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  1. Dannyboybl00

    West Sussex Electrician - Matrick Electrical Services Ltd

    For all your electrical requirements at home. I'm based in East Grinstead but cover the whole of West Sussex and other parts of the South East of England. Please have a look at my website for further information and contact details. Thank you. www.matrickelectrical.com
  2. G

    Main fuse query

    Hi I’m planning on getting my house re-wired soon, the installation at the minute is an ancient old fuse board with all sorts going on in there! My main fuse is rated at 60 amp and my question is should I get the dno in to upgrade if needed to 80 or 100 amp! Am I best doing this before or after...
  3. Jay 1987

    Looking for mentor/supervisor for whole house rewire in Birmingham

    Hello everyone My name is jay and I’m from the trainee section of this website. I have spoken to respected memebers from this forum and have been advised to create and send this message. Please don’t bite my head off or give silly non sensical answers, as I may get things wrong . (Thanks in...
  4. R

    EIC for partial rewire

    Hi guys, What is the type of EIC for a partial rewire.I am rewiring just 2 final circuits .Is it an alteration?
  5. J

    Old Wyler rewire able board with extra 45a fuse

    Hi all , someone was on the lookout for one of these the other day but I can’t find the thread. I’m removing a mint condition one next week so they are welcome to it if u can find them ?? Help
  6. P

    3 bed rewire

    Hi guys Still trying to get my head around pricing jobs, I need a comparison for particular job It’s a 3 bed house full rewire, Mostly pendants. Kitchen and bathroom will have downlights, It’s solid walls everywhere so there will be chasing to be done and floor boards lifted for wiring...
  7. Loki

    Been doing a rewire.......

    Hi, Been doing a full rewire on a social housing 2 bedroom house. Lifted the floorboards to find that the house has been rewired in the past. The sockets were really low maybe 75mm off the floor, also the original cables to the sockets had be cut with about 3 foot left connected to the old...
  8. S

    Need Advice - New Kitchen Rewire

    Hi Guys New to forum and enjoying reading the threads, all interesting, so.. Looking to re-wire my kitchen due to re-fit and some of you will be unhappy (understandibly) as I am not a qualified sparky, but I will notify building control and get the work certified and passed. This is simply an...
  9. telectrix

    1 or 2 mates required - house rewire. end of May

    as title. quoting a job. as long as I get it , I will need 1 or 2 mates with some experience of house rewires, end of this month. job is close to Jct. 20 M6. any takers?
  10. C

    Rewire not certified.. Eicr

    Hi, I have been asked to carry out an eicr and issue cert on a property, the owner is looking to sell and he is getting some grief from the buyers as he had his property rewired 4 years ago but wasnt issued a certificate. He has said he needs a certificate to prove the work has been done, as i...
  11. B

    Commercial Cut Telephone cable: need to rewire

    So far I'm struggling to identify the cable in use here. I've attached a photo, could someone point me in the right direction of a wiring reference guide so I can attach a standard telephone socket for broadband?
  12. J

    New kitchen rewire using a new board

    We are having our kitchen moved to a different part of the house. I have asked that the wiring for the new kitchen be using a new consumer board. The old kitchen will be changed into a bedroom. What changes need to happen to sockets and wiring of old kitchen. Also in the new room where...
  13. R

    Under bathroom floor rewire?

    Hi there, We have had an electrician work on a fix price job to rewire the house. He has routed all of the cabling under the bathroom floor. I expected that he would routed another way which was more difficult, but wouldn't have gone under the bathroom floor. Is anyone able to confirm if this...
  14. A

    Domestic Advice on rewire method

    Hi all, just got a property for myself and looking to rewire it. Have only every rewired houses with old floorboards but this property has the wayrok sheetboards. Anyone got any experience of of the best way to lift without ruining them too much? Thanks in advance
  15. Sarah123

    Advice wanted - unhappy with rewire

    Hi all Hoping I could get some independent advice on here. We've just bought our first property and had to get a full house rewire on the property (3 bed semi). Our electricians had finished the work within 2 days (2 electricians working on it). When asked when they were coming back, they said...
  16. E

    Domestic House Rewire Advice Needed

    Hello New to the forum and looking for some advice. I have purchased a house that requires a full rewire as it has old rubber wiring, spurs on spurs and a 13-amp socket drawing current of a light fitting! I've had some professional electricians round to discuss what's need and provide quotes...
  17. H


    Hi everyone. I'm an electrician in Leeds and i'd really appreciate your view on walking away from jobs when the existing install is not right. For instance I had two days booked in for a CU change and rewiring of some spotlights. I always start a CU change by doing a condition report first on...
  18. C

    Domestic Kitchen - full rewire

    Greetings everyone We are rewiring a house and have reached the kitchen. We have run a 2.5mm cable from consumer unit which will connect as ring for over worktop sockets, and in the same ring we plan to run spurs (switched and fused) for: 1. washing machine 2. dishwasher 3. boiler 4. gas hob...
  19. Kitty0307

    Not too happy with this work...

    We're first time house renovators and recently had an electrician in to replace the main board and rewire the kitchen. I'm really not too happy with the results. There are cables coming out of the wall below the sockets and running back into the floor, multiple holes around sockets and where...
  20. sythai

    Thatch loft - rewire

    Hi All Just curious to see if anyone has had the pleasure of carrying one of these out before? And if so how it went. We've got couple coming up, both following an EICR where we've found chewed cables/ basic insulation-exposed terminals buried in the thatch :rat::fire::flushed: Both jobs...
  21. Kitty0307

    Kitchen rewire and new main board

    Hi, We have recently purchased an 1800s 3 bed terraced house and have been told we need the electrics looked at. The main board has not been changed since the 1960s and we wanted to find a competent electrician who can get this done for us over the next few weeks. We're in the Scottish...

