1. M

    Advice on spur socket from ring main

    I’m after some clarification please. I have wall mounted the TV and want to install a double socket behind it. I planned on taking a spur from the socket as shown in the photo (bottom right) running the 2.5mm T&E cable in the safe zone to behind the TV. The cable run is 2.4metres and the new...
  2. MarkRibbands

    'Leapfrog' wiring of a ring in a long workshop. What do you think?

    I'm insulating, and replacing the wiring, in one of my own (metal, agricultural-type) workshops - fitting 13A/16A sockets on each of the horizontal 'top hat' wall rails, 20m long, with each 4m bay having 4-5 sockets. This will be done in stages over the next year: the insulation and...
  3. Mark Wright

    LeapFrog Ring - What is it and why?

    Watching Dave Savery video 9 and people saying it's a LeapFrog Ring - still not getting it and why? also a drawing would help :) See #14 for video as link failed in first post.
  4. J

    Why 2 hob ratings per ring

    Hi all. Could someone clarify why there is two hob power ratings on AEG IKB64301FB Electric Induction Hob - Black - https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/household-appliances/cooking/hobs/aeg-ikb64301fb-electric-induction-hob-black-10186499-pdt.html Also what would be the total wattage. Hoping this...
  5. W

    7 core NYYJ cable to extend ring final circuit?

    Hi, Extending a ring final circuit off a socket in the kitchen through the wall into the shed on the other side. I already have 7 core NYYJ 2.5mm cable and I was wondering if I could use that to go through the wall to a J/B then connect to singles in conduit which would add about 4 meters in...
  6. N

    Ring Pro Transformer in CU

    I currently have a Ring transformer wired up and working. The original door bell had its on transformer that was next to the CU and the wiring was used from that for the Ring setup. I would really like to get rid of the additional box, as its in my hallway and i already have the CU, house alarm...
  7. T

    How would you do earth continuity on ring circuit in two core MICC cable?

    How would you do earth continuity on ring circuit in two core MICC cable?
  8. A

    Ring Video Doorbell Pro with Byron 776

    Hi experts I'm trying to get my Ring Video Doorbell Pro to work with my Byron 776 chime. This was working fine for 3 months but now I'm getting a humming sound mainly during the evening. Doing some research online I've managed to work out its the coils getting magnetized causing the vibration...
  9. Z

    Trainee Ring doorbell pro install

    Just trying to research installing the ring doorbell pro. There's a vid on youtube of someone installing it. My question is the way he installed it was it okay? how would you do it? I found some micro trunking for the doorbell wire, but it's pretty expensive, what would you use? Here's the vid:
  10. marconi


    Over the last few days I have been stuck indoors because of the rainy weather. To pass the time I cobbled together my simple idea for a FRC live conductor break detector, ie break in L or N. I also have a working demonstrator for detecting a break in the cpc but I will/may post that another...
  11. KeenPensioner

    De-rating a ring circuit

    Hi, I'm not an electrician but have worked as a mate and I'm studying in my own time - I know my limitations. I watch a lot of videos (John Ward and others) and have come across an issue I don't understand. An 80A 30mA RCCD has 4 Type B 32A MCBs hanging off it and the sparky () talks about...
  12. MarkRibbands

    Domestic New 4mm T&E feed to existing remote 2.5mm ring. OK or not?

    I'm building a small rental annexe at my own house, which will be supplied by a new local sub-main, with local metering. This includes one existing bedroom which will become part of the annexe. This room has an existing ring final in 2.5mm, all in good condition. Rather than run two new 2.5s, a...
  13. X

    Domestic Using an old 32A shower circuit for new sockets.

