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  1. Sintra

    Returning to UK / Self isolating.

    I’m due to return to the UK next Thursday from Belgium and want to confirm if I need to self isolate away from my own household? My wife is saying I need to stay on my own for 14 days after my return before I can go home even though I have no symptoms. I’ve tried looking online and can’t find...
  2. P

    Returning Stuff to Suppliers

    Beware Just Noticed Screwfix /Electrafix (Sure others will follow) from Today aren’t taking back anything Eg don’t over order materials as if your job is cancelled your stuck with stock you don’t need!
  3. N

    Returning to the industry.

    After about 20 years messing about as a police officer, I want to return to the industry. Back in the day before big pointy hats and 'ello 'ello 'ello, I was a time served Approved Electrician with a 16th edition qualification and a "C" course under my belt. What do I need to get back working...
  4. Mrs Danielle McDonald

    Advice for a returning electrician

    Bit background I have my NVQ level 3 and did a years unpaid work for the local council to gain hands on experience .When that ended I didn't really know where to go or what to do .I haven't worked in the industry for 8 yrs now but really want to get back into it. My twins where only babies and...
  5. Ash_C

    Returning Electrician with Little on-site experience.

    Hi everyone, I am after some advice, I qualified back in 2011 (NVQ Level 3 Electro technical Studies) and since then have not been 'an electrician' but a medical equipment engineer based on my apprenticeship being a shambles (I was a white goods installer for the majority of my 4 year term as...
  6. C

    Looking at returning to being an electrician, hoping for advice as to what I'll need.

    Hello, I stopped being an electrician a few years ago (11 to be exact) for various reasons. I've decided that I'd like to start my career again and was hoping for a bit of advice. I have an NVQ lvl 3 Electrical Technical Services (Jtl apprenticeship), AM2 and the AA framework completed...
  7. Mr.Smith

    Returning to Blighty at long last.

    Apologies if anyone finds that this should be in another part of the site but I thought I would give it a shot. I have been overseas working in the Middle East since 2009. The commercial electrical industry was getting hit hard back in '09n and it was time in my career to have a shot at working...
  8. The_Wanderer

    2391 returning, well on website it is anyway?

    Was randomly on the C+G site today, and happened across the old 2391 course showing as "Coming soon April 2017". Im confused, they bringing back an old certificate again, anyone have any info. Purely just curious myself, i got my 2391 over ten years ago, not doing it again. Electrical...
  9. GMES

    Rip Darrel Ward

    Sad news , The Montana legend has died in a plane crash. I have watched every episode of Ice road Truckers and he was a Great Trucker and a great part of the show he will be missed and was only 52. What is sadder is the fact that he was just returning from filmin the pilot episode for a...
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