    £500 for a full rewire in 3 bed property

    Was asked to check the quality of work on full rewire. Attached are the pictures I took of yet another shocking installation by a cowboy pretending to be an electrician. The home owner paid £500 and thought he got a good deal what he’s got instead is a death trap.
  23. A

    How to rewire a table saw

    Hi guys The power cable on my table saw attached to the motor came off when I changed blade to 45 degrees. Turned saw upside down and the power cable was hanging loose, the only wire coming out the motor is a red live cable, how can I reattach the power cable when it has live and neutral wires...
  24. H

    After having an electrical rewire - certificates?

    Hi, After having a partial electrical rewire of a domestic property and existing electrical installation tested which certificates should I receive from the electrician and should I receive something from the council, also are they uploaded somewhere so they can be downloaded in the future...
  25. O

    Rewire Issues - Advice Needed

    I recently had the house (3 bed semi) rewired and have come across some things that are causing me concern. I’ve made the Electricuan aware but have not yet had a proper response so I just want to get some alternative “expert” opinion. Basically three issues. 1. The upstairs and downstairs...
  26. R

    Pricing Kitchen rewire and consumer unit upgrade with bonding and Cert

    Good evening people. I'm about to price up a kitchen we wire for a friend I've done work for mates before and know how it goes. Anyway, was hoping to get some guidance as I'm an improved and steadily taking on larger jobs myself. Job: Kitchen rewire. 3 sockets 3 single sockets chased in 4...
  27. P

    New consumer unit and partial rewire in Didcot, Oxfordshire

    I am doing a major house renovation in a small 1960 3 bed semi, but need the consumer unit replacing and a partial rewire. The job was started by another electrician who cannot now complete the job. I am an (out of work) electronics engineer so am competent to do the boring basics but I need the...
  28. O

    Based on this a rewire was recommended FFS

    Yes .............. this ............ I was asked for a 2nd opinion So if you operate in the Cobham area of Surrey and think you're about to get an easy rewire off a lady pensioner .......... think again ........ you're not.
  29. J

    Full House Rewire - Received Schedule but No Part P

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone could give me advice about a sutuation. A couple of years ago I had a property fully rewired, no issues with the job and I paid the electrician in full. Job done. Once I'd paid I received an automated NAPIT Desktop email titled "Your Certificate". I mistakenly assumed...
  30. S

    Re-wire preference - under floorboards or removed ceiling

    Hi! I'm new to the forum - thanks for having me. I have a question for a domestic rewire - I just bought my first property and want to know the prefered method for a rewire and if it really matters or is a personal preference. I'm going to rip down the thin chipboard ceiling and have it...
  31. A

    First rewire 3 bed terrace house

    so I’ve got my first rewire, I’ve done rewires before for other people but never had to do quote and make a list of all the materials needed. I went to visit the house and made a note of the things they wanted but I’m not sure if I’ve missed anything. I was wondering if there was someone on...
  32. G

    Looped Supplys...Black flat T&E..............

    Been asked to advise on a rewire. I think on age alone it's advisable but the following points add to the argument. Installation age approx 60 years. This is a "forever Home" so although it may test ok how long will it stay so? Black T&E throughout. Not a reason to condemn alone but adds to...
  33. H

    Electric rewire quote - what should it contain?

    If you are getting a quote for a rewire what should the quote contain? Will it contain the name of the consumer unit and the position on the wall/ceiling where the chases will be etc? Would be great if someone could pm a quote they have done or received so I have an idea of what to expect when...
  34. K

    Rewire house using existing cable runs?

    When rewiring a house is it necessary for electricians to chase walls and ceilings, can't they existing cables runs to pull new cables through?
  35. Karl Atkins

    Isolation switch for rewire/new CU

    Are we required to install an isolation switch between the meter and CU when completing a full rewire and/or CU upgrade, I think it's best practise, mate's/colleagues think unnecessary, customers don't like paying for it! Opinions please
  36. I

    I want to rewire my house and ungrade consumer unit.

    Hi all, Maybe it's a bit long one but I've got a big task ahead! I want to rewire my house and ungrade consumer unit. I'm looking to achieve few things here. Firstly, as recently completed domestic istaller course so need to gain more practical side. Secondly, it's our home so changing quite...
  37. Moaz

    10 Bedroom house rewire. Ring or radial?

    Guys, I'm wiring a ten bedroom house which has 4 floors. Correct me if I'm wrong, but as fat as I know, new regs says to keep each room on a radial. So shall I keep each room on a radial or have a few rings on each floor after calculating the maximum demand??
  38. C

    EIC for submain db rewire

    Part Rewire to do, small shop on a large premesis 4 lights, 2 sockets, 2 spurs...The existing DB(DB4) which is staying, is fed via 32A mcb from a sub main DB3. Fed by 63 A mcb in another DB2 which then goes to DB1 which is connected to origin. Took a while to chase through as all DBs are in...
  39. HandySparks

    Rewire, Portsmouth ......

    I recently did an EICR on a house in North End, Portsmouth. I found lots of faults and started on a program of repairs. After a couple of days, I've come to the conclusion that it really needs a re-wire. I don't have the time to do this at present. It's let out as a HMO, but there's only one...
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