    Nearly fifteen years ago I moved a bathroom in our house, and repurposed the 32A electrical shower circuit to power a pair of double sockets - which then had multiway adaptors powering all my office hardware (i.e. low overall power). Not exactly complex or risky at the time, and the MCB has...
  14. gazdkw82

    Ring floodlight cctv junction box

    I fitted one of the ring floodlight cameras to a 4" round junction box that I got from amazon around 8 months ago. Customer has phoned to say the bracket holding the junction box to the wall has snapped. Amazon don't offer this box anymore. Has anyone else found a 4" round waterproof junction...
  15. MrTapster

    Domestic Socket ring main causing flickering lamps

    Hi all To start off, there’s been no work on the ring main for 8 years or so. (Other than having a smart metre fitted about 12 months ago) Yesterday afternoon I noticed a buzzing from a plug socket. I unplugged what was plugged in thinking it was the appliance and didn’t think anything more of...
  16. J

    Ring off a ring ! Help please

    Hi, I know you can’t put a ring off a ring, you should join a cable in the back box of a socket, take it to your new socket, then continue the ring until you get back to your original socket But I don’t know the reasoning why you can’t make a figure of 8 ring main if you like, Could someone...
  17. D

    Altered ring main, now a DIFFERENT circuit is not working?

    I’ve just altered a ring main by taking 1 leg out of the board and taking it to a spur (then taking a leg back), to add a socket in. After doing so I’ve turned the board back on and everything is working as it should, other than cooker circuit (A radial feeding the cooker/hob, extractor fan and...
  18. Z

    I never install ring circuits, the potential for danger is unacceptable

    I’d like to know if anyone else here refuses to install ring circuits in domestic premises. For me it’s either a 20a radial / tree circuit with 2.5mm, or a 32 radial / tree circuit with 4.0mm. Frankly I’m tired of finding broken ring circuits on 32a CB’s, as well as mismatches on end to end...
  19. Z

    Steel conduit used as CPC in flat, can’t find bonding, can’t find ring main CPC at C.U

    I’ve been asked to add a couple of extra points to the single ring main in a flat. Building fabric is concrete, all of the electrical installation is steel conduit buried in the concrete. I opened the consumer unit and could only see one CPC for a radial socket, as well as the main Earth. No...
  20. D

    New circuit to detached shed/garage in garden.

    Hello I am new to this forum and need a little help from an experienced spark to help me design a circuit to wire a detached garage (two sockets and ceiling lights) from a house ring main to 18th edition standards. This will be notifiable so everything has to be pukka. Cable can be in steel...
  21. M

    Domestic LED striplights wired to ring main

    Hello all, I'm new here, first post and no elec qualifications, so a few condescending replies I'm sure are more than deserved. I'm currently looking to add some strip lighting to the back of some shelves in the bathroom (wife thinks it looks fancy). What I really want to do is avoid a second...
  22. W

    Grid switches on 32A ring

    I've been trying to work out whether grid switches (ie. a 20A switch) are acceptable on a normal 32A ring. I've read many threads online. Very few people seem sure whether it's acceptable but many sparks seem to do it in kitchens etc. The argument seems to be that the switch is rated at 20A but...
  23. S

    Radial vs Ring in a standard 3 bed

    Afternoon all. I normally cable my first fixes in a standard 3/4 bed as follows: Ring up Ring down Kitchen ring. I was at a trade show the other day and got talking to a few people and they said they only use a ring in the kitchen. Radials up and down. Got me think what’s the standard? I know...
  24. A

    Domestic Unable to separate wires on ring circuit

    Hi folks, I'm in the process of adding some more sockets into my "Socket" ring circuit. My plan was to open up the existing socket, cut 1 twin and earth higher up and add a socket there, leave the other twin and earth where it is then do a small ring of 4 sockets, starting at the existing socket...
  25. R

    Spuring off a ring main

    Hi. New to site. After abit of advice. Adding a 13 amp fused switched spur to a ring in 2.5 mm t&e, only the current wiring is in 2.5mm with 2.5mm cpc. Protected by a C32 RCBO 30mA , only the CPC is going to be mixed 1.5 and 2.5. Can’t fined anything in regs book about mixing cpc. Any advice...
  26. D

    rcd tripping on a ring main

    Ok help before a pull out the rest of my hair got an rcd that trips when ring main breaker turned on got continuity but still trips when only live connected ant ideas
  27. gazdkw82

