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  1. 1

    Free labour in return for experience?

    Evening folks, The ones that remember from my previous post remember the predicament I was in. In short, was leaving the military, was half way through the domestic installer course before realising it was not the best route to go down. I've decided to hold off leaving for another 11 months...
  2. buzzlightyear

    return of the jedi, back at you.

    just received the spams from e.g. Katie Ellis & Paul Scott. having their been many of them posted to some of the sparks on this forum .so I have send both scam mails forward to each other .happy days .
  3. J

    solar quote question - estimated return on investment timescale.

    Does anyone know if a solar installation quote should include the loss of interest incurred on the investment. Should this amount be factored into the return on investment time scale. On a large installation this makes a huge difference to the payback time.
  4. Majid Khan

    Tax return allowable expenses list 2017/18

    Hello experts, I am actually a self employed electrician working away 10 hours every day and I need a bit of advice from you guy please. I did my tax return on my own last year. I did add couple of things in my expenses list like phone bill( job %), clothes cleaning exp, tools, food and...
  5. E

    why do women want men to return to mounted combat?

    seems i cant turn on the youtubes to watch people fall from ladders without being bombarded with feminist videos moaning about how men arent chivalrous , i fail to see what a system mainly to do with ancient combat has to do with the 21st century do women really want men to return to horseback...
  6. Vortigern

    Maplins closing down, anything to return???

    So a £140 graphics card has failed under guarantee. Maplins where I got it from will not refund it. They say email head office. Have done so and the email gets returned saying their server is not accepting emails. So for the past week and sending say a dozen times, no dice. Any bright ideas? No...
  7. D

    Hi newbie here, wanting to return to the electrical trade

    Hi all, I started my electrical apprenticeship nearly 10 years ago went to college for 3 and half years on the C&G 2330 I passed every test except the last one on level 3. I worked as an apprentice electrician for 2 and a half years before Jacking it in. The company I worked for weren't very...
  8. B

    Main bonding flow and return to oil boiler

    Hi this is pickling my head and any advice is appreciated. I have a TNCS system. I have an external oil boiler fed from the house in a detached garage. The main water in the house and the flow and return from the boiler are all bonded back to the house MET from within 600mm of where they...
  9. Murdoch

    Why don't text messages "bounce"

    So here is the scenario: Tried sending a cousin a text message twice - no response, so tried calling him... mobile network says "number no recognised (or something similar) So why didn't the mobile network return them "undelivered" - a bit like emails do. Just wondering Thanks
  10. C

    Domestic Workshop power supply

    Hello I have been away from electrical installation for sometime but am making a return. I have been asked to install a supply to an outbuilding consisting of lights and sockets. Load will be minimal, hand tools, log splitter etc. Can I utilise a spare MCB form the board or would it be better to...
  11. P

    Mamita 14.4 volt jigsaw

    Brought this by mistake, meant to order 18 volt version. Its brand new in the box, never used. Any reasonable offers considered.
  12. S

    Domestic tamper fault on Optima Compact

    Hi. I've tried to fit an Optima Compact alarm panel with built in key pad. Upon energising there is a tamper fault. I've removed all zones & linked them out but still no joy. This is the reason I hate doing alarms & will avoid in the future! Any ideas please??:devil:
  13. S

    Solar Thermal secondary return pump Fluropro

    Hi I have been installing a Solar Thermal system (with a plumber friend) with a Glow-Worm Fluropro controller, and the system has a secondary return pump on it. I can't find any live output for the pump. I could just put the pump on a plug-in timer, but in the manual it states that the system...
  14. SKY


    Hi Chaps What quals does one need to be able to do EICRs? Thanks
  15. Floody

    Accountant for Tax Returns

    Not too sure if this allowed here, so will give it a go nonetheless. Im looking for someone to do my self assesment at the end of the year. Im new to being self employed and genuinley havent the slightest clue what to do when it comes to doing the tax return. All ive been told by the people I...
  16. K

    Pipe Stat to switch on pump

    Any advice welcome Im fitting a pipe stat on the flow and need a pump to run when the temp reaches 60 c inside the stat is common , 1 and 2 just wondering the way to do it. Cheers
  17. Farmelectrics

    Current flow in leds

    Can some one explain for me what ever current flows in live must return in the neutral so when we come to led strip lights (flurocents) how does the current return through neutral when LEDs are diodes and they only allow current to flow one way how does it get it's return path
  18. Murdoch

    Contencious - is solar worth while

    My brother is seriously considering having solar panels on his house. The roof is facing south, south west, and is not obstructed. How would he be able to decide if its worth it or not?? Yes this sounds a daft statement!! He lives in the Leighton Buzzard area.
  19. W

    Experienced needed. will work for free.........Dorset/Hampshire

    Hi i am looking to gain some experience with an electrical company or an individual. I live in the poole dorset area on the south coast. I have done a training course at the beginning of the year and have 17th edition wiring regs, part p and a level 2 in inspection and testing..... i am going...
  20. S

    Pricing via point?

    Hi guys, i have brought this up before but now have a bit more experience! Basically i am pricing a firm who do conservatories and they want price per point, basically some can be done in one visit but a lot are 2 visit jobs after plasterer has been and done his bit!. Basically i have come up...
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