results. Today I got L-L 0.32 N-N 0.30 E-E 0.56 and my r1r2 was 0.76
  14. Gavin John Hyde

    Type C or B rcbo? & Results on a CU change certificate

    Been to quote for a job this morning, The house has 2 CU's one is eco7 for 5 storage heaters, the other was upgraded in 2009 and all wylex rcbo's. Meter tails, bonding all up to scratch, the DNO upgraded the cutout to PME in 2009 with the previous work. The owner is going to have the heaters...
  15. haptism

    Odd test results on RCD Spur

    Tested an RCD spur earlier with some odd results Tested at x 1/2 (both waveforms) and no trip x 1 (0 degrees = 28.5 ms), (180 degrees = 18.4 ms) x 5 (0 degrees = 8.2 ms), (180 degrees = 40 ms) S0 getting bang on 40ms at x5 on 180 waveform; i know its in...
  16. Dave Jenkins

    EICR Test Results mostly left blank

    Mornin' I did a small job for a client earlier in the week and told her I need to complete a Minor Works cert - as you do.. She said that she didn't need one because she had this - waving an EICR under my nose. Looking through the document, it all looked good until the last page - test results...
  17. J

    Do neon indicators affect Zs test results?

    I know that having a neon in the circuit screws up IR testing, but I just wondered if the same applies to Zs testing. Many thanks
  18. Leesparkykent

    .......Good results for PV

    Solar power breaks UK records thanks to sunny weather -
  19. M

    Recording PFC and PSCC results

    I have my Am2 this week and am getting confused with what reading is to be placed in schedule of test results. I understand for PFC to take the highest reading between 3 phase and earth but have to then go between phases & N to find PSCC. Is it PSCC reading then doubled and put on back of test...
  20. L

    recording of earth continuity results for appliances with detachable leads.

    When testing appliances with a detachable IEC power lead, what's the recommendation for recoding the earth continuity value, do you record the higher value including the lead resistance, or exclude the earth resistance of the lead from the actual appliance. This assuming that the lead is tested...
  21. J

    Installation test following rewire

    I've recently carried out a full rewire of a domestic property which had a supply to a garage by use of an armoured in ducting run underground. I have taken a new feed to the adaptable box that said armoured is terminated into and have tested the armoured itself and all is ok. My question is, as...
  22. Mark.W

    IR connundrum

    Hey Guys I've got a bit of a head scratcher that I was hoping someone could help with. I have a ring main feeding 7 points. When testing IR btw L&N I get 967Mohm but when testing N-E & L-E I get 455Mohm. I split the ring and tested as 2 radials and the results suddenly come back all clear at...
  23. L

    Supplier INstalling New Meter

    Hi, I have been asked to test a property as the meter has been ripped out by the previous tenants and the supplier need dead test results before they install a new meter, Has anyone done this for a supplier and do they need a condition report or just a schedule of test results? Ive tried...
  24. 2nd best

    2394/5 current coarse

    ive just passed one test exam on this coarse however with 2 written test and a practical left to go i still have a lot to do roll on Thursday i say
  25. D

    IR Problems/Questions

    EICR under taken again on property. Insulation Resistance results on at 500V. All results in Mega Ohms LIGHTING L-N 34.80, L-E 2.05, N-E 33 LIGHTING L-N 2.47, L-E 2.97, N-E 2.81 UP POWER L-N 78, L-E 72, E-L 69 DOWN SOCKETS L-N 16.30, L-E 15.41 N-E 44.43...
  26. D

    Earth Leakage Test

    Once asked if a normal Multi Meter could do most of what a PAT tester could (ie saver £££ £350 for the machine an £75 for it to be tested) <Shows how slow i am at recalling things> but some years ago i did 2377-22 and didnt recall it from there. I do own the 3rd Edition Code of Practice for...
  27. A

    RCD Test Results on Condition Report

    Hi I'm new here, Been working for a company carrying out electrical testing for the past 5 years and was governed by how they wanted there test certificates completed (They had there own version for a large water company) I've recently changed jobs to a newish company that are not experianced...
  28. happyhippydad

    L-N IR results indicating fault or load left on?

    I have had to fault find on a very old, big house (with a bad damp problem) as the MCB feeding the kitchen sockets is tripping. There is no RCD. It is a ring circuit. The IR results L-E are 0.003MΩ. L-N IR results indicated something left plugged in (really sorry but I can't find the note I...
  29. B

    Tripping RCD advice

    Hi! Need to pick some brains as I am truly stumped by this one call out to a flat with nuisance tripping. On arrival tested circuits and all IR tests between LE were coming up relatively low, between 0.50-0.80 with the exception of ring main coming out as 0.01. There has recently been a leak...
  30. E

    Stupid Question- Do i need to go back for rcd test?

    Just done a small additional Immersion circuit install. Run cable through floor space and on surface in trunking. Fitted to a new MCB on spare way in existing consumer unit. Unit had a main switch and a seperate rcd protecting the MCB's. Do I need to go back and get the rcd test results for the...
  31. A

    RCD tripping

    I have a strange RCD tripping problem, we have a dual RCD consumer unit, when the main switch is turned off both RCD s activate, they have activated individually but not at the same time. There is no continuity between the neutrals and both sides have an insulation resistance of >25 meg, we have...
  32. a-z electrics

    Curve (Denmans) RCDs

    Anyone had problems with these rcds? Control Gear Direct, 30mA, 63A 2 pole.. I recently bought two 10-way dual rcd boards from denmans.. first one had an rcd which didnt trip on test button, even with load removed. Second rcd didnt trip under 300mS, but button worked. Swapped them for the...
  33. R

    speed up testing, cert filling

    Hi guys, I used to fil all my certs out on pads on the job and hand to customer, that was back when i was doing mostly domestic work. I now find myself doing a lot of commercial testing mainly for the same client. I have started useing the NICEIC online record results rough...
  34. D

    Fault on ring main

    My in laws recently returned from holiday to find that their downstairs ring main was off.when I looked the mcb for this circuit was in the odd position and on trying to switch on it tripped the main rcd switch for this set of circuits.after first unplugging any appliances and this not resolving...
  35. V

    two circuits in one mcb.

    Hello Just opened up a consumer unit, to find two circuits (lights and extractors) coming out of one 10 amp mcb. This isn't right is it? What should I do come the time to test and record results? Where would I write them down? I've always thought its 1 fuse/breaker per circuit? head...
  36. B

    Ring end to end results not text book for cu change.. do we need to ensure 1.67 times

    Hi, Cu change pre tests (TT) indicate non text book results: r1=072, rn=0.92, r2=1.58 another ring: r1=0.67 n=0.67 r2=1.60 As can be seen the r2 values are more than 1.67 times r1 or rn possibly due to loose connections. Are we responsible to try and bring these values in line for a cu...
  37. N

    2394 Results

    I'm well chuffed, I passed my 2394 exam today. Anybody else get their results today.
  38. H

    2395 practical assessment

    Hello everyone I'm doing my 2395 practical assessment this week and I'm looking through my condition report inspection schedule. in the case I come up against a low ( < than 1 mohm ) value on mega ohms while completing a IR test which box in the inspection schedule should I code this fault...
  39. D

    2394/5 tomorrow

    Hi guys got my 2394/5 written exams over the next two nights, wish me luck!
  40. A

    RCD tripping times at 1x and 5x

    I understand that when carrying out RCD testing an RCD should trip within 300ms at 1x and 40ms at 5x but is it common that on occasions for the RCD to trip quicker at 1x than 5x. I never had it occur personally. I am just looking at some old certs and on some circuits the RCD is tripping...
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