    Ring floodlight camera light output

    Customer wants to change a 50w led floodlight to a ring dual light/camera. They have expressed concerns the ring won't deliver the same amount of light as the current 50w LED one. I have spoken with ring and they have said it's 45w per light (90w total). This figure seems alot. Anyone have...
  28. Z

    Question regarding signing off 32a ring circuit with broken CPC ring continuity

    I installed a kitchen ring recently. Went back to test after the builders had finished and found that the CPC is broken somewhere inaccessible, everything else tests normal. I’ve got continuity on live conductors, and even with the broken CPC, each socket is connected to the CPC and tests with...
  29. V

    ring circuit for a submain?

    trying to find answers in the reg book, but is there anything to say you can't install say a larger ring circuit for a sub main? to reduce volt drop / cable size etc. Normally you would obviously install a large enough cable, but would this be acceptable , whats our thoughts?
  30. Y

    Ring circuit cable length

    Hi all I have a ring circuit with 13 sockets. 2.5 mm 3 core cable. My floor area is 60 sqm My question is what is the maximum wire length for a single ring circuit? I used 92 meters of wire for the whole ring circuit. Also I only had a c type rcbo available at my local electrician. Will this...
  31. A

    Domestic Ring Floodlight Installation

    Hello, Long time lurker here, so thanks for all your advice in the past. I'm due to install a ring floodlight on the rear of my property, which currently has no external power. I plan on chasing an FCU in to the bedroom wall, fed off the upstairs ring final. This I plan on sticking a 5A fuse...
  32. K

    OK to spur lights from ring main?

    Hi, I want to add wall lights to a room, but don't have access to the floor above, so can't easily access the lighting circuit. There is a power socket on the wall where I want the wall lights. Is it permissible to take a fused spur from the ring main for the wall lights? Regards, Glenn
  33. D

    Trainee Single Pole Fused Spur From Ring Main

    I have two cables for wall lamps (1mm T+E) going to one of the socket in the back of the TV. These lamps will be controlled with smart bulbs with a little remote control or/and an app on the phone, no need of wall switch. I'm considering to use the 47mm double metal box to host a modular single...
  34. LWB Electrical

    Ring doorbell Pro installation help

    Hi, does anyone on here have any experience wiring a Ring doorbell Pro from scratch? All the information provided by ring is if you were replacing an existing doorbell installation. Contacted Ring but they were less then helpful
  35. happyhippydad

    Increasing Zs readings on a ring as I progress through the house.

    I have just fitted a new consumer unit into a house which previously just had a fuse box BS3036 with no RCD protection. Whilst doing the testing the Zs readings were not as expected. They are around 1Ω throughout the house but at one socket they are 3.7Ω. The customer states this was the socket...
  36. D

    Plug in adaptor for the ring doorbell pro

    Hello I have decided to purchase a 18v 1 am plug in adaptor plug to rung the ring doorbell pro Like this one...
  37. C

    Domestic Bringing ring to regs standard, and other things

    Hi all, new to forum but excited to get in the thick of it. I've done some domestic electrical work in the past as my dad was a HV sparky when he was younger, and I have done a fair bit of LV microelectronics in my line of work. I have just bought my first house and done some things already...
  38. D

    installing ring doorbell pro in the UK with Byron776 or plug in adaptor

    Hello Im looking at installing the Ring Doorbell Pro in the UK I currently have a bell chime thats hardwired to the lighting circuit with a built in 6volt transformer. I understand that this is too low to run the ring doorbell pro. I know it comes with a DIN transformer but this just isnt...
  39. D

    Ring doorbell pro and telephone twisted pair

    Hello I'm in the process of installing a new ring doorbell pro. Currently we have an existing doorbell chime which is hardwired with a internal transformer and consumes 4v which is not enough to run the ring doorbell. I'm going to either use a plug in transformer and use the transformer that...
  40. B

    Domestic Ring Doorbell Pro Install

    Hi, We live in a new build property which is nearly two years old. Currently have a mains powered Doorbell Deta C3501 with built in transformer. Have purchased the above Ring Doorbell Pro and need some help installing it. The current setup has power brown/blue going into a connector block on...
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