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  1. Y

    Commercial The right way to setup electrics at an event?

    Hi all, I've recently ventured into hiring products and providing services for events/weddings etc. We've been at it for a couple of years now and it's going well. I currently just use a MASTERPLUG LDCT2513BQ/4-XD 13A 4-GANG 25M CABLE REEL 240V extension cable to plug in 2 x 1000w 13amp coil...
  2. S

    Help needed, choosing the right adapter

    Hi guys. My girlfriend got a new lamp and I dont know what kind of an adapter she needs to plug this cable into the outlet. I will post photos of the cable. I am sorry if I used the wrong terms but english isnt my first language. I am looking forward to your replies fellas!
  3. T

    Help needed for buying the right 16a plug please!

    Hello, I'm putting a PA system in a pub and the mains trips easily so I need to use the blue 16a wall socket. Last time I bought a 13a socket-to-16a plug but it was slightly too small and didn't fit - the end of the plug is 41 mm in diameter, and the socket diameter of the inner ring where the...
  4. M

    Is this right or are they at it

    Myself and one of my colleagues from work were sent on a c&g 2377-22/32 pat testing course (3 day plus exam)and after completing same the class were informed that this was the practical part and someone would have to the management course to make ours valid. I don't get why this wasn't pointed...
  5. J

    wiring diagram just does not seem right

    i have been told the cable running inbetween two 50amp fuses should be 16mm i cant fathom this as a 6mm swa cable is rated to 62 amps, am i missing something here? thankyou for your time
  6. C

    Industrial Choosing the right size cable

    Hope someone can clear something up for me. I've been selecting cable recently to wire up industrial machinery for test purposes only. I usually purchase H07RN-F or H07BN4-F. My boss has informed me that the cable needs to have a current carrying capacity to match the supply it's being being...
  7. rolyberkin

    Something not quite right!?

    I think someone forgot to connect this in 1989? Found it poked down the hockey stick!
  8. J

    My main fuse box is right behind my front door

    Hi, I've just moved to a ground floor flat and my mains fuse box/circuit breaker box, which ever it's called, is right behind my front door at the top. I moved into the property as it is supposed to be adapted for disabled access as I have a medical condition but the wiring was done before I got...
  9. B

    Is there really no right way to work with down lights and insulation?

    Hi All, I'm kind of hoping to get confidence in my decision to have spots fitted into the ceiling of our new extension, but keep coming across different advice...help would be welcome! We're looking to fit 12 LED spots (Aurora Pro 6w) into a lean-to pitched roof, split into two circuits on...
  10. C

    Is work scarce right now?

    Is work scarce for sparks right now? Or is it just me? I'm near Manchester and I usually do agency work but it seems a bit thin these days.
  11. A

    Kitchen appliance sockets and safe zones - right or wrong?

    Hi all, I think I'm posting this in the right place - apologies if not. I'm wondering if I could ask for a bit of help here. I'm renovating a house for myself to live in, and I've spoken to an electrician this week to have it fully rewired. There appears to be a problem though with my planned...
  12. M

    In - out shake it all about

    See that idiot has been realised from jail - Robinson. Wonder what happened to Elsparko
  13. Pete999

    Pete's Videos Right old Cowboy joint

  14. F

    Looking to get right qualifications

    Hi guys, I’m really looking for some advice from some people in the industry, I find that the training centres ‘advice’ very much centres around their courses. Domestic installer seems like short route in, too short in my eyes, c and g 2365 seems the better way but longer. To set the scene I...
  15. SWD

    Right, we had alcohol last night and the lightweights are well.....

    recovering, today its music, I am listening to Placebo Special K and Every You Every Me are great tracks, took the kids years back to see them at Brixton. What are you listening to, nagging wives don't count.......
  16. telectrix

    The Right Idea for This Weather.

    this little one has got it sussed. curl up on sofa and sod the cold outside.
  17. D

    Who's right? Hopefully me!

    Yesterday whilst doing my practical assessment (2365 level 2) I caused a bit of a stink. I was working on a couple of 2 way switches with singles through pvc conduit. As the training centre boss walked past he started over me having blue cable at the switches. He kept saying 'why have you got...
  18. Chris Dalton

    Finding the right electrical course ? Over 50 and need some advice!

    Hello all, I am currently a site manager for a private school and although I enjoy the job it is only part time and I am looking to start out on a the path as an electrician. I have the basic electrical knowledge but obviously lack the quals. 2 problems though -: 1) I am 52, so not a spring...
  19. GMES

    What is playing right now

    If you jump into your vehicle right now what album is playing in your car or van at the minute. Ive gone back to Groove Armada greatest hits at the minute. Favourite track of theirs for me is At the river, it's just a really laid back song to play while driving, for anyone not familiar with it...
  20. M

    Am I on the right track for what I want to achieve?

    Hello guys, I'm new here and so I apologise if this has been asked a thousand times, however, I would like direct advice and to check that I am on the right path. So, I'm currently working full-time in something I am finding pretty enjoyable, but I have always been interested in becoming an...
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