1. W

    Home rewire query

    I’ve been asked by a builder I know to rewire a property he’s renovating, I’ve been involved in a few rewires before but never priced one. Just wondering how everyone else goes about pricing a big rewire? It’s quite a big property, 3 floors. Builder supplying all materials it’s basically labour...
  2. DonStarr

    EICR - Full rewire recommended

    I've recently has an EICR (report attached) carried out on my two bed flat because I need to rent it out for a year. The electrician has come back saying I need to replace the fuse box to pass the inspection (which I was expecting as no RCD and generally out of date), he has also 'strongly...
  3. Allytech

    UK Rewire - One Job or Two?

    In a property with two consumer units one for the ring main etc., and the other for the 1970s storage heaters (storage heater CU looks like it’s from the 80s when the board was first split, I believe) - can someone tell me if when asking for a quote to rewire, would the storage heaters and their...
  4. X

    London Rewire Pricing + Late Invoicing

    Hi all, I posted here some time ago asking for validation of a quote I received for a rewire. (10k assumed 60 points) And got some good advice so I'm back and could do with some help please. The work has been done but ended up costing more than anticipated. Additionally despite my request for...
  5. T

    How to successfully rewire a Rancilio Silvia espresso machine?

    Hello hive mind, I have recently purchased a Rancilio Silvia coffee machine that has the Euro union ‘GICAR Energy Saver’ module (titled CPU in the diagram) in it. This means that the machine shuts down after 30 min of inactivity. I’m wondering if you lovely people might be able to give me...
  6. C

    Electrician Jobs looking for a rewire team and/or electricians mate in leicester and doncaster

    looking for a rewire team, mainly in leicester but with occasional jobs in notts and doncaster also looking for an electricians mate in leicester to bolster our existing rewire team. some experience of rewiring would be preferred full time roles on the books available or can be sub-contract
  7. A

    Kitchen/utility rewire appliance consumption

    Currently planning a new rewire for my kitchen and want to get things right first time when it comes to appliances consumptions and circuits. Unfortunately I don't have the wattage of appliances as some not bought all yet but will go for worst case to be safe. the oven will be on its own...
  8. H

    Possible electric fault following rewire

    Hello all, We've had a rewire and our electrican is currently away on holiday so we're unable to ask them for advice. Please can I ask for your help with the fault. We had a full rewire including new consumer unit in the property and LED downlights installed (integrated slim line led variant)...
  9. James

    Electrician Jobs Office and factory rewire

    I have a factory and office project going on in Kitt’s green, Birmingham. too much to do alone in the time scale available. would suit someone who can pop in for a day a week or more on a flexible basis to push the project forward. if you are a seasoned spark, I will point at what needs doing...
  10. J

    Kitchen rewire - old ring main - new radial

    Hello, Last year I had some electrical work completed in my house (New CU, SWA for garage, downlights) I informed the electrician that I will be renovating the kitching at some point so he ran a new kitchen radial circuit for sockets and hob and oven circuit. These are on seperate RCBOs, which...
  11. Cankeredlamentations

    UK Common Issues with Smart Switches and Sockets?

    Morning All I recently completed my first re wire and board change, (with help from the owner who is a gas fitter and plumper, who works with my cousin (gas and plumping also) it was a job I did over the last few weekends to build my experience, client was fully aware of this and helped me...
  12. M-B-Electrical-Services

    20 Volt oddity at recent rewire

    Hi all, I have an unusual issue with a recent rewire I have just completed which I hope you guys can assist with. For background, this is a complete strip out and rewire of a domestic property (bungalow) with an unusual but appropriate reference method. For this rewire, due to the fact that it...
  13. 208cheezhead

    Do I need to rewire my shop?

    Hello! My shop is currently on a single 15 amp circuit. Is like to upgrade it at the main home panel to a 30 amp. Do I just need to run 10 gauge wire from the main panel to the shop subpanel and then add a second 15 amp circuit on the subpanel? The shop is currently wired with 12 gauge wire. I...
  14. S

    Do I need to rewire?

    Hi What would be your thoughts on this one? I bought this property last year, it was rented since 2005. EICR from 2016 states "wiring in fairly good condition". EICR from 2021 states "wiring in average condition". I am planning on full refurb of the property but won't be adding more electrical...
  15. JackyBailey

    Does this install need a rewire as suggested?

    Hi. Just about to purchase first home and asked the seller for a EICR as there was a new (ish) consumer unit but no certificate for it. I can see that there is one major issue and that's been disconnected. But apart from that bedroom/circuit does the rest the house need a rewire? Any help...
  16. J

    Whole house rewire questions

    Hello, I am renovating a house. I am rewiring myself. I am getting an electrician to install a new consumer unit & test all my work. I'm looking for a sanity check before I run all the cables. I want to do first fix and get the house plastered. Some of the cable colours in the diagrams are...
  17. D

    Why do i need a rewire when i've passed inspection with no issues?

    Hi I'm having some work done at my house and the electrician has said we need a full rewire. I'm a bit surprised given that we passed an inspection 2 years ago and it raised no issues at all. We've just been told that the wiring is illegal and needs changing. Maybe i'm not understanding the...
  18. S

    Home security systems recommendations with full rewire

    Hi. A client has asked for a home security system as part of a rewire. It occured to me that I'm never installing these only ripping them out! The most I ever do is to install the RING cameras and doorbells. I told her I'm not experienced with home security systems but she's keen to work with...
  19. B

    New build Rewire price help

    Hi to big electricians Need help pricing this new build rewire Just labour only no materials involved They have 14 houses to do Can anyone help pls it's local to me no travel cost Many thanks
  20. D

    New rewire and fuse board - views on work.

    Hi, I’d appreciate views on the fuse board. It’s been completely rewired and I’m unhappy with the quality. I’ve messaged him about it and described the board as a complete mess, and poor workmanship ship. For entry for the 25mm cables and 16mm tails he used the knock...


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